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Лицензия на осуществление образовательной деятельности №038767 выдана 26 сентября 2017 г. Департаменотом образования города Москвы

Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыВнеклассное мероприятие - игра по английскому языку для учащихся 7-9 классов общеобразовательных учреждений "О счастливчик!"

Внеклассное мероприятие - игра по английскому языку для учащихся 7-9 классов общеобразовательных учреждений "О счастливчик!"


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 7-9 классов общеобразовательных учреждений на тему: "О, счастливчик!"

Цели и задачи мероприятия:

  • развитие у учащихся навыков восприятия речи на слух;

  • повторение лексического и страноведческого материала;

  • развитие эрудиции учащихся;

  • воспитание интереса к изучению иностранного языка и зарубежной культуры.

Описание мероприятия. В игре принимают участие 6 команд, каждая из которых состоит из 5 человек. Основные правила игры подобны правилам телепрограммы “Кто хочет стать миллионером?”. Участникам необходимо ответить на 15 вопросов. За первый правильный ответ команда получает 100 очков, за второй – 200, за третий – 300, за четвертый – 500, за пятый – 1 000, за шестой – 2 000, за седьмой – 4 000, за восьмой – 8 000, за девятый – 16 000, за десятый – 32 000, за одиннадцатый – 64 000, за двенадцатый – 125 000, за тринадцатый – 250 000, за четырнадцатый – 500 000, за пятнадцатый – 1 000 000. Выигрывает команда набравшая большее количество очков.

Вопросы для первой команды:

1. The United Kingdom includes …

A. England and Scotland
B. Great Britain and Northern Ireland
C. England, Scotland and Wales
D. Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic

2. The currency of the UK is …

A. pound = 100 cents
B. dollar = 100 cents
C. pound = 100 nickels
D. pound = 100 pence

3. The national emblem of Northern Ireland is the …

A. shamrock
B. rose
C. thistle
D. daffodil

4. Who was the first man on the moon?

A. Yuri Gagarin
B. John Glenn
C. Neil Armstrong
D. Valentina Tereshkova

5. What do the abbreviations a.m. and p.m. stand for?

A. Members of Parliament
B. Time
C. Members of Congress
D. Time and Tense

6. Which town is the birthplace of William Shakespeare?

A. Glasgow
B. London
C. Edinburgh
D. Stratford-upon-Avon

7. A VIP is a …

A. very important person
B. very interesting person
C. very intelligent person
D. very indifferent person

8. The Empire State is another name for …

A. New York
B. Illinois
C. Massachusetts
D. Washington

9. For lunch many children eat …

A. bread and chocolate
B. meat pies and pudding
C. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
D. hamburgers

10. A blind date is a date with someone …

A. who hasn’t met you before
B. who cannot see
C. who is not good-looking
D. who is pleasant

11. Who discovered penicillin?

A. Fleming
B. Newton
C. Armstrong
D. Einstein

12. What are these: “The Guardian”, “The News of the world”, “The Independent”?

A. newspapers
B. TV programmes
C. towns
D. magazines

13. What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British Queen have?

A. Prince of Wales
B. Prince of Scotland
C. Prince of England
D. Prince of Ireland

14. Which ship did Pilgrim Fathers (the first American settlers) sale to America in?

A. the Mayflower
B. the Aurora
C. Santa Maria
D. Maria Selesta

15. The president of the US earns about …

A. $100.000 per year
B. $200.000 per year
C. $350.000 per year
D. $500.000 per year

Вопросы для второй команды:

1. The longest rivers are …

A. The Tay and the Thames
B. The Severn and the Thames
C. The Avon and the Thames
D. The Thames and the Tweed

2. What is the name of the USA flag?

A. Uncle Sam
B. Uncle John
C. Stars and Stripes
D. White Stars and Red Stripes

3. The USA consists of …

A. 49 states
B. 50 states and the District of Columbia
C. 49 states and the District of Columbia
D. 51 states

4. When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

A. July 4
B. December 25
C. February 14
D. October 31

5. The UK …

A. a constitutional republic
B. a presidential republic
C. a federal republic
D. a constitutional monarchy

6. Do you know the hometown of the famous band “The Beatles”?

A. Manchester
B. London
C. Liverpool D. Glasgow

7. The NBA is …

A. The National Birdwatchers Associations
B. The National Boaters Associations
C. The National Basketball Associations
D. The National Baseball Associations

