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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Берегите любовь"
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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Берегите любовь"


Открытое внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

«Берегите любовь»

Цели и задачи:

  1. Совершенствовать аудитивные, произносительные грамматические навыки.

  2. Способствовать пополнению словарного запаса и развитию речевых умений.

  3. Приобщать к культуре стран изучаемого языка, развивать эстетический музыкальный вкус и интерес к английскому языку через разучивание и исполнение песен на английском языке, являющимися всемирноизвестными музыкальными хитами разных лет.

  4. Развивать творческие и актерские умения и воспитывать дух коллективизма по достижению единой цели.

  5. Приобщать учащихся к одному из величайших человеческих чувств - любви.

Cast: He, She, singers, dancers, comperes, reciters

Compere 1. Dear friends! We are glad to see you in our school!

Compere 2. We are pleased to welcome you at this meeting devoted to one of the strongest and greatest human feelings - Love

Reciter 1: Love has moved people since the days of Adam and Eve. Love is a bright feelings.

Reciter 2: Love of one’s nation, love of one’s family, love of one’s homeland, love of one’s parents, love of one’s friends are all holly love.

Reciter 3: There are many wonderful romantic couples: Dante and Beatrice, Mayakovsky and Lili Brick, Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, Turgenev and Viardo, Napoleon and Josephina.

Reciter 4: And one of the most exiting stories of true love was the relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Reciter 1: A lot of songs, poems and films were written and performed about Love. Many poets wrote their best poems and musicians composed their best music when they were in love. Love inspired them... What does the feelings of Love mean? 
How can we explane it?

Reciter 2: Oh! Love is the most important and the most beautiful experience. It is impossible to describe this feeling by words and difficult to explane it. It’s necessary to feel it. It is what people feel in their hearts.

Reciter 3: Love is when you are happy with another person and you think how to make him or her happy. Love can cause different emotions: such as gladness, tears, happiness, cheerfulness, grief and disappointment.

Reciter 4: And there are very wise proverbs: «From Love to hate is one step»(От любви до ненависти всего один шаг), «Lovers` tiffs are harmless», «The course of true love never runs smooth»(Милые бранятсятолько тешатся).

Compere 1: And now we are going to show you a small humorous performance «Love is Not Always a Bed of Roses»

Compere 2: Scene 1. Meeting of two strangers at night.

Играет лирическая мелодия. На сцене у перил моста стоит девушка, Она грустна и плачет. Выходит Он.

He:   Excuse me, Madam? What has happened to you? Why are you crying? Can I help you?
She: Nobody can help me. I feel so unhappy and lonely in the darkness of this night, that I even don’t want to live.
He:   I feel lonely too. But now we are together. The weather is so warm. The night is so romantic with the light of the Moon. Would mind having a walk together. You’ll tell me about your troubles and may be I’ll help you.
She: Oh! Thank you very much. You are so kind. 

Под исполнение вокальной группой песни «Strangers in the Night» (из репертуара Ф. Синатры). Пара танцует фигурный вальс.

«Strangers in the Night»

слова И. Синглтона и Э. Смайдера, музыка Б. Кемпферта

Strangers in the night exchanging glances
Wond'ring in the night what were the chances
We'd be sharring love before the night was through
Something in your eyes was so inviting
Something in your smile was so exciting,
Something in my heart told me I must have you
Strangers in the night two lonely people we were,
Strangers in the night up to the moment
When we said our first ''hello''
Little did we know love was just a glance away,
A warm embracing dance away
And ever since that night we've been together,
Lovers at first sight in love forever
It turned out so right for strangers in the night.

Compere 1: Scene 2. Two lonely people met once and they fell in love with each other. 
She thinks only of him and He also can't live without her.

На сцене появляется он, подходит к телефону, набирает номер.

She: Hello!
He: Hello, my darling! I just call to say I love you. Take my heart and marry me.

Вокальная группа исполняет песню Стиви Уандера ''I just call to say I love you'

No New Year's day to celebrate.
No chocolate cover'd candy hearts to give away,
No first of spring,
No song to sing.
In fact here's just another ordinary day
No April rain, no flowers bloom,
No wedding Saturday within the month of June.
But what it is is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you.
I just call to say I love you
I just call to say how much I care.
I just call to say I love you,
And I mean it from the botton of my heart.

После исполнения песни Она отвечает:

She: I love you too, my honey. And I agree.

Compere 2: Scene 3. A Wedding Day.
Performers: Sally Sally Waters, sprinkle in the pan.
Rise Sally, Rise Sally and choose your young man.

Невеста в фате выбирает любимого.

Performers: Bow to the East, bow to the West
Choose for the worst, choose for the best
And bow to the one you love best.
Уходят под марш Мендельсона.

Compere 1: Scene 4. Three years passed.

Стол, кастрюля, посуда. Она в фартуке накрывает на стол, в руке поварешка.

Compere 1:

Here stands a poor woman who is always tired. 
She lives in the house where help isn't hired.
Her last words on earth will be:
''Dear friends, I'm going.
To where there's no cooking, or washing or sewing.
For everything there is exact to my wishes:
For where they don't eat there's no washing of dishes...''

Входит Он, садится за стол и ест, читая газету. Она подходит кстолу.

She: When we eat breakfast together you're always reading newspapers and never talk to 
me. When we sit in the lounge you're always watching TV and never look at me.
When we go to parties you’re sitting with your friends and hardly ever dance with
me. And you are... lazy!!! You never help me with the housework. You never play
with the kids. Sometimes I think you don’t love me!
He: Do you call that a happy family life?! I work like a dog and in the evening I want some 
peace and quiet at home. But you never stop finding fault with me! I wish I hadn't
married you!
She: You are the limit, darling! I'm leaving.
He: OK. Why not start a new life?

