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Внеклассное мероприятие на тему Let's speak English

  • Иностранные языки

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Внеклассное мероприятие

по английскому языку

среди 7-11 классов на тему


учитель: Каппасова М.Е.

Aims of the lesson:

  • to develop communicative skills and abilities.

  • to stimulate the students ‘ interest and their power of guessing and thinking in the foreign language.

  • to educate the filling of international friendship and love to our Motherland Kazakhstan.

The form of the lesson: non-traditional

The type of the lesson: competition

Methods: games

Equipment of the lesson: interactive Board, Projector, slides

Cards, pictures.


  1. Beginning:

Good morning our pupils! Good morning our guests! I'm glad to meet you.

How are you? Do you know English? Can you speak English? We’ll see it

Today we'll have a competition. Two teams will take part in our competition.

The first team is called “Champions”.

The second team is called “The Best”.

Take your seats.

Now, let me introduce our judges. Here they are: ….

It's high time to begin our competition.

  1. Activities:

Look at the screen, please. Be attentive. We wish all the participants. “Good luck!”

I round. Simple questions:

  1. My mother's son is my ...

  2. You go there every day. You read, write.

  3. It is cold season.

  4. The third month is …

  5. The seventh day of the week?

  6. What colour is the Sun?

  7. The past form of "to visit"

  8. Three kangaroos run 9 km. How many km. did each kangaroo run?

  9. It's Kazakh national musical instrument.

  10. The capital of Kazakhstan?

  11. The capital of Kazakhstan?

  12. What is it?

  13. What is it?

  14. What is it?

  15. What is it?

  16. What is it?

II round.Proverbs.

Put the words in the logical order.

  1. wealth, is, above, health.

  2. heads, two, one, better, than.

  3. late, than, never, better.

  4. east, west, or, is, best, home.

  5. so, many, countries, so, customs, many.

  6. differ, tastes.

III round.List of ten.

  1. Make a list of ten things bigger than you.

  2. Make a list of ten things smaller than you.

  3. Make a list of ten things you find in this room.

  4. Make a list of ten things are red.

  5. Make a list of ten expensive for you.

  6. Make a list of ten things as far from you.

IV round. Who is the best? One of you will choose one envelope. In each envelope are 2 letters: A and S, D and M.

  1. The name of the fruit or food.

  2. The name of the month.

  3. The name of the school subject or hobby.

  4. The famous writer or the name of the singer.

  5. The name of professions.

V round.Good speaker.

Speak about …..

VI round. Choose the right.

  1. Назовите хобби: dancing, stamp collecting, painting.

  2. Назови, что из перечисленного нельзя коллекционировать: books, stamps, coins, marks, disks.

  1. Conclusion.

Results of the competition.

I’d like to tell you that the English language is very useful and very important.

Try to get only excellent marks in English. Good-bye. See you soon.

Our competition is over. Good luck! Thanks a lot for your participation.

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