8. Who wrote “Gulliver’s travels”?

A. Mark Twain
B. Jonathan Swift
C. Robert Burns
D. William Shakespeare

9. “Auld Lang Syne” is often sung on …

A. July 4
B. New Year’s Eve
C. Veteran’s Day
D. Labour Day

10. The queen signs the bill and the Great Seal is fixed after …

A. the first reading
B. the second reading
C. the third reading
D. the fourth reading

11. The most famous of all British newspapers is…

A. The Guardian
B. The Times
C. The Financial Times
D. The Daily Express

12. What is the nickname of London’s Underground?

A. Metro
B. Subway
C. The Tube
D. Metropolitan

13. What does the word “Albion”, the poetic name of Great Britain, mean?

A. White
B. Green
C. Red
D. Blue

14. The queen’s closest official contacts with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on average…

A. twice a day
B. twice a month
C. once a week
D. twice a week

15. The capital of New York State is …

A. New York City
B. Buffalo
C. Albany
D. Boston

Вопросы для третьей команды:

1. Great Britain includes …

A. England and Scotland
B. England and Irish Republic
C. England, Scotland and Northern Ireland
D. England, Scotland and Wales

2. What is the name of the Great Britain flag?

A. Union Jack
B. Union John
C. Blue and Red
D. Red and white Crosses

3. The first inhabitants of America were…

A. Dutch and Indians
B. Indians and Eskimos
C. Indians and Spaniard
D. Indians and Englishmen

4. What is the national symbol of America?

A. The rose
B. The bald eagle
C. The shamrock
D. The white eagle

5. Where is the tallest building (skyscraper) in the world?

A. New York City
B. Chicago
C. San Francisco
D. Washington

6. What is the oldest building in Washington and official residence of the President?

A. Capitol Building
B. Green House
C. White House
D. Gold House

7. 12 p.m. is …

A. lunch time
B. breakfast time
C. bed time
D. dinner time

8. The first English colony in the New World was founded in 1607 in …

A. Massachusetts
B. Maryland
C. Virginia
D. New York

9. The English breakfast consists of …

A. fish and chips
B. toast and marmalade
C. bacon and eggs
D. coffee and a roll

10. Samuel Clemens wrote “Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer”. He is also known as…

A. Mark Twain
B. Ernest Hemingway
C. James Fennimore Cooper
D. Jack London

11. This famous American was a writer, scientist, an inventor and a diplomat. He started the first public library and the first fire department. He was…

A. Benjamin Franklin
B. Thomas Edison
C. George Washington
D. Abraham Lincoln

12. This round place is often called the Centre of London. There is a statue of Eros in the middle of it.

A. Trafalgar Square
B. Piccadilly Circus
C. Leicester Square
D. London Circus

13. What park of London is the Speaker’s Corner situated in?

A. Regent’s Park
B. Hyde Park
C. Green Park
D. St. James’s Park

14. Who made the first American flag “Stars and Stripes”?

A. Eliza Brown
B. Betsy Ross
C. Cecil Cardew
D. Katherine Lee Bates

15. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is…

A. 15 degrees Celsius
B. 20 degrees Celsius
C. 25 degrees Celsius
D. 30 degrees Celsius

Вопросы для четвертой команды:

1. The climate in the UK is generally …

A. hot and temperate
B. mild and temperate
C. cold and wet
D. hot and wet

2. The national emblem of England is …

A. the white rose
B. the leek
C. the shamrock
D. the rd rose

3. Who discovered America?

A. Christopher Columbus
B. George Washington
C. The pilgrims
D. Abraham Lincoln

4. What is the national sport in America?

A. football
B. soccer
C. baseball
D. basketball

5. It is … at Christmas for the queen to speak on radio and television to all people of the Commonwealth as their head.

A. unusual
B. customary
C. episodic
D. extraordinary

6. What is the official address of Prime Minister house in the UK?

A. 5 Fleet Street
B. 21 Baker Street
C. 10 Downing Street
D. 7 Broadway

7. Who fought against racial discrimination in the 1960’s?

A. Martin Luther King, Jr.
B. Emily Dickinson
C. Frank Lloyd Wright
D. Abraham Lincoln

8. Which English author and famous mathematician created the story of Alice in Wonderland?

A. Conan Doyle
B. Charles Dickens
C. Bernard Shaw
D. Lewis Carroll

9. The US national motto is …

A. Uncle Sam
B. In God We Trust
C. E pluribus Unum (One out of many)
D. Per Astera ad Astra

10. The Conservative Party is called …

A. Donkey
B. Tory
C. Whigs
D. Elephant

11. “Ulster” is another name for …

A. Scotland
B. Northern Ireland
C. Republic of Ireland
D. Wales

12. You must go to school in Great Britain …

A. from 5 till 16
B. from 6 till 17
C. from 7 till 18
D. from 7 till 16

13. What is another name for the Houses of Parliament?

A. The Clearness Palace
B. St. James’s Palace
C. Palace of Westminster
D. Buckingham Palace

14. Is a mile about …?

A. 1,000 metres
B. 1,600 metresC. 2,000 metres
D. 2,600 metres

15. In which area have Americans received the most Nobel’s rewards?

A. literature
B. peace
C. economics
D. science

Вопросы для пятой команды:

1. The weekend is…

A. Saturday and Sunday
B. Saturday
C. Sunday
D. Friday, Saturday and Sunday

2. … is the national emblem of Scotland.

