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Внеклассное мероприятие на тему: "Путешествие в Лондон"


A Trip to London

T. Good morning children. Take your places. I am very glad to see you on a fine day like this. Are you ready to work?

Повідомлення, теми та задач уроку.

T. The aim of today’s lesson is “A Trip to London”. All of us have a wish to travel somewhere one day. There are a lot of interesting places to see you know. As for knowledge of the English language it can help you visit many English-speaking countries and cities. London is among them.

Let’s revise some words about sights of London (word-drills): the Thames River, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, etc.

We start our travelling to London. The problem is we don’t have a guide. Here you can see our advertisement:

Wanted: Tour Guide. Enthusiastic young person required to show tourists around London. Applicants must speak fluent English. Knowledge of local area is a must.

T. Who wants?

P. It’s me. My name is Tom Brown.

Speaking practice.

T. What’s the fastest way to get to London? Who knows?

P. Of course by plane. The British Airlines help us to get to London. Our flight time will be 7 hours. We need some documents: a passport, medical card, a visa.

Writing practice.

T. Now we are at the Heathrow Airport. Let’s fill an Arrival card.

Arrival card


Family Name


First Name


Birth Date


Country of citizenship


Sex (Male, Female)


Passport Number


Airline and Flight Number


Country Where You Live


City Where You Boarded


Date Issued (Day, Mon., Year)


Address While in London (Number and Street)



Work in small groups.

T. Translate and comment one proverb about travelling.

1. A wise companion is half the journey.

2. On a long journey, even a straw weights heavy.

Relaxing time.

Listening to music and doing our virtual excursion to modern sights of London .


Role-play “A visit to London”

Tom Brown (a guide): Dear fiends! We may take a trip on a boat along the Thames or go for a drive in a London double-decker or to take a coach tour, but there is also an unusual way to see London. I mean the London Observation Wheel which can help us to see the British Capital from above. So if you do not object to that try to imagine yourself in its transparent pods. The key words will give you the necessary information about this modern sight of the British Capital.

The Millennium Wheel or the London Eye

Say a few words about the Millennium Wheel using the words given in the card


  • to be known as the London Eye (to be 135 metres high)

  • one of the most remarkable sights of London

  • an observatory in the form of a gigantic wheel

  • to be the world's tallest observation wheel

  • one of London's outstanding attractions

  • to have 32 transparent pods (the Millennium Wheel)

  • to carry 800 passengers at any one time (can)

  • one can witness views for 45 kilometres around

  • to be opened in the year 2000

  • to work at a speed of about 0.5 kilometres per hour

  • it takes 30 minutes to go right round once to attract a great number of visitors

Tom: Well, boys and girls, I want you to know more about this London Observation Wheel. So look at the key words of Card and ask your questions to get more information about it. Ask, for example, what other names the London Observation Wheel has.

P1: What other names does the London Observation Wheel have?

P2: It is also called the Millennium Wheel or the London Eye.

P1: What other information about this remarkable place of interest of London can you give with the help of Card ?

P2: The London Eye is 135 metres high. It is the world's tallest observation wheel. I should say it is an observatory in the form of a gigantic wheel. Many people come to sec it and this Millennium Wheel has become one of the most modern outstanding London's attractions.

Tom: Ask your classmates why this Wheel is called The Millennium Wheel

P3: Why is this Observation Wheel called The Millennium Wheel?

P4: It is called so because it was opened in the year 2000 when one millennium ended and the other one started. By the way, how many passengers can the Wheel carry at any one time?

P3: In its 32 transparent pods it can carry 800 people at any one time and one can see views for 45 kilometres around. And how much time does it take to go right round once?

P4: The Wheel works at a speed of about 0.5 kilometres per hour and it takes 30 minutes to go right round once.

Tom: You are right. Thank you. But don't forget you are in one of the pods of the London Wheel now. So try to look around and say what other places of interest you can see from above. Card can help you. Scan it and sustain the conversation, will you?


Say a few words about London ("from above ") using the words given in the card


  • to see the British capital from above

  • to recognize at first sight (what?)

