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Внеклассный урок по английскому языку для 5 - 11 классов на тему "Michael Jackson – the King of pop music"

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Внеклассный урок английского языка для 5 - 11 классов

Тема урока: Майкл Джексон – король поп музыки

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop Music Forever

1. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gury, Indiana. He began to perform as a singer in the group Jackson Five at the age of four. Their father Joe was a good guitar player, and his children followed him. Despite of James Brown influence Jackson went his own way. He attracted attenion with his vocal style and dancing motions which accompanied his performances. At the end of 1968 the group Jackson Five signed a contract with the famous firm Motown, where its earlier hits had been recorded - I want you back and I`ll be here.

2. In 1970 Michael first recorded as a soloist the ballad Got be there which took the first line of the hit parades not only in the USA, but in Europe too. In 1972 he recorded his first single Ben.

While the popularity of the group was going down, his personal carreer was growing. But Michael went on performing with his brothers. Later Michael appeared in the musical The Wiz when his lasting cooperation with producer Quinsie Johns began. In 1979 Johns produced the first solo album by Michael Jackson Off the Wall where the singer presented himself as a mature master. That album became the champion of the American hit parades, one of its singles was awarded Grammy.

3. Jackson continued recording solo and in the group. Just at that time mass media started to show a great interest in his private life. In papers and magazines he appeared as an everlasting child surrounded by toys and pets and isolated from the real life. Such image became clearer when Michael issued an album on the basis of the fantasy film “An Extra Terrestrial” by Steven Spielberg (1982). The second album of the singer Thriller beat all the existing records in the number of sold copies. By the end of 1990s issue number grew up to 46 mln. Most of the hits were supported by clips. The ranks of the genre became wider. Videoclips demonstrated his talent not only as a singer, but as a dancer too. That brought him unheard popularity. He appeared as a magic creature having nothing in common with down-to-earth life. The songs from that album The Girl is Mine and Say, Say, Say performed with Paul MacCartney became the brightest hits, The Thriller itself was awarded seven Grammies.

4. In 1986 Jackson started an autobiographical book, but the work on it was stopped because of recording the album Bad (22 mln copies). Still he managed to finish his autobiography and publish it. In 1992 his next album Dangerous was issued. The singer tried to change the style – it was techno-pop. Since 1988 Michael Jackson had been sponsored by Pepsi Cola Company. Thanks to it the biggest amount of tickets to his concerts were sold in 1994 for the whole history of pop music.

5. Michael became a superstar an interest in whom was growing. He is steadily in the focus of newspapers, radio and television. Sometimes he was treated as a travelling circus. A rumor appeared that he took medicines to make his skin white and that he had been operated eight times to change his appearance basically. Besides that he confessed some drugs addicts. It happened during his tour around the Far East where he had to stop concerts because of getting worser. At this time papers published opinion of one of his friends about his sleeping habits. After such scandal publications Pepsi Cola Company deprived the world superstar its support.

6. But Michael went on working and issued his “African” single “We Are the World” which became an international hit at once. Later he purchased the ATV Music Company (47,5mln$) which owned John Lennon`s and Paul MacCartney`s records. In 1996 Jackson issued his next album “HIStory” (14 mln copies).

The same year Jackson married Lisa Maria, the daughter of Elvis Presley. But their marriage wasn`t happy, and they divorced the same year. The second marriage (with Debbie Row) was more successful, a son and a daughter were born. But that marriage stopped in 1999 too.

7. In March 2001 Michael Jackson was represented in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The same year he issued one more commercial album Invincible. In 2003 Michael Jackson issued his hits collection Number Ones having 18 songs, it was sold in 6 mln copies. In 2004 a luxurious issue of five discs with 57 tracks (1969-2004) was issued - Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection`s Box Set - best presenting his skill and talent. But every new year it becomes more difficult for him to carry the title of the world star.

8. In summer 2008 Sony BMA Company started a global company, in the famework of it citizens of about 20 countries in the world were to vote for their favorite songs by Michael Jackson. There were 122 tracks to choose from. Besides, Michael Jackson recorded his new solo album to be issued in 2009. This March Jackson declared that he was going to present a number of concerts in London. They were to start on July, 13 and finish in March 2010.

