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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Внеклассный урок на тему "Merry Christmas"
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Внеклассный урок на тему "Merry Christmas"


Date: 04.12.2015

Grade: 5 “A”

Theme of the extracurricular lesson: “Merry Christmas”

Aim of the lesson: educational: to give an information about happy new year in England

development: to develop pupils speaking, listening abilities, to enrich vocabulary

bringing up: to bring up to be active, to love learning language

the type of the lesson: Extracurricular lesson

the visual aids: interactive board, pictures, fir-tree, toys, gifts, balloons.

The procedure of the lesson

1. Organization moment.

Good afternoon dear guests of our Christmas party!

Today we will show and give some informations how celebrate happy new year in England. Now pupils will learn their poems about winter and Christmas. (Miras, Arailym, Konys, Aigul, Aidana)

2. History of the Christmas

The True Story of Santa Claus" («True Story of Santa Claus"). The story of how 500 years ago the fabulous magician did exist and bring gifts to the children, but one day in 1510 that something went wrong at the Santa Claus. Several elves got sick, and the rest were unable to make gifts in time, the deer ran away, and indeed it has become difficult to cope with the workload. Several elves led by Crunch rebelled against his superior, turned into evil Flevit and forced Santa Claus to leave your home ... Good magician disappeared, and since then people have to buy and give gifts to themselves. But a girl named Santa who believes in Christmas, more than anyone else on earth. She was destined to save Santa Claus and bring the holiday spirit to people ...

3. Spectacle for Merry Christmas

Narrator: The North Pole home with Santa, the elves and the reindeer.

One Christmas many years ago Santa was very busy. Almost all the toys were wrapped, and Santa was busily reading the last letters sent to him that year. Santa finally finished the last letter.

Santa: The last letter. We have just two more days to work. The gifts are almost ready for the boys and girls.

Elf 1: It won’t be long now. It will be Christmas Eve. We sure had lots of letters this year.

Elf 2 Even the reindeer are excited. Rudolph has been keeping his nose shined up in case of fog.

Elf 1: Here Santa, help yourself. Sit back and relax.

Santa: Thank you, dear. Ahh! This chocolate celebrates a job well done by all.

Elf 2: takes a letter from the reindeer and gives it to Santa.

Elf 2: Santa, Rudolph gave me this letter. He says the reindeer nuzzled it from under the snow.

Elf 1: It looks like it has been on the ground for a long time.

Santa opens it and begins reading.

Santa: Dear Santa, my name is Joey and I live near the edge of the town with my mum. And I am writing to tell you what I want for Christmas. My dad is a sailor and he has been gone a long time. I have been very good all year. I like toys, but what I really want is to have Dad come home and see us this Christmas. Thank you. Love. Joey.

Santa leans back and looks at the envelope.

Santa: Why, this letter must have been lost all year. It’s dated one year ago today. Little Joey never heard From me last year. What can I do? (thinking)

Narrator: Tom and his friend are sleeping on a ship. On a ship a sailor turns on his cot and finally awakens. His friend also wakes up.

Sailor: Tom , You’ve been talking in your sleep. You said something about your wife and kids.

Tom: I was having a dream. I dreamt I was home again talking to Sara and Joey, my little girl. I miss them so much. If only I could get home this Christmas.

Sailor: We are in port now. Maybe the captain would let you visit them for a few days. WE aren’t leaving for two weeks.

Tom: I wonder. (thinking)

Narrator: It is Christmas morning at Joey’s home. Mother carries a stocking AND calls Joey and she enters without a smile.

Sara: Joey, you have some presents to open. Oh, what a nice doll you have.

Joey: I know, but Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted. He did not bring Dad home last year, so I didn’t write him this year. There is a tap on the door.

Sara: Who is it?

Tom enters.

Tom: Hello, family! It’s me. The captain said I could come home. I just got off the train. Hi,

Sara, Joey!

They all stare in disbelief. They run to him and embrace.

Sara: What a surprise! I can’t believe in it.

Joey: My lovely dad! I am so happy!

Tom: Joey, when I came to the door, I found this letter. It has your name on it. (He hands the letter to Joey)

Joey: (reading the letter aloud) Dear Joey, I am so sorry I didn’t get to your house last

Christmas. Your letter came to me just two days ago. It had been list for a whole year under the snow. I felt very sad. I am so glad you will see your father this year. Have a very merry Christmas! Love, Santa.Joey smiles and cries out: Oh dad! This is the best Christmas ever. Thank you, Santa!

4. Dance to song. “Happy new Year!”

5. Sing “We wish you a merry Christmas” (Botagoz and Arailym).

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin

We wish you a merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

Oh, bring us some figgy pudding

Oh, bring it right here!

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin

We wish you a merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

We won’t go until we get some

So bring it right here!

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin

We wish you a merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

We all like our figgy pudding

We all like our figgy pudding

We all like our figgy pudding

With all its good cheer!

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin

We wish you a merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

Conclusion: We wish you all your dreams will come true this new year! Thanks for your attention.

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