  • the historical sights of London

  • the Thames River

  • the Palace of Westminster (the Houses of Parliament)

  • the Clock Tower of Big Ben

  • Westminster Abbey

  • Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column and the National Gallery

  • Buckingham Palace

P5: l can see some of the famous historical sights of London.

T: What are they?

P5: First of all it's the Thames River. Then i see the Palace of Westminster and the Clock Tower of Big Ben on the left.

P5: There is also Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column and the National Gallery somewhere between the Houses of Parliament and the TV Tower. Buckingham Palace is somewhere there on the left.

Tom: You are all right. But now I want to ask you for further information about some places of interest in London. Our key words cards will help you to speak in detail. What historical sight of London is there on card?


Shello_html_489e1cc.jpgay a few words about the Clock Tower using the words given in the card

  • to be of great interest

  • to stand near Westminster Palace

  • to be built in the 19th century (1858)

  • to have four faces (the clock)

  • to have a very loud bell

  • to weigh more than 13 tons (the bell)

  • Sir Benjamin Hall

  • to be in charge of the building of the Clock Tower

  • Big Ben

  • in honor of Sir Benjamin Hall (the tall man)

  • to call the clock, its bell and the Clock

  • Tower itself

  • Tom Brown tells the story of Big Ben.

P: It's the Clock Tower (Big Ben). It is of course of great interest and I think many tourists want to see it. It stands near Westminster Palace and the clock of the tower has four faces. Inside there is a very loud bell which weighs more than 13 tons. The tower was built in the 19lh century. Sir Benjamin Hall was in charge of the building of the Clock Tower. He was a very tall man. And in honour of Sir Benjamin Hall, the tall man, people called the clock, its bell and the Clock Tower itself Big Ben.

Tom: And what about Trafalgar Square? Have a look at Card and say a few words about it.


Say a few words about Trafalgar Square using the words given in

the card


  • one of the most famous attractions in London

  • Nelson's Column

  • in the middle of the Square

  • a statue of Nelson on the top of the Column

  • the famous British admiral

  • historical victories in the war against Napoleon - to attract many tourists from other countries

P: Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous attractions in London. In the middle of it there is Nelson's Column with a statue of Nelson on the top. Nelson was the famous British Admiral who won historical victories in the war against Napoleon. This historical place of interest of London attracts a lot of tourists from many countries of the world.


Shello_html_m2d6c07fc.jpgay a few words about Madame Tussaud's using the words given in the card

  • world famous museum of waxworks

  • Madame Tussaud (1761-1850), born Marie Grosholtz in Strasbourg

  • to spend childhood in Paris with her mother and her uncle Philippe

  • to teach Marie wax modelling (uncle Philippe)

  • to achieve success in old age

  • to create a rich collection of life size wax portraits of Kings and Queens, politicians, stars of films, tele­vision and pop, sportsmen and women

  • to be popular with visitors (the museum of waxworks)

Tom: I can't give up speaking about one of the most remarkable modern sights of London. Our excursion we started with the London Eye, one of the latest modern sights of London. Do you remember that? And at the end of the lesson I'd like to draw your atten­tion to such a sight again. Scan Card and say what it is.


Shello_html_368cfdee.jpgay a few words about the Gherkin using the words given in the card

One of the most remarkable sights of London a new skyscraper of the British capital to look like a bluish cigar-shaped construction -to be an informal name for the new sky scraper of London (the Gherkin ) to be 180 metres high to be a 41-storey round building to be completed in 2004 to be located in the City

P: It's likely a kind of a building but it looks strange, doesn't it?

Tom: You haven't seen it before of course. But if I'm not mistaken you want to get more information about it, don't you? So, try asking questions for further information then.

P5: This building is a new skyscraper of the British capital, isn't it?

P6: No doubt, it is. What does it look like?

P: It remains us a cucumber by the way, what is it called?

Tom: It is called the Gherkin. Let’s look up this word in Google Translate.

P5: Oh, I find one; the translation is «колючий огірок або корнішон»

Tom: Our excursion is over. I wish you good luck.

T: Boys and girls well done! I am pleased with your speaking at our today’s excursion lesson. I think it was a useful discussion and a work of the guide was perfect. Thanks a lot to all participants of our excursion.

Your marks are ….

Your home task is …

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