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Внекласный урок на тему "Learning English can be fun"

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The theme: Learning English can be fun

The aims: Educational: Оқушылардың өткен тықырыптар бойынша алған білімдерін бекіту.

Developing: оқушылардың ойлау сөйлеу қабілеттерін дамыта отырып, сөз тіркестерін қолдануын жетілдіру.

Bringing up: оқушыларды тиянақтылыққа, ұқыптылыққа, белсенділікке, өзге тілді құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу.

The type of the lesson: competition

The methods of the lesson: answer – question, translating

The visual aids: pictures, cards

Procedure of the lesson:

I Organization moment:

Good evening, teachers, boys and girls. Today we will learn a new game. Its called «Learning English can be fun». I believe you will be very active in the game. Good luck and let’s begin our game!

Introduce our teams. These are Baiterek and Big Ben

Round 1. In this round you will dramatize a story.

Round 2. This round called “Polyglot”. I read proverbs, you will find missing word and translate it into Russian, Kazakh and English.

Әке көрген оқ жонар,

----------- көрген тон пішер.

------------ түскен жерге ауыр.

Кітап білім бұлағы,

------- - өмір шырағы

Шәкіртсіз - ------ тұл

-------- жылатып айтады.

Дұшпан күлдіріп айтады.

Мектеп ------- , білім теңіз.

Әдепті бала------- мақтатар,

Әдепсіз бала ----------жерге қаратар.

Қыз өссе елдің көркі,

------ өссе жерлің көркі

Денсаулық – зор -----------.

Round 3. The next round called is “ Who faster?”

You must write the words in the correct category

Food Sports Country Month Colors

Round 4. The next part is “Who knows more?”

You must match the words to the picture

Rainy Windy Warm Snowy Cold Cool Sunny Hot

Round 5. Choose the correct holidays with date

Christmas Day 25th of December

Nauryz Day 22nd of March

Mother Day 8th of March

Valentin Day 14th of February

New Year 1st of January

Victory Day 9th of May

Independence Day 16th of December

Knowledge Day 1st of September

Round 6 Answer the questions

  1. What is the first day of the week?

  2. How many seasons are there in the year?

  3. Who has written an English book for 5 class?

  4. In what street is our school situated?

  5. What money is in America?

  6. How many month are there in the year?

  7. How many minutes are in one hour?

  8. What is the centre of Cinema production in the USA?

  9. Who is the President of America?

  10. What money used of Kazakhstan?

It is high time to finish our competition.

Thank you. Good buy.

Happy Nauryz day

The aims: To introduce the national Kazakh holidays Nauryz. To educate children respectful to old people, to be patriots of their Motherland. To practice proper names and geographical nouns in speech. To promote to find more information from the history of Nauryz. To bring up to be friendlier, to develop the friendship between countries.

Visual aids: placards, national objects, wall newspaper, national clothes.

The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

To organize children to the party;

To prepare the exhibition table.

Teacher: Good morning, dear friends, we are glad great you! We congratulate you with our national holiday.

Dear guests, today we have a party in our school. Welcome to Nauryz.

Kazakh people has many different national holidays in our country. We are rich in traditions and these traditions include.

-being respectful to old people

-being honest.

Pupil 1: Nauryz day

Teacher: Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on the Earth. Nauryz , the modern Kazakh word for New Year, is a Persian word and means “new day”. Before that the New Year was called “Ulys kuni” meaning “tribe, or clan day”.

Dance: Kara zhorga

Sing: jingle bells

Pupil 2: Nauryz holiday is celebrated by all Turk people – Kazakh, Usbek, Tadjik and others – in spring on the twenty second of March when a day is as long as a night “Nauryz month” by Gregorian calendar.

Act faire-taller: How the mouse became the first animals in the zodiac.

Pupil by from 6 : By the sea by Emily Dickenson.

Teacher: During Nauryz all people are joyful and hospitable, all are kind. People must forget about previous quarrels, they wish each other happiness.

When Nauryz comes the Kazakh people make Nauryz kozhe. The main ritual dish of this festival is Nauryz kozhe. It always includes seven life beginnings – meat, fat, rise, wheat, millet, flour, corn.

Nauryz kozhe is a symbol of the holiday, a symbol of spring.

Teacher: On this holiday Kazakh people play different national games. What are they?

Playing the game “Ak suek”

Pupil by from 5

The little snowdrops” by Kate Louise Brown

Teacher: Kazakh people are very hospitable and they are ready to treat anybody who enters the Kuiz ui. Hostess prepare Nauryz kozhe and invite neighbors to taste it. Besides the kozhe they offer other national food and drinks.

Pupil by from 6

Teacher: Dear guests! We hope you have enjoyed our party. Thank you for your attention and before saying goodbye we offer you to listen to a popular Nauryz song “Nauryz duman”.

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