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Внеклассное мероприятие "I love singing..."

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Сценарий фестиваля песни на английском языке

«I love singing…”

(МКОУ СОШ №1с.п.Аргудан)

( Звучат праздничные фанфары, на сцену выходят организатор проекта и 3-еведущих.)

Ведущий1:Good afternoon dear boys and girls, all our dear guests!

We are happy to see you in this hall , because today we’ll have the 1-st music festival “Children sing in English…”

Ведущий2:If you want to be a star start from your native school.

Ведущий3: You are here to show your talent not only to your friends and classmates, but to your teachers and our guests!

Ведущий1: Our pupils will sing songs in English and demonstrate their skills, abilities and talents on this stage. So have a nice time!

Ведущий2: Well, it’s time to start the show

Ведущий3: The youngest participants of our show are invited to this stage. They are talented,charming and pretty. They are fond of English, singing and dancing.

Ведущий1:They are pupils of second forms with “ABC song “.

Ведущий2: Our children study English with great pleasure .They like to sing songs too. And now we invite to this stage pupils from third class with song “Hello

Ведущий3: Go on with songs “Rain,rain go away” .

Ведущий1:And now let`s listen the song “The wheels on the bus” .

Ведущий2:Thank you for your songs children. I invite to this stage our fifth class with a song “ It`s the weekend…”.

Ведущий3: What wonderful songs! Are you agree with me?

Ведущий1: Of course we are. And let`s listen the song “My banny”.

Ведущий2:And now let`s meet Alina Khamukova with song about table manners .

Ведущий3:Modern music is associated with such famous names asCelin Dion. On the stage a duet of beautiful girls KamillaBadrakova and AlinaMukofova with a song “I`m alive”.

Ведущий1:We just can’t imagine our life without love! Perhaps it’s one of the strongest feeling that can live in our souls and in our hearts. People have created a lot of  works of art about love: pictures, books, songs, films. Every person falls in love at least once in his or her life. And it’s wonderful! 

Ведущий2: I agree with you. Love is the greatest thing in the world. And I know very pretty girls who sings so wonderfully about this feeling. Let’s meet AnetaVinova, EleonoraMaremkulova and Laura Zhiletezhevawith a song “My heart will go on”.

Ведущий3: Yes, love is a great power and I’d like to welcome another participants who also sing about overlasting love….

Ведущий1:Oh, let me guess… Are they pupils from ninth form?

Ведущий2: You are right. On the stage ninth form “A” with a song “Fly to your heart” by Selena Gomez .

Ведущий3: And now listen the song “Words”.

Ведущий1: I thought I knew everything about the participants of our show.

Ведущий2:But I think you will be surprised many times today.

Ведущий3: Do you want to say these are not all talents of our school?

Ведущий1:Of course not. Listen. On the stage a pretty girlАлинаКушховаwith a song “More than a band”.

Ведущий2:We continue our show.

Ведущий3: I hope the next participantwill surprise us. Let`smeetАлинаАраховаwith a song “Nobody sees, nobody knows”.

Ведущий1: There are more participants in our musical contest. They are singing a song about love, feeling to the dearest things in the world ( life, earth and everything we live for…)

Ведущий2: Let’s meet our eleventh form with a song “Here I am” .

Ведущий3: Unfortunately, everything good has its end. And our show has also come to its end.

Ведущий1: The show is over. We hope that our party was interesting for you Thank you. Goodbye. Good luck!

Ведущий2: Be happy, wealthy. May all your dreams come true.

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