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Внеклассная работа среди уч-ся 5-11 классов на тему: Наша - родина Казахстан!

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Theme:Kazakhstan is our Motherland

Aims a/ To ispire pupils interest and involvment,to invite consideration and of

many ideas .

b/ To enable pupils to express their own thoughts and argue their points


с/ To bring up pupils to feel the importance of being the citizens of


Visual aids: interactive board, pictures, proverbs.

I. Organization stage.

  • Good morning tearchers and students! The theme of the lesson is: « Kazakhstan is our Motherland». We live in Kazakhstan. Its our Motherland. It seems to us that we know everything concerning our country. We get all information from TV programmers, radio information we know thorough newspapers and books.

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to some facts thinking that are not necessary. Sometimes we ignore them.

Today I want you to toll us the information that you have learnt about our country from any communicatory sources.

We should know what is happening, will happen and happened in our country.

Kazakhstan is land of our ancestors, which became a strong, independent state on the eve of the millennium.Our Motherland is our pride.

In his message our president N.A.Nazarbaev underlined: that every citizen of our Kazakh language is-an official language,Russian is an international language and English is the language of world communication.That, s why we learn an English language .

T: Our Kazakhstan is a very big country . With respect to its territory our Kazakhstan stands in the 9 th place. You were born in Kazakhstan .What do you know about the geography of Kazakhstan ?

P: /geographical position / Kazakhstan was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 1991. The country is the 2nd largest of the former Soviet republic with a total land area of over 2 million sguare km. This country shares its border with China,Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmtnistan.The Ural river flows through the western portion of Kazakhstan to the Caspian Sea. The Central region of the country includes the Kazakh Steppe to the north and desert of central Asia in the south –west .The Altai mountain can be found is the east .

T: /nature / The nature of Kazakhstan is rather diverse and beautiful.One can see all natural Landscapes on the expanses of the country .Among them are desets,steppes,taiga,mountains,shining with eternal ice, and numerous rivers and lakes .The flora and the fauna are very rich as well.

P: The landscape of Kazakhstan is a diverse one.It is bordered by the Tien Shan, Tarbagatai and Altai mountain .On its west the Caspian Sea is the home of sturgeon and Kazakhstan s oil reserves . In the desert area of the southwest is the drying Aral sea.In the Steppes of Sary Arka the Balkhash lake is located

T(climate) of Kazakhstan, the climate is sharply continental,and there are interseasonal temperature drops.

P3: The climate of Kazakhstan is best characterized as extreme continental. Temperatures vеry considerably from north to south.Rainfall is one 1000 and 600 millimeters falling on average in the mountainous region and only 100 millimeters in the desert. Snow falls in all areas but not at spring green grass and flowers of different colors cover flat lands and hills.

T: (population) Kazakhstan is a multinational country.

P4:Kazakhstan is multinational state, besides the natives-kazakh people

(54% of the population), here live Russian people (30%),

Ukrainians(37%),Uzbeks(3%),germans, uigurs,koreans,dungans,turks and

other are also live here. In general, here live more than 30 nationalites.The

national language, of republic of Kazakhstan is Kazakh language, Russian

is an international language.

T:(mineral recources)Our Kazakhstan is rich in resources.Such as:

P5: The country is rich with mineral recources such as copper, gold, iron,

lead, nickel,silver,tin,uranium and zinc deposits of oil and natural gas.

T(industry) Industry in the economic sector of the Republic of

Kazakhstan is represented by the works of ferrous and non –ferrous

metallurgy, chemical, oil processing, petrochemical, machine-building

and building material plants.According to the iron are deposits

Kazakhstan takes the 8th plaсe in the world.

P6:Kazakhstan has well-developed heavy industy in many cities and

towns.As the rezult of the devolopment of heavy industry the country

suffers serious environmental problems.Food industry takes one third

of the total manufacturing industry and provides the population with the

main food product:meat,diary and bakery products, flour and

cereals.Light industry is represented by the textile, clothing and leather

shoe plants.

