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Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке по теме: «Star's hour»— «Звездный час»

Цель: развитие коммуникативных навыков

Основные задачи:

а) Обучающие:

  • обучение умению понимать английскую речь;

  • обучение аудированию;

  • обучение навыкам монологической и диалогической речи;

  • обучение и формирование культурной грамотности учащихся;

  • обучение культуре общения.

б) Воспитательные:

  • развитие интереса к страноведческому материалу;

  • воспитание умения слушать других и быстро выражать свои мысли;

  • формирование уважения и интереса к культуре страны изучаемого языка;

  • воспитание культуры общения и потребности в практическом использовании языка в различных сферах деятельности.

в) Развивающие:

  • развитие интереса к предмету;

  • расширение кругозора;

  • развитие быстрой реакции;

  • развитие логического мышления;

  • развитие языковых, интеллектуальных и познавательных способностей, ценностных ориентаций, чувств и эмоций ученика, т.е. раскрытие гуманистического и гуманитарного потенциала его личности.


    • карты: Великобритании, Америки, Канады, Австралии, Новой Зеландии;

    • флаги данных стран;

    • таблички с надписями названий стран, столиц, именами музыкантов и т.д.;

    • портреты зарубежных писателей;

    • большие кубики с буквами английского алфавита (9 штук);

    • коробки различных цветов (7 штук);

    • таблички с номерами от 0 до 6

    • звездочки (50 штук);

    • таблички с именами участников;

    • таблицы для жюри;

    • призы для участников игры.

Steps of the competition (quiz)


Dear guests, teachers and friends! We are glad to see you at our competition. For the first time our popular game «Star’s Hour» is holding at school stage.

We are the leaders of today’s program.

Now, let me introduce our judges. Here they are: Natalya Alexandrovna our English teacher, Irina Yryevna and Elena Vladimirovna – our guests.

Now, dear friends, we’ll introduce our boys and girls, who are taking part in today’s quiz.

The first player is Sophie. (Applaud her, please!) Some questions for you, Sophie.

How old are you? - …
What form are you in? - …
What is your hobby? - …
Thank you!

The second player is Evgene.

Andrew, are you happy to take part in our game?
How do you do? - …

The third player is Darya. Darya is fond of English and he is also interested in computers. I wish him a success.

The fourth player is Marya. She is fond of dancing.

What is your dream, Marya? - …

The fifth player is Polina. Polina is fond of English and music.

The sixth player is Elias.

How are you, Elias? - … etc.

So, they are our participants. And now, I want to introduce their friends. They are going to play with them. Here they are: … … … etc. We wish them success. Applaud to them, please.

But before we start, who wants to get a star? (Getting a star you must tell the joke, the story, recite a poem or sing a song)

Participants: I want to get a star. I am going to have a star. Etc.

Leader: Now I’ll give the word to our judge.

Judge: We have spoken a lot and decide to give a star to Arina, … … … etc.

(the assistants pin the stars)

Leader: Our competition is devoted to the English-speaking countries. Here they are:

England, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

The first round.

You must listen and show the number of the country which is the Motherland of the English language. (помощники выносят таблички с названиями 5-ти стран).

Raise your tables with the numbers. All right. Number … is right. You may do one step forward. As for you, dear friends, you are not right.

The second question is: We know English-speaking countries. And now you can see the national flag of one of these countries and say: Whose flag is this? or: Which country has this flag? (помощники выносят флаг Канады)

All right. Number … is correct. You must do one step forward. And you, the rest, are wrong. It’s a pity, but you have to stay at your place.

There are some towns: Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Stratford-upon-Avon, Birmingham.

Which of them is the town where William Shakespeare was born?

In what country is there the river Mississippi? (Помощники выносят таблички с названиями стран)

In what country are there the Rocky Mountains? (Таблички с названиями стран)

Which country has the Niagara Falls? (Таблички с названиями стран)

In what countries are these cities situated? (Помощники выносят таблички с названиями городов: Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Brisbane)

Raise your tables. Absolutely right! Fantastic!

You are already in the second round.

Which country has the wild animal kangaroo? (таблички с названиями стран)

You have to hear the names of five different capitals: Ottawa, London, Washington, Wellington, Canberra.

Which of them is the capital of New Zealand?

Leader: Now, dear friends, the first round comes to the end. Let’s know, who are the winners of our quiz?

