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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Books in our Life"


Books in our life.

Teacher. Today we shall speak about the role of books in our life. We shall make an excursion into the world of books and this magic book will be our guide. We shall find ourselves not only in the world of fairy tales but we shall remember the history of the first books. We shall prove that books are the windows through which the soul looks out. Today we shall try to use words, expressions, proverbs, quotations we have learned and as a result of it. You have to write a composition "Books in my life" or "My favourite book."

Org. moment

Speaking about books, we often want to characterize them. What words shall we use?

  1. Good books can be ...

  2. Bad books can be ...

  3. The most popular types of books ...

Thank you. You know the words and you may use them in your composition.

IL Our first page is "Reading books is the whole art."

An English author once wrote, "Some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed or digested."

This quotation tells us how to read books of different kinds. Try to give examples how people do it.

  1. As for me I fond of reading detective stories. I read them quickly; because the plot is exciting, I swallow them.

  2. If a book is on an important subject and a subject I am interested in, I want to crew and digest it. I want to weigh what the author says and consider his ideas and arguments.

  3. To my mind, most travel books are to be tasted. It's enough to dip into them and read bits here and there.

Teacher: Thank you. You proved that reading books is the whole art.

Ill The next page is "The History of appearance of the first books".

We have read the text about it. Try to remember necessary facts concerning it. Here is a paper pocket. You have to take out a question and answer it. You are welcome!

  1. What were the earliest books written on?

  2. What was the form of these books?

  3. Why did libraries use to chain books to the shelves?

  4. Where was printing invented?

  5. Whom was the first printing press set up in England and then in Russia?

Thank you. You know the history of the first books quite well and you can tell it to your parents, sisters or brothers.

IV. Seynum MysbiKa

Imagine you are children. I am absolutely sure your favourite kinds of books were fairy tales. Do

you agree with me?

Fairy tales are full of lovely fantastic heroes. Some of them have come to say "Hi."

  1. Cinderella

  2. Malvina

  3. Mermaid

  4. Whitesnow

V. Now you are the pupils of the 9 form and I am sure your reading tastes have changed. Now we try to prove it. I have prepared a surprise for you. Here is a correspondent and she would like to find out your opinion concerning your literary tastes.

I am ... of newspaper... and ...

Nowadays, in our technological century, the question why children do not read a lot is actual and it is often discussed. I would like to find out your opinions concerning this problem.

1. What books do you and your classmates prefer to read now?

  1. I imagine you are given two books Harry Potter and which book will you choose and why? (ask 2 pupils)

  2. What kind of books will children read in future?

To guests:

  1. What books do you usually advise to read to your pupils?

  2. What books would you like to see in our bookshops?

  3. Will the books have its future?

Thank you. I was glad to meet you and I must say nowadays children like to read such books as Harry Potter, Marry Poppins but they do not forget about a team of old and good characters because they teach us to be kind, industrious, polite, attentive. And our Russian and foreign classic is very important because it reveals human nature and portrays life very truthfully. Teacher: Thank you for your help. I see you are real readers and can speak about your favourite books and heroes.

VI. We have learned many proverbs, sayings, quotations. Let's open our next page and play.

Here are cards. The task is to find your partner (who will be the first to find its partner).

  1. Choose an author as you choose a friend.

  2. Books are a great thing as long as you know how to use them.

  3. Do not lose your books. That means that you lose your friends.

  4. All books are divisible into two classes: the books of the hour and the books of all time

Thank you. I see you know proverbs and sayings. I think you may use them in your stories.

  1. In order always ready for your school, you have to know a lot. Where can you address to?Are you a regular reader to our school library?

Our next excursion is to the library. Look at these pictures and try to remember what buildings are they? Name them, please and tell where they are situated. Thank you.

Your homework was to make up dialogues "At the library." You are welcome.

Well, everybody is sure the work of the librarian is very important. The Librarian must be an educated person and help readers to choose books according to their tastes. Pupils of our school are regular readers and know golden rules.

VIII. We spoke much about books, their heroes, the place where we can take them. But we must remember there is no a book without writer. We can't but remember famous English poets and writers who made a deep contribution into the development of English culture.

Now listen to the text and be able to match the two parts of these sentences.

JX. The English writer of the 18 century wrote: "Expect a living man there is nothing more wonderful than a book! They teach us and open their hearts to us as brothers,"- wrote Charles Kingsley, an English writer of the 18 century.

Our last page is what role does the book play in your life? What do books teach us to do?

As I have read, an interview of a Moscow News correspondent with the well-known writer Valentin Katayev and the writer appreciated greatly the role of books in the life of people. He told..

X. What have you learned during the lesson?

In my opinion we tried our best to show our knowledge on the topic using new words, expressions, quotations, golden rules. We found out some interesting facts, took part in competitions, we visited our school library.

Teacher: To sum up our work I should say the more we read the more we know the more we grow.

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