T(agriculture) Agriculture is the represented by the numerous agrarian and

cattle-breading enterprises. According to the production of grains

Kazakhstan takes the 3rd place in the CIS after Russia, and Ucraine.

The variety of natural conditions of Kazakhstan opens the opportunities for

the devolopment of cattle –breading.

P7: Agriculturial a very important sector in the national economy.

The people of the country grow wheat, millet, corn and cotton. The climate

is favorable to the growing of spring wheat, oats, barley and other grains.

The climate also allows to develop vegetable-growing and melon-growing

and cultivate such technical crops as sunflower and tobacco-plant.

T(science education) Everyone must have an education. A great attention

is paid to education in our country.

P8:All children begin to attend classes at the age of 6 or 7 years old.

After graduating school they can continue their study at institutes or

universities.Education in our country is free.Nowadays some pupils or

students study at private schools and universities. But every person must

get education.

T: (economics) Today the Kazakhstan model of social development basing

on the best achievements of all civilizations follows the way which

corresponds to its historical labor and specific characteristics. The

integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the operations on the world

market with the portfolio and investments and loan capital.

P9: The strategy of internal and external economic policy is based on the

good market economy,active role of the goverment and foreign

investments. It is all done taking into account the result of globalization

and crisis of world economy.Even today-the favorable economic climate

has been created by conducting some significant economic reforms. One

can see now legal immunity opennes and stability: market infrastructure,

stability and convertibility of national currency-TENGE.

T(national currency) Since November 1993 the national currency of the

Republic of Kazakhstan has been-Tenge.

P10:For the population there is maximum possible quality of protective

elements on the banknotes. These elements can be determined without

special means: they are visible in the sun rays. Besides all the banknotes

have the distinctive marks for the people with poor eyesight, which allow

them to identify the value by tought. Till he present moment such marks

have been used only the separate banknotes.

P11(history) History and culture of Kazakhstan count many hundred

years.The ethnic base of Kazakh nationality was composed by many tribes-

beginning from Saks, Usun, Kangyui,Khanni, Turki, Oguz,Kimak,

Kypchak and ending by Naiman, Argyn, Kerei, Korshat,Jalgir, Dulat and

many others having lived on the territory of Kazakhstan at different time.

(MAP).The history of Kazakhstan is long, interesting and difficult .

It can ҆ t be spoken in short time . As you know on the 1 st December

1991 took place the 1st election of the 1 st President in the history of

the Republic of Kazakhstan . On the 28 th of January 1993 Supreme

Soviet of the republic took the Constitution of the establishment of

legal state system ,independence and successful economic, cultural and

scientific development.The new Constitution was accepted in 2years,

in August 1995, after the formation of main state and political

structures. According to this Constitution, the Republic of Kazakhstan

is a democratic,temporal and legal state,providing its citizens with the

egual rights.

T: / president / The president is the head of the head of the state, its

highest official ,determining the main direction of internal and external

politics of the republic and representing Kazakhstan inside and outside

the country .He provides the agreed functioning of all branches of

state authority and responsibility of authority bodies in front of

people:he has the right to speak on behalf of peoples and state.


Nazarbaev is the 1st President of the Repuplic of Kazakhstan. Exactly,

during his ruling the nation got the freedom and Kazakhstan became the

independent and sovereign state.

P12:President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev was born on

the 6th of July 1940 in Chemolgan settlement of Almaty region.After

finishing the school in 1958 he entered Dneprodzerzhinscy technical

college №8, which he gratuated from in 1960. From February 1964 till

August 1965 he was a student of Karaganda polytechnic institute. In 1967

he gratuated High technical institution. From July 1969 he was a head

of industrial-transport deportament of Temirtau City Committe of

Kazakhstan’s Party. On the 24th of April 1990 N.A.Nazarbaev was elected

by Supreme Soviet as the Prezident of Kazakhstan SSR.he kept

his position till the 22nd of August 1991.

T13(inauguration) Inauguration is the solemn ceremony of talking the post

of the Prezident of the Republic of Kazakhstan.It takes place on the 2nd

Wednesday of the January of the year following the year of election. This

process is realized in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Astana city,

in the resident of the Prezident “Akorda”.

