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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Внеаудиторное мероприятие "День Благодарения в "Клубе английского языка""

Внеаудиторное мероприятие "День Благодарения в "Клубе английского языка""

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проведения внеаудиторного мероприятия,

посвященного Дню Благодарения.

ФИО преподавателя:Сальникова Татьяна Алексеевна

Дата проведения:26 ноября 2015 года

Тема внеаудиторного мероприятия: День Благодарения в «Клубе английского языка»

Цель мероприятия:

- познакомить с обычаями и традициями англоязычных стран;

- совершенствовать навыки аудирования, чтения и устной речи.



расширять лингвистический кругозор студентов.


развивать творческие и языковые способности студентов, внимание, мышление и воображение.


-способствовать воспитанию толерантности к представителям других культур;

-повышать мотивацию к дальнейшему изучению английского языка.

Материально-техническое оснащение:

Мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, экран, презентация, стенгазета «День благодарения», карточки с головоломками, слово «THANKS» , праздничный реквизит к празднику «День Благодарения».

Структура внеаудиторного мероприятия:

  1. Вводная часть.

  2. Основная часть.

- аудирование текста «History of Thanksgiving Day»;

- выполнение теста «Quiz in Numbers»;

- монологические высказывания студентов по теме «Symbols of Thanksgiving Day»;

- совершенствование навыков письма посредством работы с головоломками;

- конкурс осенних блюд;

-декламирование стихотворений, посвященных Дню Благодарения;

3. Заключительная часть.

СЛАЙД 1 (Эмблема «Клуба английского языка»)

(Звучит музыка из кинофильма «Шерлок Холмс и Доктор Ватсон»

T: Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to our English Club!

Welcome to our party, dedicated to the most important day in the American year. People call this holiday Thanksgiving Day.


It is a national holiday, so most people don’t go to work. Families come together for that day. They decorate their houses with autumn fruit and flowers and prepare traditional American food.

You’ll learn some interesting facts about this holiday, listen to some poems and songs dedicated to it.

Please, be ready to answer the questions of “Quiz in number”. I think you will take pens and write down the dates and numbers.

P 1: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

P 2: Good afternoon. Do you know that people in every country usually have great celebrations in autumn to thank God and nature for a plentiful harvest.

P 1: The American Thanksgiving began nearly four hundred years ago.

P 2: Let’s imagine how it all might have begun.


P 1: In September 1620 a small ship called “Mayflower” with 102 passengers left Plymouth, England for a better life in the New World.

P 2: Do you know where they were going? Where? Right you are. They were going to North America. They came to America for religious freedom.


Their voyage took 66 days.

P 1:It was in December 1620 they reached the shore of America in the place, which is now called the State Massachusetts.


They landed at Plymouth Rock

P 2:The first winter in the New World was difficult. The colonists had arrived too late to grow any crops, and without fresh food, half the colony, 46 of the original 102, died.

P 1:There were people living in America before the pilgrims arrived. These people were the Native American Indians.


The following spring the Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow corn, a new food for the colonists. They showed them other crops to grow and how to fish and to hunt the wild turkey. The Indians helped the colonists to survive through the cold winter and following spring.


P 3: In the autumn 1621 wonderful crops of vegetables were harvested by the colonists. So they were very thankful and decided to organize a great feast where turkey was the main dish. And 90 Indians, who had helped the Pilgrims survive their first year, were invited. The feast lasted three days. For fifty –five years there was no fighting between Pilgrims and the Indians.

P 4: The first “Thanksgiving” feast was not repeated the following year. It wasn’t until June of1676. As the years passed, many other colonists settled in America.


In 1789 George Washington, the first President of the United States, proclaimed the first Thanksgiving Day for all Americans. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

СЛАЙД 9 - 14

T: Well, ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready to answer the questions of the quiz?

(студенты отвечают на вопросы и получают поощрительные призы)

1. When did the Pilgrims come to America?

A) 1492 B) 1620 C) 1721

2. How many passengers came on the Mayflower?

A) 90 B) 102 C) 200

3. How many days did the voyage last?

A) 36 B) 46 C) 66

4. The Pilgrims lost … of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower.

A) 30 B) 28 C) 46

5. How many Indians helped the Pilgrims survive?

A) 50 B) 90 C) 68

6. When did the colonists have their first Thanksgiving Day?

A) in autumn of 1621

B) in summer of 1621

C) in autumn of 1622

7. The feast lasted … days.

A) three B) two C) four

8. For … years there was no fighting between Pilgrims and the Indians.

A) 35 B) 43 C) 55

9. The first “Thanksgiving” feast was not repeated the following year. It wasn’t until …

A) June of 1676 B) June of 1670 C) July of 1686

10.When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day nowadays?

A) the first Thursday in November

B) the third Thursday in November

C) the fourth Thursday in November

T: I suppose that any holiday is associated with certain symbols and food. What symbols of Thanksgiving Day do you know?


P 1: Turkey, corn, pumpkins and cranberry sauce are symbols which were represented at the first Thanksgiving. Now all of these symbols are drawn on holiday decorations and greeting cards.

(показывает открытки)

(указывает на «Рог изобилия», находящийся на столе)

The horn of plenty or cornucopia, wreaths of dried flowers, and dried, multi-colored «Indian corn» are often used as door and table decorations.

P 5: (указывает на «Индейку», находящуюся на столе)

Turkey is an American native first domesticated bird. It’s a traditional dish on Thanksgiving tables.

