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Внеклассное мероприятие "Water, Water Everywhere Double Jeopardy Game"

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Water, Water Everywhere

Double Jeopardy Game

Title: Water, Water Everywhere


  • прививать интерес и любовь к изучению английского языка,

  • обобщить и закрепить изученный материал (students will be able to identify different types of water stuff),

  • расширять кругозор,

  • развивать память и внимание,

  • воспитывать чувства товарищества, коллективизма, взаимопомощи, ответственности.


For ice-breaker: Flip chart paper, an assortment of colored markers, tape.

Power Point Presentation


Teacher: What is that wet stuff, we call water? Water is one of the most spectacular things in the world. Without it, the earth would be a rather dry and boring place to live. It’s what makes our wetlands wet and our rainforests rain. Can you imagine living one day without any water? I think that it would be almost impossible to not use water in some way. Let’s think of all the ways we use water! Almost everything we do uses water in some way, if we are brushing our teeth or driving our car. Without water we wouldn’t get very far. Did you know that water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, wow, that’s a lot of water but wait a minute can we drink all that water? In reality we can only use .52% of the earth’s water. Now that isn’t very much water at all is it? Did you know that our body weight is 75% water. So as you can see water is a rather important chemical to have on earth.

Ice breaker: Water Poem

Divide all the participants into 2 teams equal in number;

Give each team a piece of wallpaper with the word WATER written vertically on it

Ask the participants to work as a team and make an acrostics using different words describing water or expressing any feelings we have for water, for example:






Let one person from each group present the poster and explain how the words they chose relate to water

Double Jeopardy Game

Russian to English ( translate into English very fast)

  • 100 Дождь

  • 200 Oзеро

  • 300 Водопад

  • 400 Тихий океан

English to Russian ( translate into Russian very fast)

  • 100 Water cycle

  • 200 Ground water

  • 300 To absorb

  • 400 To evaporate

Name Five

  • 100 Water stuff

  • 200 Rivers

  • 300 Seas

  • 400 All the Oceans

100 What is the largest ocean in the world?

  • 200 What is the longest river in the world?

  • 300 What is the dippiest lake in the world?

  • 400 What is the highest waterfall in the world?

Music ( Listen and name nature staff you can hear in)

100 Mario’s ‘staying in the rain’ (rain...)

  • 200 Adrian ‘Here comes the sun’ (sun...)

  • 300 Fly Project ‘la musica’ (in the sky...)

  • 400 Ocean ‘anthem of summer2012’ (sun, air...)

Жюри подводит итоги игры, награждает победителей.

We finish our competition. Thank you and good–bye.

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