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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Внеклассное мероприятие "Карнавал цветов"
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  • Иностранные языки

Внеклассное мероприятие "Карнавал цветов"


Карнавал цветов

Филиал МБОУ ТСОШ №2 в с.Гладышево

Театрализованное шоу для обучающихся 5-9 классов

Подготовила учитель английского языка Гладышева О.В.


Цели мероприятия:

  1. Формирование у обучающихся экологической культуры,

  2. Развитие у обучающихся чувства прекрасного, умения ценить и понимать красоту и богатство природы,

  3. Расширение кругозора обучающихся

  4. Воспитание бережного отношения к природе и всему живому.

Задачи мероприятия:

  1. Ознакомление обучающихся с названиями цветов и пословицами о цветах

  2. Ознакомление с лексикой по теме «Экология»

  3. Через игры закрепить лексику

  4. Стимулировать их к поиску путей выхода из экологических проблем

  5. Обучение их выразительному чтению стихов на английском языке и петь песни


Костюмы для героев представления

Запись фонограммы песни и музыка для танцев

Выставка рисунков «As welcome as flowers in May»

Презентация с пословицами о цветах.

Ход мероприятия:

Карнавал цветов открывают двое ведущих одетых как королевские глашатаи, которые зачитывали приказы короля народу

1: Good morning, dear guests. I am a flower keeper and I am glad to see you at our performance, at our carnival of flowers.

2: Good morning, my dear flowers. Attention, please!

1: Queen of flowers will give a party.

The flowers by hundreds will come.

The roses, pinks and daisies,

The bluebells and buttercups.

2: The party will be very pleasant,

And everybody will be gay

When in the beautiful glade

They’ll sing and dance all day.

Гости, одетые на бал в костюмы различных цветов, заходят в зал. Ведущие их приветствуют.

1: Oh, Roses, you are beautiful! Come in, please.

(ребятишки в костюмах цветов проходят в центр зала и читают стих)


A fresh half-open rose is quite lovely,

As everyone knows.

And what makes the rose smell so lovely?

The Sun, I suppose. (by Hope Phillips)

2: Daffodils, you are welcome!


Once while walking in the hills,

I saw a lot of golden daffodils.

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. (byW.Wordsworth)

1: Good morning, Bluebells! You are pretty!


Thank you!

Blue as the sky,

In summer I grow.

I’m a sweet flower,

As you all know.

2: Oh, my little Snowdrops, this way, please!


In the heart of seed

Buried deep, so deep!

A little snowdrop

Lay fast asleep!

Wake!” said the sunshine

And creep to the light!”

Wake!” said the voice

Of the raindrops bright.

The little snowdrop heard,

And it rose to see

What the wonderful world

Outside might be. (by Kate Louise brown)

1: Dandelion, glad to see you!


I’m a yellow

Little fellow.

When I’m old, I’m grey,

If you shake me

Sail far away.

2: Good morning, Violet and Tulip. You are unique today!

Violet and Tulip:

Thanks a lot.

When spring is coming,

The birds are in the air,

And meadows are smiling

With violets so fair.

Pretty is the month May,

It has flowers, sweet and day

March winds and April showers

Bring forth May tulips.

1: Dear Daisies and Forget-me-not. We miss you!

Daisies and Forget-me-not:

At evening when I go to bed

I see the stars shine overheard.

They are the little daisies white

That dot the meadow of the Night.

But when at morning I arise,

There’s not a star left in the skies,

Instead I see little daisies down

In the green meadows of the town. (by Frank Demster Sherman)

Among the meadow grasses,

Bluebells and daisies gleam.

And forgive-me-nots often hide

Beside the silver stream.

2: Aster, Lily of the valley, you are welcome!

Aster, Lily of the valley

We are pretty flowers

You will find in May.

We blossom in woods

And make them look gay.

In summer time we come

Lovely and fair

To bloom in the gardens

And perfume the air.

1: Attention, please! The Queen of flowers is coming! (все расходятся в две стороны, образуя коридор и делясь на садовых и полевых цветов. Появляется Королева цветов)

The Queen of flowers

My dear flowers! I’m glad to see you, garden flowers! How are you?

