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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "My own game"

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Методическая разработка

Внеклассное мероприятие

по английскому языку


Разработала: Шемшединова А.С.

Армянск - 2016

Цели мероприятия:

Обучающие1. закрепить в нетрадиционной форме страноведческий материал;

                        2. научить обучающихся применять полученные ими знания по различным  предметам( истории, географии, литературе).

 Воспитательные1. воспитать у обучающихся чувство уважения к культуре, обычаям, традициям людей, проживающих в англоговорящих странах;

                               2. воспитать у обучающихся чувство гордости за культурное наследие своей страны.

Эстетические1. прививать у обучающихся вкус к прекрасному через изучение культуры, традиций англоговорящих стран.

Развивающие- 1. развивать у обучающихся умение общаться на иностранном языке;

                          2. развивать у них память, быстроту реакции.


-         10 столов и стульев для участников игры;

-         места для жюри;

-         15 сигнальных карточек из цветной бумаги;

-         экран;

-         слайды с видами англоязычных стран;

-         ноутбук;

-         проектор;


 (Перед началом игры идёт показ слайдов с видами англоговорящих стран под спокойную мелодичную музыку.)

Good evening, dear friends! We are very glad to meet you in our class.

Today our first-year- students    will take part at the game named «My own game». I want you to be very attentive, to give correct answers, to get good results.

I think, it is time to welcome our players. So meet them. (Представление участников игры.)

First of all a few words about our rules: the game consists of two parts. The first part is the green one. The second is the red. Every round will last 10 minutes. Every question of the first round will cost from 5 to 50 points, of the second one from 50 to100 points and of the third game from 100 to 150 points. If you give a correct answer you will get your points. If your answer is wrong you will lose your points. Our experts will help us.(Представление членов жюри.) If you are ready to answer my question you may use a special card raising it up. If everything is clear we’ll start. Good luck! Now it’s time to begin the first round. You are welcome!


The 1st round (green)

The topics of the 1st round are: London, Towns and Cities, Capitals. Choose a topic and the number of the question.

5. In the National Portrait Gallery you can`t see the portrait of ... .

  1. Where can you see the skeletons of dinosaurs in London?

15. Who stole Lancelot when he was a child?

20. When the Scots play football against Wales or England they sing the national anthem `` ? ``

1. the Land of Scotland

2. the Flower of Scotland

3. the Power of Scotland

25. What animals can you see at the base of Nelson`s column?

30. Тhe London Eye has ... observation capsules, one for each of London ... boroughs.

1. 32, 32

2. 35, 35

3. 28, 28

35. What sports were invented in Great Britain?

1. cricket, rugby, diving, soccer, golf

2. soccer, swimming, rugby, tennis, golf

3. soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf

4. cricket, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer

40. When was the first photo of the Loch Ness monster taken?

1. 1920

2. 1961

3. 1933

45. Where did The Beatles get their start?

1. in Liverpool

2. in Dover

3. in Glasgow

4. in London

50. What is the national musical instrument of Scotland?

55. What is the national game of Wales?

 2. Tennis

  3. Rugby

60. The famous stone is called ... . It was the seat on which the kings of Scotland sat when they were crowned.

1. The Stone of Knowledge

2. The Stone of Kindness

3. The Stone of Destiny

4. The Stone of Kings

65. It is unlucky to put new ... on the table.

1. shoes

2. hats

3. kilts

70. The red rose is the national flower of ... .

1. Scotland

2. Wales

3. England

75. There is a tradition to cut the wedding cake with a ... .

1. sword

2. stick

3. knife

80. What is the study of mysterious animals like Nessie called?

1. Mysteriology

2. Cryptozoology

3. Monsterology

85. Lewis Carroll was a professor of ...

1. Mathematics

2. Biology

3. History

90. Caledonia is a poetic name of ... .

1. Scotland

2. Wales

3. Northern Ireland

4. England

95. The carved pumpkin is called ... .

1. Lantern-o-Jack

2. Jack-o-lantern

100. William Shakespeare was born in ... .

105. Who had six wives?

1. Henry VIII

2. William I the Conqueror

3. James II.

110. The Houses of Parliament in London is the place where members of Parliament gather to make ... .

1. cakes

2. pictures

3. laws

115. Margaret Thatcher was called ` ... `

120. The ... castle is the oldest royal residence in the world still in use.

125. What is the Lake School?

130. The nicknames for British police are ... .

1. bobbies

2. peelers

3. cop

4. cabbie

135. Remembrance Day is sometimes known as ... .

1. Poppy Day

2. Rose Day

3. Tulip Day

140. What city became the capital of Wales in 1955?

1. Edinburgh

2. Cardiff

3. Belfast

4. Glasgow

145. The seats in the House of Commons are... .

1. grey

2. red

3. green

4. brown

150. What are the famous birds of the Tower of London?

1. crows

2. parrots

3. swallows

4. ravens

The 2nd round (orange)

And now the three leading players will compete for the right to become the winner of our game. It’s high time to begin the super game. You can see a sheet of paper in front of you. I ask you to write down your points and your answer. Please listen to the final question of today’s game.  

Super Game:

The topics of the second round are: General Information, Geographical position, Place of Interest, English Literature and Famous people

General Information

  1. How many parts the UK consists of? (4 parts)

  2. What colour are the British buses? (red)

  3. What is the most popular topic for conversation in Britain? ( the weather)

  4. What is the national man’s costume in Scotland? (the kilt)

  5. What is the symbol of England? (red rose)

Geographical position

  1. Where is the UK situated? (on the British Isles)

  2. What river does the British capital stand at? (the THames)

  3. What separates the UK from the European continent? (The English Channel (La Manche)

  4. What is Loch Ness famous for? (monster)

  5. What separates the UK from the European continent? (The English Channel (La Manche)

Place of Interest

  1. Big Ben

  2. The Tower

  3. Buckingham Palace

  4. British Museum

  5. Tower Bridge

English Literature

  1. Who wrote the poem “Romeo and Juliette”? (William Shakespeare)

  2. Who is known as the author of “Robinson Crusoe” (D. Defoe)

  3. What is the main character created by A. Milne? (Winnie-the-Pooh)

  4. Who created the characters of Doctor Watson and Sherlok Holmes? (A. Conan Doyle)

  5. The idea of the most famous book about a young magician occurred to her when she was going by train from Manchester to London. (Joanne Rowling)

Famous People

  1. Who is the queen of Britain now? (Elizabeth II)

  2. Princess Diana was the wife of … (Prince Charles)

  3. What is the hometown for the famous music band “The Beatles“? (Liverpool)

  4. Who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar? (Admiral Nelson)

  5. This famous English actor played in black and white comedy films. (Charlie Chaplin)

(Слушаются ответы участников супер-игры и подводятся итоги всей игры)

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

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