But in the morning of June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson, the King of Pop Music,

died of a heart stop in his house in Los Angeles.


  1. Michael Jackson and the “extreme” price of fame–CNN.com–Opera

  2. Michael Jackson remembered – CNN.com/entertainment


1. Список лексики для активизации перед чтением текста:

accompany – сопровождать invincible – непобедимый

award – награждать, награда Hall of Fame – Зал Славы

addict – зависеть (от лекарств) in the framework of – в рамках

appear – появляться perform – выступать, исполнять

confess – признать (ся) mature - зрелый

deprive – лишить sponsor – поддерживать

divorce – развестись purchase - приобрести

everlasting- вечный ranks - рамки

Extra Terrestrial” – «Инопланетянин» record – записывать, запись

issue - выпускать, издавать

2. What is the number of the passage, where can you find information about:

  1. his wives

  2. album on “Extra Terrestrial”

  3. autobiography

  4. his father

  5. first solo album

  6. interest of mass media

  7. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3. Here is a plan. Put the pieces of it in correct order:

  1. Start of the career

  2. Videoclips

  3. Collection issues

  4. Solo career

  5. Marriages

  6. Plans for concerts

  7. Pepsi Cola, the sponsor

  8. Interest of mass media

  9. Autobiography

4. Who is who?

  1. Stephen Spielberg b) Joe c) John Lennon and Paul MacCartney d) Lisa Maria

5. What is what?

  1. Jackson Five; b) Motown; c) Pepsi Cola; d) The Wiz; e) “Extra Terrestrial”

f) single; g) mass media; g) Grammie; h) Thriller

6. Fill in the table with the events of M.Jackson`s life


What happened












7. Answer the questions on the text:

a) When and where was Michael Jackson born?

b) At what age did he begin performing?

c) When was his first slow album issued?

d) Was it a success?

e) What musical did he appear in?

f) How did mass media picture Michael Jackson?

g) Why did Pepsi Cola Company deprived Michael Jackson its support?

h) What single became an international hit?

i) What company did Sony start in 2008?


2. a-6, b-3, c-4, d-1, e-2, f-5, g-7.

3. a-1, b-3, c-7, d-2, e-6, f-8, g-5, h-5, i-4.

4. a) The film director of “Extra Terrestrial”, on which M.Jackson issued an album.

b) Michael Jackson`s father

c) Members of the Beatles. M.Jackson purchaced the firm owning their records

d) M.Jackson`s wife, the daughter of Elvis Presley

5. a) The name of the first family group where the young Michael performed

b) Music recording firm which recorded M. Jackson`s first songs

c) A company which sponsored M. Jackson since 1988

d) The musical in which Michael Jackson appeared

e) The film by Stephen Spielberg. The second album of Jackson Thriller was based on it

f) The only song on a disc, usually very popular

g) Popular award for records

h) The second album of M.Jackson, >40mln copies, seven Grammies

6. a-6, b-3, c-4, d-1, e-2, f-5, g-7



What happened


M.J was born


Signed the contract with Motown


Produced the first solo album


Issued an album on the “Extra Terrestrial” – the Thriller


Started an autobiographical book


Pepsi Cola starts sponsoring


Issued the album HIStory


Married Lisa Maria Presley


Represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Issued hits collection Number Ones


Issued 5 discs Ultimate Collection Box Set

Пояснительная записка

Представленный здесь текст с упражнениями и ключами Michael Jackson, the King of Pop Music Forever. Presentation могут быть использованы в 5-11 классах для работы по темам Famous People и Biography, а также для внеклассной работы или в классе филологического профиля.

Собственно презентация предполагает введение в тему, первое предъявление может быть как в аудировании с голоса учителя с опорой на текст, так и самостоятельном чтении (в группе с высоким уровнем подготовки). Повторное чтение - после активизации лексики - может сопровождаться переводом. Задание - дать краткие подписи к слайдам - может быть предложено после работы над основным текстом.

Объем упражнений может быть индивидуально выбран в зависимости от уровня подготовки группы.


  1. Michael Jackson and the “extreme” price of fame – CNN.com –Opera

  2. Michael Jackson remembered – CNN.com/entertainment

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