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Внекласное мероприятие на тему Snow white and the seven dwarfs

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Snow white and the seven dwarfs” сахналық қойылым

Aim: To enlarge students’ scope of knowledge about English stories, to create an interest in studying a foreign language

Type of lesson: role-play

Visual aids: Active board

Form: 5-6

Story-teller: Once upon a time, in a faraway land there lived a pretty girl. Her name was

 Snow White. Her father, the king, married again, and his new wife hated the girl a lot.

The stepmother thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom and always

asked her magical mirror about it.

Snow White: Oh, I am so unhappy. My stepmother hates me. My father has forgotten mе Perhaps some day a prince will come and take me away from the palace!

(үстелге отырады)

Stepmother: Oh, how happy I am! I have married the king and I am the queen now. Howbeautiful I am! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?

Mirror: You are very beautiful, but Snow White is more beautiful.

Stepmother: Dirty glass! I’ll break you into pieces! Oh, Snow White, how I hate you!

You won’t live in the palace any more! Go to the forest and let wild animals kill you!

Snow White What shall I do? I must go to the forest. Nobody can help me. How

Story-teller: So, our Snow White left the palace and went to the forest. She was very, very unhappy. There was dark and cold in the forest. Snow White got frightened very much.

Suddenly she saw a small house. Seven dwarfs lived there.

Snow White: Oh, how it is dark here and nobody around! What shall I do? Where shall I

sleep when night comes? Oh, what a nice little cottage! It looks like a toy.

 Who lives there? Is anybody here? May I come in? (заходит) Oh, dust everywhere! The plates are dirty. I must clean everything here. ( музыка.)

I’m so tired! I’ll just lie down on this little bed (ложится на лавку, засыпает)


1 гном Hush! There’s somebody in here!

2 гном It’s a burglar!

3 гном ): But nothing is missing!4 гном: May be it’s a monster?

5 гном: I’m afraid of it!

6 гном: But we must know who is there!

7 гном: Look! Look! It’s a girl! She is sleeping.

1 гном: How beautiful she is!

2 гном: Her face is white as snow.

3 гном: Wakе up, wake up, please! (аяғынан түртеді)

Snow White: (ұйқысынан оянады)Таңғала: Oh, my! You are dwarfs!

Snow White: I’m Snow White. May I stay here? I can keep the house for you. I can do many things. I can cook tasty food, bake bread and clean the house.

Гномы (барлығы бірге қуана ): Tasty food!

4 гном: You are a very good girl! You can stay with us!

Snow White: Thank you, dear friends! I suppose you are hungry. Would you like me to cook meat  soup, fish and potatoes, tea and cookies for you?

Гномы хором: Oh, meat  soup, fish and potatoes, tea and cookies!

Snow White: Your dinner will be ready soon.

5 гном: Thank you, Snow White! Now we must go to our mine.

6 гном: Be careful! Don’t let anyone in.

7 гном: Don’t open the door to anybody.

Snow White: I promise, my good friends. Good-bye and good luck!

Гномы хором: Good-bye!

Stepmother : Snow White has died in the forest

. How beautiful I am! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?

Mirror With the seven dwarfs still alive, the fairest in the land, Snow White.

Stepmother (айнаны лақтырады): Shut up, shut up, dirty glass! I know what to do. I’ll poison

her myself. Where is my magical red apple? Oh, here it is! How juicy and delicious it looks.

I’ll go to the forest. I must hurry now! Snow White: Oh, how happy I am!

My dear dwarfs will come soon. Oh, who is there? Come in, come in, please!

Oh, who are you?

Stepmother: I’m an old woman. I want to drink. Give me some water, please!

Snow White: Here you are!

Stepmother: Thank you, good girl! You are so kind! Have the apple. It is so tasty. Try it!

Snow White: Thanks a lot!) Ah!

Stepmother Ha-ha-ha! She is dead!


1 гном: Oh, our dear Snow White is dead!

2 гном: She is too beautiful to be buried in the cold earth.3 гном: What shall we do?

Story-teller: Suddenly a prince was riding nearby. He heard the dwarfs crying and came to

the cottage.


Prince: Hello, my good men! Why are you crying?

4 гном: Our dear Snow White is dead (жылайды).

5 гном: You must kiss her to wake her up!

Prince: Oh, I’m ready to do it!

Wake up, wake up, please!

Snow White Oh, where I am?

Prince: You are safe with me. I cannot live without you!

Snow White: Oh, my prince, I’m so happy!

6 гном: Three cheers for Snow White and her Prince!

гномы хором: Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Story-teller: Very soon Snow White and her Prince got married and lived happily for f long, long time.

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