P 3: (указывает на тыкву и пирог из тыкв), находящиеся на столе)

Pumpkins and 'Pumpkin Pies' are a Thanksgiving favorite for about 400 years. Pilgrims probably made a pumpkin dish sweetened with honey or syrup. Pumpkin leaves were also used as salads.

P 1: (указывает на «Рог изобилия», находящийся на столе)

Cornucopia is the most common symbol of a harvest festival. A horn shaped container, it is filled with abundance of the Earth's harvest. It is also known as “the horn of plenty”. The traditional cornucopia was a curved goat’s horn filled to brim with fruit and grain.

P 5: (указывает на блюдо с кукурузой, находящееся на столе)

The use of corn meant the survival of the colonists. Beans are a special symbol of thanksgiving too. Native Americans taught the pilgrims to grow beans next to cornstalks.

P 4: Cranberry is a symbol of thanksgiving. The cranberry is a small sour berry. It grows in bogs. Originally called crane berry, it got its name from its pink blossoms and drooping head which reminded the pilgrim of a crane. The name was later changed to a Cranberry. Pilgrims soon found out a way to sweeten the bitten cranberries with maple sugar.

(указывает на соусник с клюквенным желе, находящееся на столе)

Sweet-sour cranberry sauce or cranberry jelly was on the first Thanksgiving table and it is served today.

T: Will you discover the listed words from the puzzle, please? When you detect any word, circle it with a pencil to distinguish from the disordered arrangement, please.

( студенты работают над головоломками)

Are you ready? Will you give me your sheets of paper, please? Your results are:….


P 1: Thanksgiving is a family day. It is a custom for all members of the family to gather at the home of their parents.


Apple pie,
Pumpkin pie,
Turkey on the dish!
We can see
We can eat
Everything we wish.
Grandma's here,
Grandpa's here,
Cousins bright and gay
Aunt and uncle share with us
This good Thanksgiving Day.
Thank you, God,
Thank you, God,
For good things to eat
Thank you also for this day
When we with friendly hearts to meet.


(Студенты исполняют часть песни «Thanksgiving Day».)

P 1: And for most families the best part of Thanksgiving Day is a great Thanksgiving dinner. Traditionally turkey is still the main dish. There are different recipes of cooking it.


T: I’d like to ask you to put the sentences in right order to learn how to cook Stuffed Turkey. Let’s start!

The first sentence is… Then…

  1. Take a big, quite fat turkey and wash it.

  2. Make a stuffing from the green vegetables and apples.

  3. Sprinkle the turkey with salt and pepper.

  4. Put the it on a frying pan and cover with foil.

  5. Put the turkey into a hot oven and roast for 1,5 – 2 hours.

  6. Eat it with beans and vegetables.

(Студент(ка) представляет правильный рецепт приготовления индейки)

T: Americans have a lot of different dishes during Thanksgiving dinner. Now our students want to represent their best Thanksgiving dishes. Help yourselves, please! Will you choose the best one, please?


(звучит песня «Thanksgiving Day» Ray Davies )

(Конкурс осенних блюд. Студенты выносят заранее приготовленные блюда из тыквы, картофеля, яблок, апельсинов…c названиями)

T: Can you name the best dish of the Thanksgiving table? Thanks a lot !


T: Before eating turkey people give thanks God, they give thanks for their good harvest and their happy life. All people give thanks for the good things that they have.


By Ivy Eastwick

Thank you all my hands can hold –
Apples red and melons gold,
Yellow corn, both ripe and sweet
Peas and beans, so good to eat!
Thank you for all my eyes can see –
Lovely sunlight, field and tree,
White cloud boats in sea-deep sky,
Soaring birds and butterfly,
Thank you for all my ears can hear –
Birds song echoing far and near,
Songs of little stream, big sea,
Cricket, bullfrog, duck and bee!

P 2:You know that when people celebrate something, they do not only eat, they like to sing, dance, joke and guess riddles as well.

СЛАЙД 21 - 25

  1. What kind of key has legs, but can't open doors?

(A turkey) 

  1. Why was the turkey the drummer in the band? 

(Because he had the drumsticks.)   

  1. When the pilgrims landed, where did they stand? (On their feet.)    

  2. What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?

(Plymouth Rock!)

  1. If the Pilgrims were still alive today, what would they be famous for

(Their age.)  


T: Thanksgiving in America is not only giving thanks to God, one’s country and family members; it also has the national entertainment – a Thanksgiving Day Parade and a Professional football game on that day. The first parade was in 1920. It was a parade of toys in Philadelphia.

P 2 : “Thanksgiving Day Parade”

Thanksgiving Day is here today

The great parade is under way.
Great balloons are floating by,
Cartoon creatures stories high,
Mickey mouse and mother Goose
Snoopy and a lot of moose.

(Все студенты-ведущие выходят к доске, у каждого лист бумаги, на котором напечатаны буквы, чтобы участники прочитали слово THANKS.)

P 1: T for time to be together,

turkey, talk, and tangy weather.

P 2: H for harvest stored away,

home, and health, and holiday.

P 3: A for autumn's frosty art,

and abundance the heart

P 4: N for neighbors, and November,

nice things, new things to remember.

P 5: K for kitchen, kettles' croon,

kith and kin expected soon.

P 6: S for sizzles, sights, and sounds,

and something special that abounds.

(Все вместе)

That spells THANKS — for joy in living

and a jolly good Thanksgiving.

T: Thank you very much for coming to our party.

We hope you will always remember the fourth Thursday of November.


We wish you Good Luck!

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