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Внекласное мероприятие по теме "Sport in our life"

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Открытое внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 8 «А» классе на тему:

"Sport in our life"

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Коперт Арина Владимировна

Дата: 25.09.2014

Задачи мероприятия:

  • Развивать речь обучающихся, умение высказывать свое мнение, доказывать его, делать выводы после выступления, навыки аудирования, чтения.

  • Развивать умение анализировать, сравнивать.

  • Систематизировать знания обучающихся по теме “Спорт”

  • Воспитывать чувство гордости за достижения спортсменов своей страны.

  • Расширить знания детей о значимости спорта в жизни человека.

  • Активизация употребления ранее изученной лексики;

  • Развитие творческого потенциала учащихся, основанного на самостоятельной проработке материала.


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Ход мероприятия.

I. Greeting.

Teacher: Hello, boys and girls! Glad to see you. How are you? Today is a nice day, isn’t it?

I’d like to read you a poem. Listen to it and then answer my question.

Sport is fun for girls and boys,
It’s much better than toys.
You can sledge and ski and skate
And throw snowballs with Kate.
You can swim and play football,
Hockey, tennis, and basketball.
You can jump and you can run,
You can have a lot of fun.

What is the poem about? The topic of our lesson is sport.

Слайд №1

When we speak about sport, what things do we discuss?


  1. Different kinds of sport.

  2. Equipment. Rules.

  3. My favourite sport.

  4. The most popular sport.

  5. My favourite sportsman.

  6. Sport in our life.

Слайд №2

II. Warming-up activity.

1. Firstly, we’ll work at our pronunciation. Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker.

Sports: athletics, basketball, diving, football, skiing, swimming, tennis.

Слайд № 3

(Обучающиеся прослушивают в записи слова и повторяют за диктором, слова на слайде №3)

2. Now answer my questions.

  1. What kinds of sports do you know?

  2. What games do you like to play?

  3. What are the most popular sports in Great Britain?

  4. What are the most popular sports in Russia?

  5. What are the most teenagers’ sports?

  6. Can you swim\ run\ jump?

  7. Where do you go to play tennis\ football\ to swim?

  8. Do you go to the swimming pool? To the skating rink?

  9. People go in for different sports. When we speak about sports what verbs do we use – do, play, go or ride?


table tennis







weight lifting









































(Обучающиеся выбирают глаголы, затем проверяют ответы на слайде)

Слайд №4

  1. How do we call people who play football, tennis, cricket, rugby; do judo, weight lifting; go swimming, jumping, running, windsurfing; ride a bike.
    Обучающиеся называют: football player, tennis player, cricket player, rugby player, judoist, weight lifter, swimmer, jumper, runner, windsurfer, bicyclist)

  2. How good are you at sport? Make up sentences, using words: brilliantly, very well, not very well, hopeless.

(Обучающиеся составляют предложения, используя вопросы и слова на слайде)

Слайд №5

III. Sport

1. Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue about sport. Ask each other about your favourite sport, what can you do, how good you are at it.

(Работа в парах, составление диалога)

2. When we speak about sport we speak about equipment and rules of the game.

Which of the following equipment do you need to play badminton, ice hockey, football, tennis?

(На слайде – спортивный инвентарь, обучающиеся называют предметы, которые необходимы для игры в бадминтон, хоккей, футбол, теннис)

Слайд №6

3. The rules.

I’ll give you a paper with set of rules. Read, write the number of the sport or game in the correct line.

(Обучающиеся получают листы с текстом, определяют вид спорта, затем проверяют свои ответы на слайде)

Sport Quiz.

Match the sport or game to the appropriate set of rules.

Write the number of the sport or game in the correct box.

A _________

Each team may have up to eleven players, only seven of whom are allowed to play at the same time. One team should wear blue caps, the other white. Players must not splash water into an opponent’s face.


The two contestants must bow to each other at the start of the contest. They should wear white clothing. Contestants must only attack the arms and legs of their opponent. They should not get overexcited.


The game can be played by two or four players. The players must change positions after each game. The ball must touch the table on both sides of the net each time it is hit.


Competitors should wear a helmet. They must not stop another competitor from overtaking. Competitors are not allowed to help each other.

E __________

Each team may have up to ten players, only five of whom may play at the same time. Players are not allowed to leave the court without permission. The ball may be thrown but it must not be carried or kicked. A team must try for a goal within 30 seconds of getting possession of the ball.


Each team must have eleven players. The two teams should wear different colours. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to play the ball with his hands or arms.


Each team must have six players. The server may hit the ball with his hand or any part of the arm. He must release the ball from his other hand before hitting it. Players must not touch the net.


Each team may have up to seven-teen players, only six of whom are allowed to play at the same time. Players must wear skates and numbered shirts.


Contestants are weighed before the contest. The contestants’ assistants must leave the ring before the fight begins. Contestants must wear gloves and must not hit an opponent behind the neck.

  1. Table tennis 

  2. Water polo 

  3. Basketball 

  4. Volleyball 

  5. Cycle racing

  6. Judo 

  7. Ice hockey 

  8. Boxing 

  9. Football

Слайды №7-9

IV. Speaking

1. Let’s speak about your favourite sport

Слайд №10

(Используя план на слайде №10 обучающиеся составляют рассказ о любим виде спорта)

2. The most popular sport.

  1. What is the most popular sport in the world?

  2. Do you like football?

  3. Can you play football?

  4. Do you watch football matches?

  5. Is it a team game?

  6. How many players are there in each team?

  7. What is the object of the game?

  8. What Russian football clubs do you know?

  9. Which is your favourite?

  10. Name Russian footballers.

  11. Who is your favourite football player?

  12. Now I invite you to a football match. Imagine, we are fans of… What are the most famous English clubs?

V. Listening, singing.

We are going to the match. Are you ready? But what do the fans do during the match? They chant. Do you know any football chant?

Look at the board. Listen to the football chant and sing.

(Текст песен на слайде №11, песня – в записи)

Слайд №11

Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea are famous English football clubs. All clubs want to win the Football Association Cup for the best team. Teams play matches against each other. The two best teams play in the final at Wembley Stadium in London. This match is very exciting.

Слайд №12

( На слайде игроки команд Манчестер Юнайтед и Арсенал)

Now listen to the text, then answer the questions.

(Обучающиеся прослушивают текст в записи – диалог Марка и Роба на футбольном матче между командами Манчестр Юнайтид и Арсенал)

Where are the boys?

What are they doing?

Which team do Mark and Rob like?

Which words tell you that?

VI. Favourite sportsman.

We sometimes like sport because of sportsmen who do this sport. Do you agree? Some of them are our favourites, some are sport heroes for all people.

Have you got your favourite sportsmen?

(Обучающиеся рассказывают о своем любимом спортсмене, это было задано в качестве домашнего задания)

Слайд №13-14

VII. Ending the lesson

1. The role of sport in our life. Why do people go in for sport?

Слайд №15

(Обучающиеся высказывают свое мнение, почему люди занимаются спортом).

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

Данное внеклассное мероприятие поможет учащимся систематизировать свои знания по теме "Спорт". Основная задача мероприятия научить учащихся высказывать своё мнение на английском языке, доказывать его. Мероприятие расширит кругозор учеников. Учащиеся поделятся друг с другом своими знаниями о спорте, о достижениях известных спортсменов, которые являются гордостью своих стран. Также мероприятие позволит определить учащимся какую роль занимает спорт в нашей жизни.

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