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Внеклассное мероприятие на тему English is fun for everyone, начальные классы

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hello_html_m41e143f8.gifENGLISH IS FUN FOR EVERY ONE.

(урок – вікторина для учнів 3-4 класів)

Цілі: проконтролювати рівень сформованості мовленнєвих, лексичних та граматичних навичок і вмінь, говоріння з тем “Animals”, “Appearance”, “Colours”, “My Flat”, “Family”, “Clothes”, “Fruit and vegetables”; розвивати пізнавальні особливості учнів; формувати всебічно розвинуту особистість шляхом гуманізації та демократизації шкільного життя, введення інноваційних технологій; виховувати почуття індивідуальної та колективної відповідальності за спільну роботу.

Обладнання: роздавальний матеріал, загадки, диск Primary I-Dictionary


T. Dear friends! Today it won’t be a lesson, but an intellect show and you won’t be pupils, but participants of the show and one of these teams will be the winner.

So, dear participants, we have two teams. Please, introduce yourself.

(Команди вибирають назву та по черзі представляють себе.)

The 1st task is to name an excessive word. If you find an excessive word, raise your hand and take one point.

  1. Duck, goose, hen, rabbit, cock.

  2. Face, eye, leg, nose, cheek.

  3. Black, yellow, white, light, blue.

  4. Classroom, bedroom, living-room, kitchen.

  5. Pen, bed, ruler, pencil-box, book.

  6. English, Ukrainian, Music, School, Math.

  7. Wolf, squirrel, hen, fox, hedgehog.

  8. Lemon, orange, cherry, tomato, pear.

What is the score?

For each next true answer you’ll get one point.

The 2nd task is to guess the riddles.

Has no legs

But just for fun.

It is always

On the run

(a ball)

My face is black

As black as night

On it with talk

All pupils write

(a blackboard)

This is a house

With one window in it

Showing films

Nearly every minute


Take off my skin –

I will not cry, but you will!

What am I?

(An onion)

I am round like an apple
Flat as a chip
I have eyes
But I can’t see one bit

(a button)

The 3rd task. Listen to those mice. They want to go for a walk, but they need some more clothes to put on. Help them to find what they need in the wardrobe. (Primary I-Dictionary)

The 4th task is to find the ending of the sentence.

Buratino has at 7 o’clock in the morning.

My mother works are not high.

The houses in our village in the garden.

There are many fruit trees a long straight nose.

I usually get up on a farm.

The 5th task is to role-play the dialogue.

  1. You are in a café. Ask the waiter to bring you something to eat and to drink.

  2. You want to speak on the phone with your friend. His/her mum is speaking with you. She says that your friend is busy. Ask her what is he/she doing at the moment?

Dialogue 1

  • Can I have some toast and jam?

  • Here you are.

  • Thank you.

  • Anything else?

  • Yes, please. Can you bring me a bar of chocolate?

  • Here you are. Would you like a cup of coffee?

  • No, thanks. I’ll have a glass of orange juice.

Dialogue 2

  • Hello. May I talk with Bill?

  • Sorry, he is busy.

  • What is he doing?

  • He is helping his father in the garden.

The 6th task.

Let’s do some Math.

Grey – y + en =

Face – ce + the + r =

Nose – se + ten – en =

Mouse – use + the + red – ed =

The 7th task is to match the words with the pictures. You’ll get one point for it right answer. (“Primary I-Dictionary” – unit “Transport”)

The 8th and the last task is to find mistakes.

Listen to me attentively!

  1. There are six days in a week.

  2. There is four weeks in a month.

  3. Do you know the names of the ten days of the week?

  4. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, March, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

  5. Children have a rest-day from school on Sundays and Mondays.

  6. We are at the Ukrainian lesson now.

What is the score?

The winner of the today’s game is the team …

I think that friendship has won. Do you agree with me? Thank you for your work. Our competition is over. Our winner today is team…, the prize for the winner is a cartoon.


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