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Внеклассное мероприятие "Книги - наши друзья"

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Учитель I кв. категории: Рябова И.И.

Образовательные задачи:

1.Показать роль книг в жизни человека.

2.Обобщить знания учащихся об английских и американских писателях и их произведениях.

3.Развитие речевых навыков у учащихся.

Воспитательные задачи:

1.Прививать учащимся страноведческий интерес.

2.Прививать любовь к книгам.

3.Воспитывать у учащихся умения правильно формулировать свои мысли, выслушивать собеседника, вежливо общаться.

1.The beginning.

Today we shall speak about books.

We have friends,

They cannot walk and cannot see,

But they are very good to you and me.

With these friends

We sail on ships and ride on trains,

And even fly in airplanes.

2.The importance of the books.

Why do we need books? Give the definitions.

Books give us new knowledge.

They tell us about the world around us.

They teach us to understand nature, to love it, to take care of animals, birds and plants.

They help us to understand life.

They teach us to respect others and ourselves.

They teach us to love peace and all people.

3.”Golden rules”

There are mistakes in these rules. Correct them.

1).Read books in bed.

Don’t return books to the library.

Make marks on the pages with pens.

Lose your books. They are not our friends.

2).Books are our enemies.

Always read while eating.

Don’t wash your hands before you read.

Tear the pages out of the book.


Combine separate words into sentences, read and translate the proverbs.

1).Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Wear an old coat to buy a new book.

2).Learn to write well or not to write at all.

The pen is the tongue of the mind.


Translate the riddles about books:

1).It is not a shirt but it is sewn.

2).It is not a bush, but has leaves.

6.”Find the authors”

1).”Treasure Island” Charles Dickens

The Happy Prince” Mark Twain

Oliver Twist” Oscar Wilde

Robinson Crusoe” Alan Milne

Tom Sawyer” R.L.Stevenson

Winnie-the-Pooh” Daniel Defoe

2).”The White Fang” Herbert Wells

Hamlet” Jonathan Swift

The Invisible Man” Jack London

The Jungle Book” Lewis Carrol

Alice in Wonderland” Rudyard Kipling

Gulliver’s Travels W. Shakespeare

7.My favorite character.





Mary Poppins


1).He is funny and has many friends. He lives in the forest. He likes honey. He is very friendly. He likes to go to his friends. He is full of ideas.

2).He is brave and strong. He lives in the forest among animals. He is the true friend of animals.

They love him too. He is clever, he is fond of nature.

3).She is nice. She likes children and children like her. She is full of imagination. She often tells wonderful stories. She likes to travel to imaginary lands. She is famous for magic. She is the best nanny in the world.

4).She lived in a wonderful country in her dreams. She fell asleep and in her dreams she was in Wonderland. She was falling down, down, down and suddenly found herself in a strange large room. She had a lot of adventures there.

5).After a terrible storm he found himself on a desert island. He lived there 28 years. He had a friend there who helped him. He is famous for his adventures on the desert island.

6).He is lazy. He has a long nose. He doesn’t want to go to school. He wants to play all day long. He is very kind. He has many friends. He helps his friends.

8.My favorite author.















1).His character lives in the forest and has many friends. He is funny and very friendly. He is full of ideas. He likes to visit his friends.

2).His character is very lazy. He doesn’t want to go to school. He is very kind, he has many friends. He wants to play all day long. He has a long nose.

3).His character is full of imagination. She was falling down, down, down and found herself in a strange room. She had a lot of adventures there.

4).His character is strong and brave. He lives in the forest among animals. He is the true friend of animals. They love him too.

5).His character found himself on a desert island after storm. He lived there for 28 years. He had a really true friend there.

6).Her character is very naughty. He likes adventures. He is brave and clever. He likes cabbages, beans and carrots.

7).His character was a doctor on a ship. After a terrible storm he found himself on a desert island. On that island lived small people. He had a lot of adventures there.

9.Shakespeare’s plays. How do you know them?

There are names of the heroes from Shakespeare’s plays. But there are extra names. Name the play and read the names of the heroes of the plays.

1).Montague 2).Cassio

Capulet Desdemona

Romeo Tybalt

Olivia Othello

Juliet Iago

10.English and American writers.

These are the portraits of English and American writers. What writers are English?

What writers are American?

11.Translate using your knowledge of different languages:

  • Фразу из монолога Гамлета “ Быть или не быть”. (To be or not to be)

  • Veni, vedi, vici. (Ю. Цезарь) (Пришёл, увидел, победил)

  • Ищите женщину! (франц. ) (Cher chez la femme!)

  • Terra incognita (с латыни) (неизведанная земля)

  • Маленький ребёнок (англ. ) (baby)

  • Добрый день! (по франц. ) (Bonjour!)

  • Finita la comedia (с итальянского) (Спектакль окончен)

  • С глазу на глаз (франц. ) (Tete-a-tete)

12.Authors and their novels.

Name the author and his novel. Choose the correct variant.

1). “The treasure is lost,”- said Miss Morgan calmly.

I am glad of it,”- I exclaimed from my very heart.

Why do you say that?”- she asked.

Because I love you, Mary,”- I answered. “Because that treasure always stood between us. Now that it is gone, I can tell you how I love you. That is why I said: “I am glad.”

Then I say I am glad too,”- she whispered.

And though the treasure of Agra was lost, I knew that the treasure I had just found was the


1.F. Cooper “The Redscins”

2.A.Conan Doyle “The Sign of the Four”

3.J.London “Love of Life”

that it is gone – когда его нет

treasure – сокровище

2). So I began a new life. I had no shelter and no clothes. I could tell nobody about my secret.

I was thinking about one thing only: where to get shelter from the snow and where to find

clothes. But there was no shelter for me.

Then I had a good idea. I went to a big store. I entered the store and looked to the right and

to the left. I wanted to sit and rest a little.

1.R. Stevenson “Treasure Island”

2.E. Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea”

3.H. Wells “The Invisible Man”

shelter – укрытие

invisible – невидимый

13. The end of the game.

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