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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Внеклассный урок What is Happiness



"What is Happiness?"

The aim: to train to speak English expressing own opinion on the theme.

All men are created equal, they are endowed by their

Creator with certain rights: that among these are:Life

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Teacher: Today we are going to speak about one of the most important things in the life of every person-about happiness, What is happiness? When do we feel happy or unhappy? The questions are not easy to answer. If I ask you each of you will give me his own answer .What is happiness? (3-4 students answer the question)

Teacher: As you see each of you has his own idea of happiness. If you look up in a dictionary you will read that '' Happiness is a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, luck and good fortune'' The description is vivid, but is not complete. Some great people expressed the idea of happiness in the following way: 1 Life itself is great happiness. 2 Happiness is the state of a soul. 3When you are satisfied you are happy, 4When we are loved we are happy.

Teacher: Have you ever been happy? Are you happy now?( The students answer the questions) When are your parents happy? When are your brothers and sisters happy? Can old people be happy? Can little children be happy?(the students answer the questions)

Teacher: as you see different people have different ideas of happiness. Listen to an old English Tale.

Once upon a time there lived a peasant. He had a big family: an old mother, a wife and six children.

He was very poor. One day an old woman knocked at his door and asked permission for the night's lodging. The man gave her some food and milk. The woman thanked him and he saw tears in her eyes.

In the morning the woman said to peasant: You've saved my life, you will be rewarded for this. I am not a beggar, I am happiness and I can make any wish of yours. You have only three hours to discuss ypur wish with your family, hurry up.

The man told his family everything and discussion started: the sick mother asked for good health, his wife wanted a beautiful dress and a diamond necklace, his elder daughters asked for reach husbands, and his small children wanted a big cake and many toys. While they were arguing they completely forgot about the deadline. Happiness had gone by that time.

This tale proves the different people have different ideas of happiness.

T: I want you to answer the following questions

1. Can a poor man be happy?(Pupils give their answer)

2. Can a rich man be unhappy?

3. Can sick people be happy?

4. Can a man share his happiness(Pupils answer all these questions)

T: What do you need to be happy?

Could you write 5 things which are necessary for your happiness?

(Some students read their sentences to the class.)

T: A Distinguished physician Leo Landau formed his own formulae of happiness. He said thet to be happy any person needs a good job, love, communication with people. The poetess Tatiana Selvinskaya thinks that happiness is when you:

Если ешь любимую пищу,

Надеваешь красивые вещи,

Общаешься, с кем интересно,

Думаешь о высоком -

Это и есть счастье.

T: I would like to finish our conversation with the following lines:

О счастье мы всегда лишь вспоминаем,

А счастье всюду, может быть оно,

Вот этот сад осенний за сараем

И чистый воздух, льющийся в окно,

В бездонном небе легким белым краем

Встает, сияет облако. Давно

Слежу за ним. Мы мало видим, знаем,

А счастье только знающим дано.

(Скрябцова М.)

Dear friends let me state: let's aspire for happiness, no matter what and it will be there! I wish we all would be happy, and the feeling of happiness, this splendid exciting feeling, would never leave us.

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