A. The leek
B. The daffodil
C. The shamrock
D. The thistle

3. Who was the first president of the USA?

A. Abraham Lincoln
B. George Washington
C. Franklin D. Roosevelt
D. Theodore Roosevelt

4. Where is the Statue of liberty?

A. New York
B. Massachusetts
C. California
D. Washington

5. What is the national instrument of Scotland?

A. Harp
B. Whistle
C. Bagpipes
D. Fiddle

6. The first university in America was:

A. Boston University
B. Harvard
D. The University of California

7. In the centre of England there is a range of hills called … which is also known as the “backbone of England”.

A. Ozark Mountains Range
B. Appalachian Mountains
C. Adirondack Mountains
D. Pennine Chain

8. The longest river in the US is the …

A. Hudson River
B. Mississippi River
C. Delaware River
D. Missouri River

9. Frank Lloyd Write was a famous …

A. architect
B. lawyer
C. writer
D. designer

10. In the US you can write the date January 4, 1946 …

A. 1/4/46
B. 4/1/46
C. 46/4/1
D. 46/1/4

11. The symbol of the Democratic Party is …

A. an elephant
B. a rabbit
C. a donkey
D. a lion

12. Who is the architect of the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral?

A. Michelangelo
B. Sir Christopher Wren
C. Masterly
D. Charles Barry

13. What is the name of the oldest and best-known public school for boys in GB?

A. Norwich
B. Rugby
C. Eton
D. Winchester

14. In what town is the residence of the head of the English Church?

A. Canterbury
B. Manchester
C. Liverpool
D. London

15. A man uses “Jr.” after his name if he …

A. is under 21 years old
B. is in school
C. has the same name as his father
D. has the same job as his father

Вопросы для шестой команды:

1. Scotland has a distinctive national dress, the …

A. quilt
B. skirt
C. kilt
D. jeans

2. The currency of the USA is …

A. dollar = 100 cents
B. dollar = 100 nickels
C. pound = 100 dimes
D. pound = 100 cents

3. The national emblem of Wales is …

A. the thistle
B. the shamrock
C. the leek
D. the rose

4. Where is the US capital?

A. In the state of Washington
B. In the District of Columbia
C. In the state of New York
D. In the state of California

5. The USA is …

A. a constitutional republic
B. a presidential republic
C. a federal republic
D. a constitutional monarchy

6. What are the oldest two universities in Great Britain?

A. Oxford and Cambridge
B. London and Manchester
C. Edinburgh and Manchester
D. Oxford and Edinburgh

7. Elvis Presley was the king of …

A. Country Western Music
B. Jazz
C. Rock and Roll
D. Pop music

8. Master of what kind of painting was John Constable?

A. Marine
B. Still life
C. Portrait
D. Landscape

9. In February Americans celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and …

A. Martin Luther King, Jr.
B. John F. Kennedy
C. George Washington
D. Charlie Chaplin

10. British Parliament is the … body in the country.

A. judicial
B. executive
C. social
D. legislative

11. American industries have become increasingly more … oriented.

A. service
B. technical
C. business
D. health-related

12. This building was rebuilt by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666.

A. Westminster Abbey
B. The Tower of London
C. Buckingham Palace
D. St. Paul’s Cathedral

13. What city of the USA is called “The City of the Yellow Devil”?

A. New York
B. San Francisco
C. Washington
D. Los Angeles

14. In the bar of every English pub you will find the game of … being played.

A. snooker
B. crosses and noughts
C. billiard
D. darts

15. In how many fields are Nobel prizes awarded?

A. three
B. five
C. six
D. ten


I. 1B 2D 3A 4C 5B 6D 7A 8A 9C 10A 11A 12A 13A 14A 15B
II. 1B 2C 3B 4A 5D 6C 7C 8B 9B 10C 11B 12C 13A 14C 15C
III. 1D 2A 3D 4B 5B 6C 7A 8C 9C 10A 11A 12B 13B 14B 15B
IV. 1B 2D 3A 4C 5B 6C 7A 8D 9B 10B 11B 12A 13C 14B 15D
V. 1A 2D 3B 4A 5C 6B 7D 8B 9A 10A 11C 12B 13C 14A 15C
VI. 1C 2A 3B 4B 5C 6A 7C 8D 9C 10D 11A 12D 13A 14D 15C

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