Вокальная группа исполняет песню ''Я все переживу'', танцевальная группа исполняет танец деловой женщины.

''I will survive'' (by Gloria Gaynor)

At first I was afraid I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong.
I know how to get along.
And so you're back from outer space,
I've just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key,
If I'd known for just one second you'd be back to bother me.
Go on now, go walk out the door
Just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome here any more.
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with good-bye?
Did I crumble? Did you think I'd just lie down and die?
Oh no, not I. I will survive.
Oh as long as I know how to love I know
I'll stay alive.
I've got all my life to live,
I've got all my love to give,
And I'll survive. l will survive.

Compere 2: Scene 5. They are succeed in business but they feel lonely at home.

Она дома, сидит в кресле и скучает.

She: I've become a successful business-woman. I've got a nice sum of money on my bank 
account. l work non-stop. But l feel so lonely in the evening. l must confess l miss my
husband and my home very much.

Вокальная группа исполняет песню ''Woman in Love'' (by Barbara Streisand)

Love is a moment in space,
When the dream is gone, it's a lonelier place.
l kiss the morning goodbye
But down inside you know we never know why.

The road is narrow and long
When eyes meet eyes and the feeling is strong.
l turn away from the wall,
l stumble and fall, but l give you it all...

l am a woman in love and l'll do anything to get you into my world
And to hold you within.
lt's a right l defend over and over again...
What do l do?

Она уходит. Входит Он в фартуке, галстук сбился на сторону, в руках сковорода.

He: I haven’t eaten a good meal for months. I haven’t put on a clean shirt for ages.
Yes, I’m hungry and neglected.

 I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I am 
For hot dogs and honey and ham,
Hamburgers, herrings and jam
I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I am.
Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me! I miss my wife! I long for her! She is my everything.

Вокальная группа исполняет песню. Танец – вальс, воспоминание о любви.

You’re My Everything (by Santa Esmeralda)


You’re my everything
The sun that shines above you makes the blue birds sing
The stars that twinkle way up in the sky
Tell me I’m in love
When I kiss your lips  I feel the rolling
thunder to my finger tips
And all the while my head is in a spin
Deep within I am in love

Chorus: You’re my everything
And nothing real images
But the love you bring
You’re my everything
To see you in the morning with those feels
Brown eyes
You’re my everything
Oh, ever and the day I need you close to me
You’re my everything
You never have to worry, never fear
For I am near


Oh, my everything
I live up from the land and see the sky above
I swing within her oceans sweet and warm
There`s no storm, my love.

Chorus: the same


When I hold your time
There’s nothing that can harm you in the lonely night
I’ll come to you and keep you safe and warm
It’s so strong, my love
When I kiss your lips
I feel the rolling thunder to my finger tips
And all the while my head is in a spin
Deep within I am in love
la - la - la - la – la

Compere 1: Scene 6. Together again.

Она сидит в кресле. Стук в дверь.

She: Who is there, I wonder?

Входит Он с букетом цветов.

He:   My life is ruined. I can’t live without you.
She: Mine is ruined too. I also feel lonely without you.
He, She(together): My darling! I’m so happy to be with you again.

Под исполнение песни «Love me Tender» танцуют танго. Далее Она ставит цветы в вазу. Он надевает на Неё фартук, вручает Ей сковороду и нежно улыбается. Она стоит перед зрителями. Он садится в кресло и читает газету. Немая сцена.

All the performers: And they lived happily for a long time.

Песня «Love Me Tender» (by Vera Matson and Elvis Presley)


Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go
You have made my life complete
And I love so
Chorus: Love me tender, love me true
All my dreams fullfil
For my darling, I love you             
And I always will


Love me tender, love me long
Take me to your heart
For it’s there that I belong
And we’ll never part
Chorus: the same

Compere 1, 2:

  • As you see in order to be happy everybody has to strive for his or her own happiness

  • As an English proverb goes: «Love is not found in the market». That’s why if you wish to survive love, you should always remember to be tactful towards a person you love,

  • share all joy and sorrow together,

  • must be faithful and honest to each other,

  • always try to be interesting and pleasant.

Заключительная песня и современный быстрый танец.

«Oops» (Бритни Спирс)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (2 times)
I think I did it again
I made you believe
We are more then just friends
Oh, baby it might
Seem like a crush
But it doesn’t mean
That I am serious
Cause to lose all my senses
That is just so typically to me
Oh, baby, baby

Chorus: Oops, I did it again
I played with your heart
Got lost in the game
Oh, baby, baby
Oops, you think I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I'm not that innocent


You see my problems is this
I’m dreaming away
Wishing that heroes they truly exist
I cry watching the days
Can’t you see I’m a fool
In so many ways
But to lose all my senses
That is just so typically, baby
Oh, yeah (2 times)

Chorus: Oops, I did it again
To your heart
That is lost in the game, oh, baby
Oops, you think, think I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent.


You see my problems is this
I’m dreaming away
Wishing that heroes they truly exist
I cry watching the days
Can’t you see I’m a fool
In so many ways
But to lose all my senses
That is just so typically, baby
Oh, yeah (2 times)

Chorus: Oops, I did it again
To your heart
That is lost in the game, oh, baby
Oops, you think, think I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent.

Compere: Dear guests! Our performance is over. Thank you for your attention. Good bye. 
Be happy and Take Care of Your Love!

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