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Внеклассная работа по английскому языку на тему" The leader of the XXI century"

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The leader of the 21st century

Aims: to develop learning, speaking and reading skills
Objectives: to widen the outlook
to develop an interest to the subject
to develop sense of respect to the native language
to develop an ability to express an opinion
Means of teaching: pictures, slides

The leading: Good afternoon, boys and girls and our guests! I’m very glad to see you at our game! Today we’ll have an unusual lesson – The leader of the 21st century. Let me introduce our partners -… and the judges -…. I want you to greet all of them with your applause! Thank you! Now I give the word to our partners to know more about them, please... Let us start!
The first round is ` baiga`. Guess the riddles.

Without a tongue,
Without an ear,
I can speak,
And sing,
And hear.
(a tape recorder)

It runs and runs
But it will never run out,
It flows
What I am talking about?
(a river)

Has no legs,
But just for full
It is always
On the run.
(a ball)

This colored chalk
In a holder of wood
For drawing and writing
Is perfectly good.
(a pencil)

I am big. I am grey.
My nose is long,
My tail is short.
I am an…
(an elephant)
I am little.
I am grey.
My nose is short,
My tail is long.
I am a …
(a mouse)

The second round is “polyglot”. Fill in the missing word in proverbs. Say it in Kazakh, Russian and English.

1) There is no place like -----.
үйдом - home)

2) A ----- in need is a ----- in deed.
досымдруг - friend)
3) Never put off till tomorrow what you can do -----.
бүгінсегодня - today)
4) Everything is ----- in its season.
жақсыхорошо - good)
5) East of West home is -----.
ең жақсы - самый лучший - best)
6) An apple a day keeps the ------ away
дәрігердоктор - doctor)
7) That’s another pair of ----
туфлитуфли - shoes)
8) A ---- is known by its fruit.
ағашдерево - tree)
9) The right thing ----.
орынместо - place)
10) Home sweet home.
үй - дом - home )
11) Health is ----.
байлық - богатство - wealth )
12) Let a sleeping ---- lie.
итсобака - dog )

The third round is «kokpar». Answer the questions.

1) Who was the first President of the USA? (George Washington)
2) Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)
3) What was the name of the ship that sailed From England to America?
4) Where did Native Americans come from? (Asia)

1) How many states are there in the USA? (50)
2) Which is the longest river in the USA? (The Mississippi)
3) What is the capital of the USA? (Washington D. C.)
4) Where is the Statue of liberty situated? (in New York)

The places of interest
1) What is the White House? (The residence of President)
2) The picture of the Statue of liberty. What is it? (the Statue of liberty, it is the symbol of the United States of America)
3) The picture of the Empire state building. What is it? (the Empire state building)
4) Where is the tallest building (sky - scraper) in the world? (Chicago)

Great Britain
1) Who built the White Tower? And Why? (William the Conqueror, to protect the city)
2) When was the great fire of London? (in 1660)
3) What was the Tower of London? What is it now? It was a fortress, a palace, a church, a prison, now it is a museum.

1) The UK consists of …? (four parts – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
2) What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)
3) London is situated on the banks of the river....( Thames)

The places of interest
1) What is the largest London’s park? (Hyde Park)
2) Say what is it? (It is the clock Big Ben)
3) What is the biggest and the most well – known square in London? (Trafalgar Square)

1) When did our country get independence? (in 1997)
2) Who is the president of Kazakhstan? (Nursultan Nazarbaev)
3) When did Astana become the capital? (in 1998)

1) Where is Kazakhstan situated? (Asia)
2) Astana is situated on the banks of the river.... (Irtysh)
3) What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

The places of interest
1) The picture of the Baiterek. Say what you can. (It is the Baiterek on the picture. It is a symbol of Kazakhstan. And the Baiterek is situated in Astana)
2) The picture of the Ak Orda. What is it? (the Ak Orda is the residence of the president)
3) All the places of interest are situated on the... bank of the city. (left)

The fourth round is «who knows more?» Grammar task: make up correct sentences.

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