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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "День Святого Валентина"

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Внеклассное мероприятие,

посвященное празднованию Дня святого Валентина

Час веселых соревнований.

День Святого Валентина.

. Valentine’s Day is one of the most favorite holidays in the UK and the USA. They celebrate this holiday on February 14. It is a day of love and friendship. People send greeting cards to their sweethearts and friends and ask them to “Be MY Valentine”. This means “be my friend or love”. People also decorate their homes with big red hearts and give red roses and chocolate to their sweethearts, friends and family.

This holiday is popular in our country too. And now we have merry St. Valentine’s party At our lesson we'll learn about:


the history of this holiday,

its symbols,

remember spelling of some words,

sing song about love,

and play a little.



1.Фонетическая зарядка.


At first let^s read and translate some words connected with this holiday.


  • love

  • flower

  • sweets

  • rose

  • sweet-heart

  • Cupid

  • February 14

  • valentine

  • wishes

  • presents

  • forever

  • kiss

  • gift

  • heart

  • party

  • holiday

  • vase

  • smile

  • friend

  • poem

  • friendship

2.Let^s read the text about "St. Valentine's Day" and answer my questions.

St. Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday which is celebrated in Great Britain, the USA, and in many European countries. This holiday is celebrated on the 14th of February. It has many legends. One legend tells that Saint Valentine was a priest. He lived in Rome. Saint Valentine was famous for helping lovers.

Some people believe that Saint Valentine was the saint patron of birds. The legend tells that birds choose their mates and begin to build their nests.

One of the traditions of this festival is to send valentine’s cards. More than two centuries ago people began to send valentine’s cards. There are a lot of different cards for this celebration in Britain. The cards may be humorous or serious, romantic or not. People may even send Saint Valentine’s Day telegram.

People send special cards to someone they love. There are special cards to My Husband, My Wife, Mother, Father, and Sweetheart. People usually don’t sign their names. The person who gets the card must guess who sent it.

On Valentine’s Day people give each other red roses, because a red rose is a symbol of love. People also give each other chocolates in red boxes that look like hearts.




1. Who was Valentine by one of the legends?

2. Where was he put into?

3. Why was he put into pirson?

4.What did he do?

5. Did Valentine help jailer's daughter or son?

6. What could she do?

7. What did Valentine write her?

8. How did he write down his letter?

9. What is St. Valentine's Day now?

10.What do people give each other?

11.Where do people take their valentines?

Кто быстрее справиться с заданиями:


2. Find the 10 differences between these two pictures


3. Find the two cupids that are exactly alike.


4. Crossword.




Try to guess some words:


1.-It's a thing where we put flowers in.(vase)

2.-When your friends come to your birthday.(party)

3.-It's a nice plant. It may be blue , white , red , orange. (flowers)

4.-We give it for brithday.(present)

5.-It comes after after 13. St. Valentines day' is on this day.(fourteen)

6.-All children like it. It's very tasty(sweets)

7.-We do it when it is funny. (smile)

8.-You give your valentine to him.(friend)

9.-It is a nice flower.(rose)

Как сделать валентинку






something to color with (if using B&W template)


Print template of choice.

Color the template pieces if you are doing the B&W version Cut out the template pieces (this may require adult assistance -- I usually roughly cut the paper into pieces with one template on each. Then I give my 3 year old the big ones to work on and I cut out the smaller ones.)

The large piece (dress) is the bottom. To it, glue (in order):

the heart (right about in the center)

the arms (so the hands overlap the heart)

the wings (on the back)

the head

look at the image of the finished craft if you get stuck (there's a small image of the finished project on the second template of each version).





Краткое описание документа:

В разработке этого внеклассного мероприятия представлен материал для подготовки к празднику: сценки, изготовление валентинок, викторины. Учащиеся могут разгадать кроссворд, загадки, найти различия, потренироваться в чтении и ответах на вопросы к тексту. Здесь представлена информация об истории дня Святого Валентина.

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