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Внеклассное мероприятие "Алиса в стране Лингвистика"(2 курс)



Сценарий выступления.

Автор Никонова А.А.

Действующие лица:
1.Учитель-Никонова А.А.
2Класс-группа техникума
5.Монах Алкуин –

6.Чеширский кот –



9.Голос за кулисами-

Слайд: Alice in the linguistic land
(видео: студенты в классе, на уроке английского языка)

Учитель: English language is one of the most important world languages. Its leadership seems obvious. About on bullion and five hundred thousand people speak English. The history of English language goes back to ancient epoch, when the land of British Islands was settled with Celt, Saxon, Freda, Utah.
(все слушают внимательно, а Алиса засыпает)
(видео продолжается)
Голос за кулисой:Alicefeelsverycomfortableinawarmclass-room. The teacher`s voice makes her sleep… Alice is relaxing… the teacher`s voice is sounding lower and lower,
farther and farther… suddenly Alice has fallen asleep.

Голосзакулисой: Alice is walking along the green hills covered with heather in blossom
3.Слайд: «Welcometothelinguisticsland» (гостиная, ввидетаблички. На фоне картинки)
(Алиса идет, собирает цветы. Мимо бежит белый кролик, опустив голову ,задумчиво рассматривая что-то на земле, не замечая Алису. На лапах белые перчаики).
Алиса:Excuseme, sir… (говорит неправильно: Акскуземэ сэр)
Кролик (в ужасе от неожиданности, отпрыгивает):What! Have you asked anything?
Алиса:Me asked… (Миаскед)
4.Слайд: картинка.
Кролик: Nothing to write home about…. The ditches will fly into a rage! Yes, she will fly just there if she gets to know what ignorant prodigal girl is rambling about our miraculous country of English language!
5.Слайд: картинка.
Алиса: My men, let me raise an objection. I`m not brainless. I know English rather well.
Кролик: If you are so self-confident try this glove on .You will check how deeply you realize the origin and development of English language and literature as the changes which had place.
Голосзакулисами: And Alice pulled the glove on her hand.

(начинается песня вояж)

Голос за кулисами: Immediately something has happened.
Выходит Алкуин)
6.Слайд: Old English period. 7. Well known representatives of the epoch: Alcuin 735-804, Aldhelm 650-709, Bede 673-745. Картинка.
Алиса: what unfashionable dress… Who are you wayfarer?
Алкуин: my name is Alcuin. No pun
That I’m a scientist and a monk
Young lady, see, I would prefer
To be addressed like connoisseur
In grammar and rhertoricI`m a master
I`m eye-witness of old style disaster.
8. Our ancient English had five cases
You may write down this thought to precise
Алиса записывает его лекцию)
Алкуин: accusative, genitive, dative,
Instrumental and nominative.

9.Besides, all knows had their gender.

God`s truth, all letters were then tender.

10. Some words are saved for future times

Send to the screen your pensive glance
Слайд: слова, которые сохранились в современном языке
Алкуин: 11. The alphabet was sure in its deathless
But non-existence waited for some letters.
(показывает на экран, где начинается танец букв)

(герои уходят)

(вконцетанцанаэкраненадпись: «Old Irish and Celtic letters disappeared from the alphabet)
12. Слайд: themiddleEnglishperiod (1066-1485)
(звучит музыка – шотландская волынка. Выходит кот. Ложится на край сцены. Вальяжно говорит в зал)
13. Кот: I`m a cat. But don`t think I’m just a cat
I`m aristocratic person from county of Cheshire.
I don`t mind to see around me admire.
You see in front you a very sage old man
Кот: Don`t you believe me? I don`t give a damn
Алиса: what are the brightest memoirs of the middle ages
Кот: we had a fright while the Norman pages.
Алиса: was there influence appreciable for the language
Кот: it swelled because of new word like a thick sandwich.
It had been filed with the vocabulary of old French year by year.
In your times you can meet them, and not rare.
14. Слайд: (словаикартинка)
Алиса: I think, and literature had got a lot of changes that times?

Кот: 15. with Wycliffe, Chaucer the new English literature had started rise

The told about people`s characters, about forests, fields and ponds.
They gave rise to an interest to ballades and folk songs.
16. Слайд: с танцем
(Звучит английская народная песня. Кот и Алиса танцуют)
(Выходят герцогиня и Шекспир.)
17.Герцогиня: Shoo! Your time is over. Give the way to the new English period!
Слайд: the new English period form 16 century. Картинка

Герцогиня: William! This time`s connected with you tightly.
You elevated our language highly!

18. Слайд: William Shakespeare портрет. Годажизни. Made the language 30 000 words richer.

Герцогиня: (к Алисе): and you, a very good-for-nothing lady, how dare you to keep your mouth gapping!

(герцогине): live her alone. (Алисе) Baby,
I had a presentiment about your arrival. May be,

For high-flown language you are ready.
But now I’ve invented for you verses
About future generation`s virtues

(Герцогиня в полуобмороке от восторга слушает Шекспира.)
(Алиса обмахивает ее вееромю)

Шекспир (читает со свитка): I`m 16 years old already
Someone exclaims: “You`re so young!”
But let`s get down to the treaty –

There`s enough themes that can be mulled
Love is the word familiar enough
And separation has brought me emptiness untimely.
Treachery has killed the flitting dove
I can`t accept this fortune`s trials humbly
19. Course there is some things for me to pray
But I’m able to find my own way
And very wise apophthegm makes me sure:

What can`t be cured must endured
(Шекспир дарит свиток Алисе)

Алиса: thanks' a lot sir. I’m delighted
20. Слайд: картинка.

Шекспир: A lot of years past since then, my dear house.
21. Шекспир:And every epoch had its own currants
Слайд: поэты и писатели следующих времен.
Шекспир: variety of language styles reflected in the poetry and drama,
22. Слайд: поэтыиписателиследующихвремен
Шекспир: Andfactofchangesinlanguages must be summed up
23. Слайд: поэтыиписателиследующихвремен.
ШекспиркАлисе: Child, to become proficient in language
To get to know the history you must manage.

Герцогиня: 24. Well-educated, with good language manners person
Must through away indifference`s poison.
25. Learn ethnic heritage of nationalities with pleasure,
Importance of this knowledge can`t be measured.
(Музыка звучит.) Twinkle

(Алиса уходит, машетрукой.)
Видео: класс.)
Герогиня продолжает: meet much success, young Alice on the way of education!
Шекспир: we wish you happiness! Respect your application!
(На видео Алиса просыпается. С удивлением видит перчатку и свиток рядом)
(Звучит финальная песня)

26. What is someone like you
Doing In a place like this?
Have you come alone
have you brought your friends?
27. Sure you like English language
any fun?
So come and have it!
We`ve become true friends
28.Fortune favors the brave
Respect yourself, achieve your aim

29. I`ll never be the same
If we ever meet again.

30. I`ll improve skills day by day
Wait for day we meet again!

31. Learn English with
Get knowledge
32. You will subjugate the world
Well there`s a will

There is a way, you see!

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