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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Внеклассное мероприятие на аглийском языке "Walrus in the forest" (Морж в лесу)
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Внеклассное мероприятие на аглийском языке "Walrus in the forest" (Морж в лесу)




brer Rabbit

brer Fox

brer Steed

brer Chiken

brer Raccoon

brer Mole

brer Swine

brer Rat

brer Turtle/ Terrapin

mrs (doe)Rabbit

uncle Walrus

miss Owl

1 act

диалог между Кроликом и Крольчихой.

Б.К. I can't believe! How could he?

М.К. Oh, don't worry! He probably cheated you. You know him!

Б.К. Am I so stupid? I would notice it, darling!

М.К. Of course, you're clever!

Заходят Конь и Курица

Б.Ко. Brer Rabbit, I'm shoked!! Good morning, miss Rabbit!

Б.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

Б.Ко. I staked on brer Rabbit too. But we can't help it!

Б.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

Б.Ко. Stop it! Don't you see he's upset! You're the same impolite Chicken! Be more discreet! I'm ashamed of you!

Б.К. Oh, never mind, brer Steed. I don't understand him, anyway.

Б.Ко. Everytime when he loses a bet, he loses his temper! And I should tolerate it!!

Бр.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

Курица уходит, обиженный и рассерженный.

Песня Коня.

2 act

Свин, Крот и Енот идут по лесу.

Б.С. … so, uncle Walrus will come tomorrow. Hope, you, getlemen, join our festive reseption.

Б.Кр. Surely, brer Swine. Such a guest in our forest!! North Pole!

Б.Е. South, not north!

Б.Кр. How could it be? Birds fly to the South, because of warm!

Б.Е. Your knowledge in geography disappoint me, old chap / chum / fellow.

It's cold in the South Pole!

Б.Кр. Well, why does it called “South” this way?

Б.С. Ladies, calm down! You'd better think of your welcome speech for tomorrow!

Проходит расстроенный Курица, бормоча что-то.

Б.С. It seems to me something had happened...

Появляется Лис.

Б.Л. I've heard... somebody is going to come soon... Who is it?

Б.Е. Oh, brer Swine's distant relative uncle Walrus is going to be here tomorrow.

Б.Кр. From north Pole...

Б.Е. South!

Б.Кр. No, north!!!

Б.Е. South!

Б.Кр. North!

Б.С. (в зал) these guys are always arguing about something.

Б.Л. I see... sorry...can I ask in educational aim...Walrus can be eaten? What kind of garnish should be? What kind of wine? Red or white?

Б.С. barefaced Fox! don't even think about it! You won't taste any piece of walrus' meat! My uncle does not scare easily! He's a captain first rank!

Б.Л. If you want to know I used to eat more serious dishes ... I've ate Indian elephant, polar bear and China dragon!

Песня Лиса

3 act

Курица сидит у Совы и жалуется.

Б.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

С. I see...I see...

Б.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

C. certainly!

Приходит Черепаха

Б.Ч. Good afternoon, miss Owl! Have you got an ointment

I have me fill of running! (Смеется)

С. Wait a minute...

Б.Ч. Don't you really understand him?

C.not a word

Б.Ку. cheep-cheep cluck cackle

Песня Курицы.

3 act

Все кроме Курицы встречают Моржа

Б.Кр. Glad to meet you in our modest forest.

Б.Е. You are so honourable guest.

Б.К. It's a great honor for us!

Б.Л. And real pleasure (облизывается)

Б.С. (отталкивает Лиса) Welcome, uncle Walrus!

Б.Ч. Let me introduce you our beautiful ladies: Mrs Rabbit and Miss Owl.

М.К. Good afternoon!

М.С. Glad to meet you! (смущаясь)

Д.М. Oh, very glad to meet you too...

Б.Кры. Oh, everybody so pleased! But would you so pleased when all walruses will come here?

Б.С. What are talking about?

Б.Кры.I told you what I know. glaciers are melting. There will be no place for walruses to live. And this soldier came here to pave the way.

