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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 6-7 класса "Pippi Longstocking"


Pippi Longstocking


P.: Good morning Mr. Nelson. Ready for the exercises? We ought to be in shape while father’s return. Who knows where we’ll sail next.

Mr.Nelson зевает. Делает зарядку.

P.:Up one

Down two

Come on Mr.Nelson. I’m already outrun of you!

Up three

Down eleven

Up seventy six

Down two hundred four

Up one thousand twelve

Down four thousand

Звонит школьный звонок

P.:What’s that sound? Выглядывает в окно!

Annika: Hi Pippi!

P.:You’re up early?!

Annika: Today is the first day of school. I can’t wait. I love school. What about you?

P.: I don’t know. I’ve never been there.

Annika: You’ve never been to school?

P.:No,I’m usually busy at sailing the seven seas.

Tonny: Some people will envy you!

Annika:Well, sitting here now, why don’t you come with us?

P.:Me? Go to school? Why wanna I do that?

Annika:Well! You might learn something.

P.:Like what?

Annika: Like, hm, multiplication!

P.: Well, I’ve got many things and it can not be very important. Don’t you have anything better then poor multiplication at school?

Annika:We have holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving day and a spring brrak.

P.: You mean, you can all have these holidays while I have to keep going to school every single day? That’s not fair.When Christmas comes you’ve got a Christmas vocations, but what will I’ve got? Not even I tiniest bit of a holiday?

Tonny: Well, if you went to school, you’ll have holidays too! Come on, we’ll be late!


Annika:Bye, Pippi!

P.:I’ll never knew that they have holidays! For this it is worth studying!


Willy: Hey! Tony!

Tonny:Did you hear something? Over here! What are you doing there?

Willy: Hiding!

Tonny: I can see that. Who from?

Willy: From Big Bent. He said that he’ll get me with his friends when the school started.

Girl: Did you see him on the road?


Tonny:Don’t worry. You can come with us. I’ll protect you!

Willy:Oh, sure and who’s gonna protect you?

Annika: Oh, if you wanna come with us. Come on!

Girl:Wait for us!

Willy: Hurry up. Why are you walking so slow for?


Школа. Звенит звонок. Дети вбегают в класс.

Teacher: Welcome back every one. It’s a new year, so you can all choose new seats.

Willy: I’m sitting here! But I want to take another seat away from the window!

Tonny: Stop worrying. You’re save. Before the break starts.

Teacher: Quiet! Please! Remember before school ended I asked you to think about project you’d like to do this year. Any ideas?

Tonny: Travelling to the Far north

Annika: Whales and so on…

Teacher: Well, a great chose!

Girl: No! Billy too…

Willy:Oh, right, yes, me too!

Teacher: Anyone else?

Tonny: Oh look, up there? Hey, that belongs to…

Входит Пеппи

P.: Excellent! Everyone is here. And now I’m here too

Все в шоке.

P.: I’ll just take a seat! In fact I think I’ll take a seat next to Annika

Переносит парту.

Annika: Pippi! Maybe…

P.: No, maybe is a belly. Мини танец

I think I’m here just because of the vocations. I think! Nevermind that. It’s because of the vocations. By the way where did they start? Oh, oops, I forgot about my manners! I forgot to introduce Mr Nelson. This is our new teacher. Снимает шляпу Mr.Nelson.

Teacher: Oh young lady! It’s a..a..a… monkey! I do not allow monkeys in my classroom. This animal must leave at once!

P.: Oh, I must say it’s not very friendly. But he can play on the school ground. See you later Mr.Nelson.


Teacher: Perhaps, our new student could tell us her name!

Все дети хором: Shes Pippi!

P.: I’ll do it. After all it’s my name! Which is: Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Kresmynta Efraimsdotter Longstocking daughter of captain Lonhstocking formally the captain of the sea. But you can call me Pippi.

Teacher: Thank you! And where was your last school Pippi?

P.: This is my last school and also my first one.

Teacher: Well. You mean that you’ve never been… It’s better to find out how advanced you are. Now What about Maths? I mean arithmetic

P.: No!

Teacher:Can you tell me how much is 7+5?

P.: You mean, you don’t know?

Все смеются

You didn’t study arithmetic either?

Teacher: Of course, I did! 12!

Пишет на доске

P.:What did you ask for if you know, all the time?

Все смеются

Teacher: Quiet, please. Quiet, please. Allright never mind then. What about spelling. Can you do those? What would you call this?

Показывает карточку S

P.:Wait. I know, don’t tell me. I call it a flashcard!.

Annika: She means, what is there on the picture?

Teacher: This is a snake! How do you spell “Snake”?

P.: Which kind?

Teacher: It doesn’t matter!

P.: Ok, in that way I call it V R F Q L. And one story happened with me in India.


Tonny: Come on, you can’t stand in the water closet room.

Willy: I know, I just hope, but look! It’s Benkt, he’s waiting, he’s get me.

Tonny: It’s no good hiding, anyway, Pippi will be there

Willy: Are you sure?

Tonny: Yes, she isn’t going to miss the break. That’s what she came to school for.

Benkt: Well, it’s my old friend, Willy.


I’m so glad I’ve over taken you!

Толкает, смеется

Tonny: Let him along. He didn’t do anything to you.

Benkt: Get out or you’ll get too!

Annika: Billy!!!

Наступает на ногу Бенкту

Benkt: Ouch! Scat! Not you Willy! I didn’t finish with you

Билли падает и теряет очки

Benkt 2 Oh look, what I found

Наступает на очки

Willy: Oh, no!

Benkt: That’s too sorry! I’m so near-sighted, I can’t see where I’m going…


Все смеются

P.: Excuse me!

Трогает по плечу

Wouldn’t you agree that only a disgusting sneaky stupe can mock someone who is younger. Especially when it’s four to one.

Annika: Yes, Pippi. Now you’ll see something.

Benkt: Oh look, who is here! I didn’t know that this scarecrow is at school.

Benkt 2: Oh look at these written off boats wearing as shoes.

Показывает на туфли Пеппи

Benkt: and patched clothes.

Benkt 2: And that down colored hair, I know this girl is a scracrow and stuffed straw!

Все смеются

P.: Actually my name’s Pippi Longstocking

Хватает за косу и тянет

Benkt: I’ve got you. Come on!

P.: It’s my turn to play

Вешает на стул одного

Annika: Oh, she’s strong!

Girl: She’s one of the strongest girls of the world.

Benkt: Catch her!

Пеппи справляется со всеми

P.: Well what were you saying about my shoes, and my clothes!

Tonny: What’s the matter, Benkt, scared of the girls?

Benkt: Let me go!!!

Willy: Thanks Pippi!

Пеппи поднимает очки

P.: It was a great pleasure! Anything bothers you again just call me!

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