There are only 5 pupils at our final. They are Sophie, Evgene, Darya, Polina and Elias

And we must say “Good-bye” to our lost player. We’ll give you and your friend sweet prizes. Thank you.

But how many stars has everybody now? Now, I’ll give the word to our judges. Please, you are welcome.

Judge: P1 has 3 stars. His friend has brought him a star. P2 has … . P3 has …etc.

Помощники прикалывают звезды. Applaud our winners, please.

Now, some music for you! Listen to music and enjoy it!

The second round of our quiz.

And now, bricks to our stage, please! (помощники выносят кубики с буквами и кидают их на сцену, затем поднимают и ставят их той стороной, которой они упали, в один ряд)

The task is the next. You must make up the longest word including (using) all these letters. (на доске помощники пишут буквы с кубиков, обращенные к зрителям)

Leader addresses to the spectators: You may also take part in our competition. Make up the longest word including these letters. Your time is 2 minutes. Some music for you… The time is over. Who has a word consisting of 9 letters?

Who has a word consisting of 8 letters? Who has a word consisting of 7 letters? … etc.

There is no letter “…” in this word. We haven’t such word in English. Yes, you are absolutely right, Evgene. You are the winner. Applaud him. Please, go to our stage. Do you want to get a prize? Now you can see this black box. You must guess what is there in the box. I’ll try to help you describing it. It’s square and thin. It has a strawberry cream. Children like it very much, because it is very tasty. What is it? Oh, you are absolutely right. I’ll give you a bar of chocolate (зритель отгадывает и получает приз)

And what about our players and their friends? Are you ready to read the longest word?

Let’s check up the words. Name the words, please. (игроки по очереди называют слово)

Oh, the longest word has 9 letters. This word has 6 letters. We congratulate you and wish a success. How many stars has everybody now?

Come here, please. You may open one of these boxes. Do you know the rules? I’ll remind the rules to you. If you open the big box, the present will be very big or very good. But sometimes, there aren’t any presents at all. But if you are going to open one of these small boxes, you’ll get a present. You may use all your stars. How many stars have you? Which box must I open? This one or that? This one. All right. (открывает, достает приз)

Do you like your prize? Do you want to change it? What box must I open to you? Do you like this green box or that yellow one? Oh, I think that is enough. Are you happy?

As for other players, let’s see who has less letters in their own word. (тому, у кого меньше всего использовано букв): We say “Good-bye” to you. The game is over for you. You and your friend get sweet prizes.

The third round.

There only 3 pupils left. Applaud to them, please. (ведущий берет краткое интервью):

Do you want to be a winner of our game?

What do you think about our game?

What’s your spirit? Thanks a lot.

Now, listen to the logical sections.

The first question is: You can see some portraits of writers. (помощники выносят 3 портрета). Are these writers English?

The Beatles is the British pop group. This group consists of 4 musicians:

John Lennon, Paul Mc. Cartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr.

Do you agree with me?

You know London consists of: the City, West End, East End. What part of London is the busiest? Thanks a lot.

So, there are only 2 players at our final. Best wishes to you.

P1 has no stars. P2 has 3 stars.

Final round.

There are 2 pupils left. They are: Sophia and Evgene. You may sit at the desks

(помощники ставят табличку со словом)

Now, you can see the word : “EXPERIMENTATION” (Такую же табличку получают их друзья-помощники) You must make up as many words as you can out of this word.

I’ll give you some time to prepare and make up words. And we’ll listen to some nice music

It is time to continue. P2, you must read the first, because you have some stars (читают слова по очереди). You may call your friends (друзья помогают, зачитывают свои слова. (Судьи следят, чтобы не было повторов, следят за буквами в слове).

Fantastic! Well done! You are the winner of our game.

Now, we’ll give presents. Applaud to him. Do you want to say some words?

What do you want to say us? Please, you are welcome.

Winner: I’m very glad to take part in our quiz “Star’s Hour”. I’m very happy have won in this game. It’s very nice. I like this game and I want to play it again. I suggest pupils to learn English better and take part in the “Star’s Hour”. Thank you.

Leaders: Dear friends! Our game comes to the end. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The English language is very useful. The English language is very important. Try to get only excellent marks in English. Good-bye. See you soon. (Some English music sounds-звучит английская мелодия)





New Zealand






John Lennon

Paul Mc. Cartney

George Harrison

Ringo Starr


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