Garden flowers

Fine. O’K. Not bad..

The Queen of flowers

Glad to see you wild flowers! How are you?

Wild flowers:

Wonderful, fine, O’K….

The Queen of flowers

I like flowers that are bright,

I like flowers that are white.

I like flowers with a nice smell,

That blossom in gardens and fields so well.


Come flowers, let us dance,

Let us dance and sing

As we go round and round

In a merry ring.

(все цветы встают парами поют песенку и танцуют)

In and out the dancing, bluebells,

In and out the dancing, bluebells,

In and out the dancing, bluebells,

Who will be your partner?

Tippy, tippy, tapper on my shoulder,

Tippy, tippy, tapper on my shoulder,

Tippy, tippy, tapper on my shoulder,

You will be my partner.

( Танец бабочки под песню “ Butterflys song”)

The Queen of flowers

Now, dear guests and flowers, let’s play games!

  1. Answer, please, what spring flowers do you know? (snowdrops, buttercups, lilies of valley, lilacs, violets, tulips, daffodils, daisies, hawthorn,..)

  2. What summer flowers do you know? (bluebells, sunflowers, poppies, rose, pansies, honeysuckle, water lily, pinks…)

The Queen of flowers

(после каждого правильного ответа отдаёт призы

Thank you. Take your prize

1: Now, the next game. You must supply the proverbs and saying about flowers with the missing word.

As red as a…(rose)

As white as a…(lily)

As pretty as a …(flower)

As round as a …(dandelion)

As yellow as a…(sunflower)

There is no … without a thorn (rose)

No garden without its …(weeds)

Life is not a bed of …(roses)

As welcome as …in May (flowers)

(Слайды с загадками и ребусами)

1: Well done! Take your prize

Танец маленьких утят под песенку «Five little ducks»

(появляется больной цветок)

The Queen of flowers

Poor thing, who are you?


I’m Lilac

The Queen of flowers

Lilac? What’s up? Are you ill?


Yes, I’m ill. I have a headache. People picked me, and I lost my petals.

The Queen of flowers

What’s matter with your leaves? Why are they brown?


In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty. In my place water is not drinkable. It is dangerous to use it. Even fish die in such water. So my leaves became brown.

The Queen of flowers

Why are you breathing hardly?


People cut down trees to build farms, homes and roads. This is bad for the air. Modern plants and factories send a lot of smoke into air. It’s difficult to breathe for me and for many flowers.

The Queen of flowers

Poor thing! Take a glass of clean water.

(один из ведущих преподносит воду в стакане)


Thank you very much. It’s so tasty.

The Queen of flowers

Lets clean your petals

(ведущие убирают засохшие листья и сломанные ветки с куста сирени)


Thank you for your help. You are so kind.

The Queen of flowers

You can live in our forest. Our air is fresh and clean!


Oh, what fresh air! What a deep lake! What tasty water!

The Queen of flowers

Oh, what a pleasant face!


Thank you very much.


You are pretty, pretty flower

I like to dance with you.

I can dance for an hour

I want to choose you.

(все участники танцуют и поют)

One, two, three

One, two, three

Come to my party

Today, if you please.

Roses and lilies

Will dance in the breeze,

Bright yellow candles

Will bow to the blue

All will be dancing

And I’ll dance with you

All will be dancing

And I’ll dance with you

Песня“You are my sunshine”


Dear friends! Plants and flowers are the basis of our life on Earth. Yet now, wild plants are being destroyed by pollution.

Half of ancient woods have been destroyed. We are a small part of the Earth. The perfumed flowers are your sisters.

Wild flowers: (хором) Save our wild flowers!

Garden flowers: (хором) Plant our garden flowers!

The Queen of flowers: And we share a common future. Lets sing together!

(все встают и поют финальную песню)

Don’t kill the world!

Don’t let the Earth down!

Do not destroy the ground!

Don’t kill the world!

Don’t kill the world!

Don’t let the Earth down!

Help her to survive!

Don’t kill the world!

Песня «Everything at once”

The Queen of flowers: Good bye, everyone! Be kind with the Earth, nature and flowers!

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