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Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке "День Благодарения" (сценарий)

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Thanksgiving day.


молодой пилигрим

Главная Пилигримка (Г.П.)



Песня Ветра(Song of Wind)

Крик Гризли(Growl of Grizzly)

Вой Совы(Howl of Owl)

Стук Дятла(K nock of Woodpecker)




I act

Слова автора

about 400 years ago many people in England were unhappy because their king would not let them to pray to God as they liked. The king said they must use the same prayers as he did. And if they refuse they were persecuted, imprisoned or even killed. These Englishmen left their homes and went far to the country called Holland. In Holland they were happy, but very poor. And when their children began to grow they became less God like and didn't want to pray anymore. After much talking and thinking people decided to embark on pilgrimage on a new world America. They set on a small ship called “Mayflower” to take them across the sea. There were a lot of people on the ship.

Плывут пилигримы на корабле “Mayflower”. Один из них смотрит в подзорную трубу.

МП: I see the land!

П2: at last!

Г.П: brothers and sisters, we've reached our aim! Now we will build our own town, with our own religion!

Песня и танец пилигримов (Queen “Heaven for everyone”).

II act

Слова автора

Племя индейцев. Вождь сиди на троне.

В: Oh...It's so boring there...nothing new...

прибегают несколько индейцев.

И1: Chief!!! new people came to our land!!!

HO: They're so strange!!!

GG:Yes!!They're singing and dancing!!

В:bring them!! and be more careful...they can be dangerous!

индейцы убегают и приводят пилигримов.

В: Welcome to our land, strangers!I'm the chief of this tribe. what brings you here?

г.П:Hello, native Americans!We're puritans, we came here to be free, to build our colony and pray in our own way. (песня Queen “Heaven for everyone”)

выходит дочь вождя Песня ветра.

SW: father, what's going on here?

В:These people came to our land to find their happiness. Oh, by the way, this is my daughter Song of Wind and my 3 sons: Growl of Grizzly, Howl of Owl...and Knock of Woodpecker.

Звучит музыка. 1пилигрим и Песня Ветра встречаются глазами.<З

Вождь замечает это и отводит Песнь Ветра.

Г.П: Wish us well, kind Indians. We'll go to build a good life.

Пилигримы уходят с песней.

В: Good luck! (своим индейцам) I don't like these puterans...

SW: Puritans, father.

В:All the same...especially the young man...soon the other puritans come, they'll occupy our land and...and... Keep away from them.

SW: Why, father? I think they're nice people. We should maintain friendly relations with them.

III act

ГП:Let's start, brothers and sisters!!

песня ГП (Barbra Streisand don't rain on my parade) в течение стройки.

Слайд с зимней картинкой.

Слова автора

The month was November and it was cold. There was nothing to be seeing but snow, rocks and hard bare ground. The Pilgrims were tired and hungry. Noone had enough food to eat. Many of them become sick and almost half of the people died.

IV act

МП один.

МП: Song of Wind!! You're so beautiful!! I can't forget you...

песня Michael Jackson “I just can't stop loving you”

В конце выходят замерзшие голодные пуритане.

SW:Oh, God!! Your people are dying!! Why didn't you ask for help?

ГП:We don't need any help!! (в сторону) Especially from you.

Остальные пуритане подбежали к SW

все пилигримы: Help us!! please!

I'm hungry!! I'm cold!

SW: Ok. We'll help you. Let's go.

V act

у индейцев

ГП: nothing came out of it. We'll go home.It'll be bettter...but we thought it could be heaven...

SW: It can be!! It will be our common heaven. Father, they need our help.

В:Oh...I...I...don't know...well...I can't turn down your request.

GG: Yes! We'll show how to grow up corn!

HO: And how to hunt!

KW:and build warm houses!

Слова автора.

In spring the sun shone brightly, the snow melted and flowers and leaves began to emerge. Friendly Indians shown the Pilgrims how to grow the corn, peace and weed. Summer came and days were long and bright. The Pilgrims were happy at new home.

Песня. Все вместе поют и что-то делают

VI act

слова автора (в это время Пилигримы накрывают стол)

In Autumn Pilgrims gathered what they could grow up. Then they decided to have a Thanksgiving party and invite friendly Indians. They prepared wild ducks, geese and great wild Turkey. They had bread, meat, cakes and fish. The friendly Indians all came to the party.

ГП: let's thanks God for everything we have. And thank you, friendly Indians for your help. We want to share our meal with you and present this big Turkey.

Выходит Индейка.

Песня Queen “Somebody to love”

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