Б.С. That's nonsense!

Б.Кр. Yea, don't spoil the party! We all know that you don't like nobody!

Б.Кры. Ok...You'll see.

Песня Крысы. после нее он уходит.

Б.Л. Now it's time to have fun!!

звучит музыка. Все танцуют. Играет медленная музыка. Морж приглашает Сову.

Д.М. You're beautiful as flower!! by the way, do you like flowers?

М.С. Oh, yes...especially wild flowers...

Д.М. Well, wait a minute, I'll return soon, my lovely flower!

Выбегает и возвращается с букетом.

М.С. Oh, you're Casanova!

5 act

Конь в поле. Песня “everything I do”. Презентация фото с Курицей.

Потом Конь находит Курицу м крестиками на глазах.

Б.Ко. Brer Chicken!!!(берет на руки) noooo!!!!

6 act

У Кролика дома. Все кроме Свиньи, Моржа, Коня и Курицы.

Б.К. Do you think it's true?? glaciers...

Б.Е. I don't think so...no, I mean they're melting, but walrus's attack is not real threat.

Б.Кр. No, I think it's real. What a coincidence! Uncle Walrus is military man... Why not an ice cream seller? there is something wrong.

Б.К. Yes, I've heard about the global warming...but I don't want think about walrus's attack.

Б.Ч. And we will live in Walrusland. (смеется)

вбегает Конь.

Б.Ко. Oh my God! They killed brer Chiken!

Б.Ч.You bastards! (смеется)

все встают.

Б.К. Gentlemen, let's go! Ladies, stay here!

7 act

все приходят в поле. Но Курицы там нет.

Б.Ко. Here! He was here.but...where's he now?

Б.Л. Maybe the killer hid the body? To get rid of evidence.

Б.К. We should call the council.

8 act

все находятся дома у Кролика.

Б.К. so...brer Chicken is dead. May be one of us is murder! But who had a motive?

Б.Кры. I supposed it would happened. Walrus begans to clean the forest. Now you're scared!

Б.Л. We should hold an inquiry. Brer Steed, you're the closest friend of brer Chicken. Tell us what was going in his life last two days?

Б.Ко. I...I don't know...we had quarreled the day before...before...

Б.Ч. Oh! There's a motive.Offended friend.

Б.Ко. how dare you!

Б.Е. On the one hand brer Turtle/ Terrapin is right. This is quite strong motive.

Б.Кро. Noooo! Brer Steed is too apprehensive for murderer.

Б.Е. As a rule, person who doesn't look like a murderer appears a murderer.

Б.Кро. You watch too many detective films. It's not the same in real life! At all!

М.К. Calm down. We should control ourselves. No one's gilt is proved. And let's choose our words carefully! all the more the body is lost.

Свиная Песня

Б.Кры. What are you talking about? One death is not enough for you? While you will hold your inquiry, mr Sherlock, Dr Watson will be killed. It's obviously, Walrus is guilty!

М.С. nOt at all! Everyone could kill brer Chicken! He irritated everybody with his strange cackle and short manners!

Б.Ко. How can you tell of him this way now???

М.К. Let's think logically. There was a party in Walrus's honor...and by the way, brer Rat, you're the one who wasn't there. Brer Chicken is excepted.

Б.Кры. Why? I don't have any reason for murder.

М.Б. To accuse Walrus!

Б.К. Wait a minute... miss Owl, who gave you these flowers?

М.С. What, do you think nobody can give me flowers?? You're wrong, brer Rabbit! Walrus gave them to me!

Б.К. These are cornflowers...They grow only in one place, in cornfield! Brer Chicken was killed there.

Б.Кры. at last!

Б.К. I'm sorry uncle Walrus, but everything points to you.

We have to...

Б.К. Chicken!!!! (падает в обморок)

Курица подходит к Коню. Конь очнулся. Все замирают.

Б.Ко. But...but I saw! You were...

Б.Ку. Cheep-cheep...(рассказывает) идет презентация.

Черепаха в конце шутит.

Финальная песня.

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