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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему «Eating Habits» (7-9 классы)

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Внеклассное мероприятие по теме «Eating Habits» (7-9 классы)

Порцева И.В.,

учитель английского языка


  • Teaching listening skills (for specific sounds and intonation)

  • Encouraging pupils to use new vocabulary

  • To stimulate interest to knowing cultural traditions of food in English-speaking countries

1. Организационный момент

Good morning, children!

Sit down! Let’s start our English lesson now.

Look at the blackboard, please!

There are many beautiful pictures there, so attractive, appetizing and delicious.

Can you guess that the theme of our lesson? No doubt,

Meals, food, what we eat.

The theme of our lesson is “Eating Habits”. We can’t live without food.

Remember: “Live not to eat but eat to live”.

Today we’ll practice in reading, we’ll learn about fastfood in Britain, we’ll talk about your tastes for food, we’ll be engaged in creative work.

2. Words on the theme “Food”

We must know the word on the theme “Food” very well. First, please, listen and repeat the sentences.

  1. Can I take your order?

  2. What about your diet?

  3. May I take your order?

  4. And for the main course?

  5. What’s today special?

  6. That sounds nice.

3. Words on the theme “Meals”

Divide these words into 5 categories:

  • Categories: vegetables, fruit, drinks, junk food, sweets

  • Words: an onion, an apple, coffee, a cake, tomatoes, bananas, milk, chocolate, peppers, grapes, orange juice, ice-cream, carrots, olives, tea, potatoes, an orange, pizza, porridge, a peach, chips, cheese, a pear, a burger, sausages, a strawberry, mineral water.

Thank you, comrades! Nice job!

4. Game “Find the odd words”

Look at the blackboard and find the add words.

  1. Bacon, lamb, pork, beef, turkey

  2. Lettuce, cabbage, onion, melon, carrot

  3. Mineral water, juice, sugar, tea, beer, lemonade

  4. Ice-cream, pear, plum, grapes, apple

  5. Yoghurt, oil, cream, cheese, milk, butter

Well done, children! I think you know the words very well and you can answer all my questions:

  1. How many meals a day do we have? Call them.

  2. What do we usually have for breakfast?

  3. Do you have your coffee black?

  4. Where do you usually have lunch?

  5. Do you like vegetables?

  6. You like to eat ice-cream, don’t you?

  7. Do you eat ice-cream in winter?

  8. Who prepares meals in your family?

  9. Who likes porridge in your family?

  10. What meal (dish) can you cook?

  11. What is your favourite dish?

  12. What do you like to drink in summer?

  13. Do you go to cafes and restaurants?

5. What is true and what is false?

  1. The first fast food restaurants were in America.

  2. Young people like fast food restaurants.

  3. Customers can eat quickly in fast food restaurants.

  4. Fast food restaurants aren’t open in the afternoon.

  5. Fast food restaurants are expensive.

  6. Children don’t like the atmosphere in fast food restaurants.

  7. The hamburgers are sometimes too small.

  8. There are a lot of tables.

Well, thank you. Are there any such fast food restaurants in our country? Which one is the most popular? (McDonald’s).

- Who has ever been in McDonald’s?

- What did you eat there?

- What is the most popular dish there?

6. “Do you have Good Table Manners?”

Translate into English:

  1. Держите нож в правой руке, а вилку – в левой.

  2. Не ешьте с ножа. Это опасно!

  3. Невежливо выходить из-за стола во время еды.

  4. За столом говорите только о хорошем.

  5. Не читайте во время еды.

Very nice!

7. Make your dialogues “In a restaurant”.

8. Make your own “Menu of the Old England Restaurant”.

9. Итог.

Very nice. There’ll be the bell soon. Let’s stop here. Thank you for your work, we were working hard today. We have revised the words on the theme “Food”, have known a lot of interesting things about eating habits, about fast-food fashion. The lesson is over. Good-bye and good luck!

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