T14: Residential Medals.The official medals of the highest official of the

state-the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the standart and

breastplate. This item is given in the Decree of the President “of Standart and

Rules of the official use of the Medals of the President of the Republic

Kazakhstan “ of the 29th of December 1995.№2736.

P15:The Presidential Residence. The building of the Residence of the

President started in September 2001, and its official presentation took place

on the 24th of December 2004. The Residence is situated on the territory of

the new adminstrative center in Astana, on the left bank of Ishim river.

T16: State authority in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The principle of authority

divisions is pointed out in the 3rd article of the Contitution of the Republic of

Kazakhstan and runs: State authority in the republic is united and realized

basing on the Constitution and laws in accordance with the principle of its

division into legislative, executive and legal branches, and their interrelation

with the use of constraint and counterbalance system.

T 17 :Constitution was accepted on the republican referendum on the 30th of

August 1995.

T18: The state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The triad of state symbols of any country includes as a rule Emblem, Flag

and Hymn. Their official confirmation is one of the 1st steps of any new state

as they symbolize the political independence and sovereignty of the


P19:State emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the shape of circle in

general view. The central element of emblem is Shanyrak-the circular top of

Yurtas dome. In the centre of shanyrak there is tandyk-the zenithal hole of

yurta, reminding the bright sun on the black round of blue and peaceful sky.

Do you know authors emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan?

P20:The national flag of the country consists of a light blue field at the

centre of which there is yellow sun framed by the wings of a flying eagle,

also in yellow with a vertical stripe of national ornamentations near the hoist.

P21:State hymn of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a solemn musical-poetic

composition devoted to the Motherland and considered as the symbol of state

unity. The new hymn of the country is the famous song «Менің

Қазақстаным» “ –“My Kazakhstan”. The melody of Shamshi Kaldaiakov

and words Jumeken Najmedinov have been popular among the peoples for

many years. The President of our country combined the words with the real

events of our time.

T22: State awards.

The recommendation for state awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan is

realized in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of state

awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Here there; Dank, Parasat,Otan, Kurmet and Dostyk.

T23(Astana) The capital today is the gigantic building area, where the

advanced architect projects are realized. The city is growing and changing,

obtaining the power and authority on the world level, being the symbol of

rapid renovation of the country.The international presentation of new capital

Astana took plase on the 10th of June 1998. In the 1999 by the solution of

UNESCO Astana was granted the status “City of the world”

P23:Astana (the former Akmola)was founded in 1830 as a fortification of

Russian Empire.Many changes have taken place since then. Since October

1997Akmola has become a new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Later

on it got its present name Astana. Astana is a modern, growing city, a political,

financial, economic centre of the state. There are a lot of beautiful buildings,

higher educational establishments,colleges and secondary school ,hotels,banks

and other commercial structures in Astana,the new capital of the Republic of

Kazakhstan. There are many places of interest in Astana: the Central square

the Republic Avenue,the Palace of Youth and the Bridge across the Ishim

River. From everywhere you can see Baiterek, the symbol of prosperity and



A week ago in our capital Astana was held the 7th SUMMIT . It is a hystorical event with respect to our President N A Nazarbaev . Our Kazakhstan became the 1st country where was held such the world hystorical event . There took part representatives of 56 countries and about 1500 journalists. It shows that our country becomes the well- known country in the world. And ,we should be proud of it, our future generation will be proud of their Motherland too.

School Bilal Nazim

Kazakhstan is our Motherland

English teacher Sh Sh Asanova

town Jarkent

2015 year

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  -         Good morning  tearchers  and      students! The theme of the lesson is: « Kazakhstan is our Motherland». We live in Kazakhstan. Its our Motherland. It seems to us that we know everything concerning our country. We get all information from TV programmers, radio information we know thorough newspapers and books.

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to some facts thinking that are not necessary. Sometimes we ignore them. Today I want you to toll us the information that you have learnt about our country from any communicatory sources.

We should know what is happening, will happen and happened in our country. 

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