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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Внеклассное мероприятие на тему" Motherland"(11 класс)
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Внеклассное мероприятие на тему" Motherland"(11 класс)


Kazakhstan is our Motherland

Құдиярова Ж.М.

Ақтөбе қаласы, №39 мектеп ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

Еліміз өз егемендігін алғаннан кейін, Республикамыздың саяси- экономикалық мәдени өмірінде өзгерістер болды. 1998 жылы 5- қазанда “Тіл туралы” заң қабылданып, Президент жарлығымен оны дамытуға бағдарлама бекітілді. 2007 жылы 28- ақпанда Н.Ә.Назарбаев “Жаңа әлемдегі – жаңа Қазақстан” жолдауын өз халқына жолдады. Жолдаудың 26-шы бабында “Үштұғырлы тіл саясаты” қарастырылған.

Мен де өз мемлекетіміздің дамыған 50 ел қатарына кіруіне өз үлесімді қосамын. Сол себептен сабақтарымды мемлекеттік тіл мен ағылшын тілін байланыстыра отырып оқушының пәнге деген қызығушылығын арттырамын.


1) Оқушыларға Қазақстан туралы жалпы мағлұмат беру, өз ойларын ағылшын тілінде жеткізе білу қабілетін арттыру.

2) Оқушылардың өз Отанын, туған жерін сүюге тәрбиелей отырып, елжандылыққа баулу.

The aim of the competition: is to enlarge pupils know ledge about Kazakhstan, to scope for the Kazakh culture, history, state symbols, holidays and famous people and also to develop pupils’ abilities in oral comprehension.


1) Wallpapers about Kazakhstan.

2) State symbols of Kazakhstan.

3) An exhibition dedicated to the history of Kazakhstan.

4) A map of Kazakhstan.

5) Portraits of Kazakh famous people.

Leading: Good morning dear pupils and teachers. Good morning to everybody, who lives or our planet.

We all live in republic of Kazakhstan as one friendly family.

How nice our Kazakhstan!

My Kazakhstan is full of beauty

The winter is not cold, believe!

The spring is time of Tutti- frutti

There are happy people in the street

The summer is the nature is party

It makes the wonders in our lives

The autumn is the golden mirror

We look through it and feast our eyes

How lovely is my home, my country

I am proud of it, it is very nice!

Today we shall speak about our Motherland. Our country has always been a country of rich culture and beautiful place. Participants of today are competitions are pupils of tenth and eleventh forms. Let us make acquaintance with them and wish them good luck. They divided into two teams. Now let’s introduce your selves.

Captains of each team will say a few words about participants. Leading: Thanks, Now, if you are ready let is start the first round. It is called: three questions to captains. Attention please. Choose the right variant. Question for the first captain.

1) What does the blue colour of the flag symbolize?

a) International understanding

b) Peace and clear sky

c) War and peace

2) What was Kazakhstan before independence?

a) British colony

b) Soviet republic

c) Chinese colony

3) What does falcon of the flag means?

a) Militarism

b) Freedom

c) Dependence

Guest ions for the second captain attention please!

1) When did Kazakhstan become an independence state?

a) 1978

b) 1991

c) 1994

2) Who is the head of the state?

a) President

b) King

c) Chancellor

3) What does shanyrak symbolize?

a) Freedom

b) Home and peace

c) History of Kazakhstan

Thanks, captains, you were very quicker and clever.

Let us continue the second round, it is called: who is faster and right.

The first team:

1) What are the symbols of the state? (Flag, anthem, state emblem)

2) When did the first Kazakh cosmonaut fly into space? (10.10.1991)

3) How many official holidays are there in our country? (eight, they will name them)

4) Where is the Kazakhstan situated? (in Central Asia)

The second team

1) What is the size of Kazakhstan? (2,753,000 square km)

2) Who is the head of the state? (President)

3) When was the Declaration of Independence proclaimed? (16.12.1991)

4) What can you say about population? (About 16 million people)

Leader: Thank you very much. Everything was right and faster. You are welcome to enjoy the third round it is a polyglot. Now, listen to me attentively. You must continue phrases and give it in three languages: proverbs for the first team:

1) How many tasks are there in strategy- 2030? (8- Eight, сегіз- восемь)

2) Better late than __________ (never, ешқашанб никогда)

3) Speech is silver, but silence is _________ (Gold, алтын, золото)

4) East or West, Home is _________. (Best, лучший, ең мықты)

Phrases for the second team:

1) When was our National currency put into circulation? (In November, қараша, ноябрь)

2) So many countries, so many _______ (customs, дәстүр, традиция)

3) Know ledge is ______ ( power, күш, сила)

4) What is the symbol of the state? (a snow- leopard, барыс, леопард)

Leading: Thanks, both teams have tried to do best.

The fourth round is to recite a poem be Kazakh and English poets.

The first team: In Kazakhstan there is no person who does not know about the great M. Makataev.

I want to draw your attention to the poem “Motherland”

Great! Great! Great!

How nice is the, land

This land which heroes passed

This land which heroes passed

This land which lovers exist

For this edge

For this district

I thank for grass

I thank for sands

I thank for nature

I thank for land that exists

It has a summer

That shines bright,

It has a winter

That, frosty white

It has a spring

That is green

It has an autumn

That gives us sweets

This is the land, which gives a bread

This is the land, which has the falcon

This land is my land.

Well, Makataev was right. Who does not it love his Motherland and Robert Burns wanted to express his love to his land with his poem “My heart is in the Highlands”

The second team:

My heart is in the Highlands

a- Chasing the deer

A- Chasing the wild deer, and following the roe

My heart is in the Highlands, wherever I go

Farewell to the Highlands, Farewell to the North,

The birthplace of valor the country of worth,

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove

The hills of the Highlands forever I rove

Farewell to the mountains high covered with grow,

My heard is in the Highlands, my heart is not here,

My heart is in the Highlands, a- chasing the deer,

A- Chasing the will deer, and following the roe

My heart is in the Highlands wherever I go.

Leading: So dear guest, we have come to the last task. It was their home- task. The task was to prepare some tasks about Kazakh national food and national costumes. So we are waiting for you with your home tasks.

The first team will prepare one of the Kazakh national food and say a few words about it.

The second team will, wear national costume and say a few words about it.

Leading: Thanks for everything. Thanks a lot of to our participants for their activity. Also to our jury. And thanks to the teacher for such an interesting show! We shall conclude our party with the song. Let is sing together.

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