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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему: "LITERARY PARTY: “MARK TWAIN AND HIS CHARACTERS”

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Внеклассное мероприятие


английскому языку





Учитель: Бакшиш





На сцене портрет Марка Твена, под ним годы его жизни (1835 – 1910).

Звучит музыка в стиле кантри.

Boy 1: Good day, boy and girls! We are glad to welcome you at our English party. Our school party is devoted to Mark Twain, a famous American writer.

Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, was born in 1835 in the small town of Hannibal on the Mississippi River. He was a son of a lawyer.

Little Samuel spend his childhood in his native town. He was a bright, lively boy. He went fishing and swimming to the river and he was the leader in all games.

Boy 2: Samuel had a lot of friends at school. And when he became a writer he described them in his stories.

When Samuel was eleven years old his father died, leaving his wife and four children with nothing. And the boy had to leave his school and look for a work. He learned the profession of a printer. For some years Samuel worked as a printer for the town newspaper and later for his older brother, who at that time started a small newspaper of his own. The two young men published it themselves. Samuel wrote short humorous stories and printed them in their newspaper.

Boy 3: When Samuel was a boy, he dreamed of becoming a sailor. At the age of 20 he found a job on a ship travelling up and down the Mississippi. Here on a ship he “found” his pen-name “Mark Twain”. It was taken from the call of the Mississippi pilots when they measured the depth of the river.

Many steamboats moved up and down the river carrying all kinds of people – rich and poor, farmers and businessmen, slave owners and slaves. Thus Samuel Clemens saw America passing before his eyes. This work gave him the opportunity to get to know a great deal about life. He worked as a pilot for more than four years.

Boy 4: Later he used to speak about this time as the happiest period of his life and described it in his book “Life on the Mississippi”. Then the young man worked with the gold-miners in California for a year. Here he began to write stories about camp life and sent them to newspapers under the name of Mark Twain.

Mark Twain did not get a good education but he knew the folk songs and tales of the Negroes who lived along the Mississippi River, where he grew up.

Звучит песня Пита Сигера.

When I Was Walking Along the Highway…

  1. When I was walking along the highway,

I saw above me the endless sky-way,

I saw below me the golden valley,

This land is made for you and me.

  1. This land is your land,

This land is my land,

From California to the New York Island,

From the Red-Wood Forest to the Gulfstream Waters.

This land is made for you and me.

Boy 1: Some of his books are very popular with the children in our country, in other countries of the world and in America.

What books do you know?

Зал отвечает:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

На сцене появляется девочка. Это Бекки. Садится на скамейку.

Boy 1: Oh! It’s Becky, I believe. Do you recognize her? (Появляется Том). Oh! Tom is coming. Shh! Let’s listen what they are talking about.

Том подходит к скамейке, на которой сидит Бекки, и садится. Том принёс рисунок, который прятал в левой руке. Она пытается увидеть рисунок.

Becky: Let me see it. I like this house. It’s nice. Draw a man.

Tom: I’ll try. (Рисует и даёт рисунок девочке).

Becky: It’s a handsome man. Now draw me coming along.

(Том продолжает рисовать. Отдаёт девочке.)

Tom : Do you like it?

Becky: It’s very nice. I wish I could draw.

Tom: It’s easy. I can teach you.

Becky: Oh, will you? When?

Tom: At noon. What’s your name?

Becky: Becky Thatcher. Oh, I know yours. It’s Tomas Sawyer.

Tom: Yes, that’s the name they call me by when they punish me. I’m Tom when I’m good. You call me Tom, will you?

Becky: Yes.

Том начинает писать что-то и прячет от девочки.

Becky: Tom, let me see what you have written.

Tom: Oh, it’s nothing. You’ll tell.

Becky: No, I won’t. I won’t ever tell anybody. Let me see.

Том читает.

Tom: I love you.

Becky: Oh, you say bad things.

Бекки убегает, за ней Том. Выходит тётя Полли.

Aunt Polly: Tom! Tom! Where is that boy? Where are you, Tom?

(Выбегает Том)

Tom: Here I am.

Aunt Polly: Tom, go and whitewash the fence.

Tom: Oh, Auntie. I can’t. I’ll do it … tomorrow.

Aunt Polly: Whitewash the fence, I say.

(Уходит. Том начинает белить забор. Появляется Бен с яблоком в руке.)

Ben: What are you doing?

Tom: I am whitewashing the fence. I don’t want to do it. Tim wanted, but Aunt Polly didn’t let him.

Ben: Tom, do let me. I’ll give you my apple.

(Бен даёт яблоко и начинает белить забор. Появляется Билли.)

Billy: Let me do some whitewashing.

Ben: No, I won’t.

Начинают драться.

Tom: Stop that! Now it’s your turn to whitewash, Billy.

Билли работает.

Tom: Now it’s your turn to whitewash, Ben.

Бен работает. Идёт тётя Полли. Бен и Билли прячутся.

Aunt Polly: Oh, it’s all done! You are a good boy, Tom. You can work when you want to. Now, you may go and play.

Tom: Hurrah! Let’s run to the river!

Дети убегают.

Boy 2: As Mark Twain said later, many events in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” really happened, and the characters are from real life. In his books Mark Twain shows the joys and sorrows of children with deep understanding. Do you know, what book is this?

Дети из зала кричат:”The Prince and the Pauper”.

Сидит на большом стуле принц, рядом стоит солдат. Подходит нищий Том, солдат отталкивает его.

Soldier: Go out of here.

Prince: How can you do that to the poor lad? Open the gates and let him in. What is your name? Have you parents?

Tom: Tom Canty, sir. I have parents. I also have a grandmother and twin-sisters. I don’t love my grandmother. I can’t forget her beatings.

Prince: How can she beat you? I shall order to throw her into a prison for that.

Tom: My mother is very good to me and twin-sisters are like her.

Prince: I have sisters and cousins too. Do your sisters not let their servants smile either?

Tom: Sir, they have only one dress and no servants.

Prince: I’m going to help them. Soon your sisters will have many dresses and servants. Is your life hard or pleasant in Offal Court?

Tom: It’s hard when I’m hungry. But it has many good things when I am not hungry. In summer we always swim in the river, we fight in the water. When the weather is fine we dance, sing and play in the sand, and we cover each other with it and then jump into the water again.

Prince: It’s wonderful. I am really to give my crown for a day like that. Give me your clothes and put on mine for some time, so that I can go to Offal Court and have a good time there.

Они убегают.

Выходит Марк Твен.

Mark Twain: Oh, children! I see you all like my books and well know my heroes.

Boy 3: Mr. Twain, please, tell us some funny episodes from your life.

Mark Twain: All right. Once I was fishing. Suddenly a man came up to me from behind and asked:

Появляется человек в костюме и галстуке и спрашивает: «Are you catching any fish?»

Mark Twain: I catch 12 trout.

A man: Is that so? And you know who I am?

Mark Twain: No, I don’t.

A man: Well, I’m the warden of this place and the season for catching trout is over.

Mark Twain: “Well, and you know who I am? You meet the biggest liar in the world”.

Boy 4: Please, tell us one more funny episode from your life.

Mark Twain: Good. Once I went to borrow a book from one of my neighbours. I found him in his sitting-room and told him what I had come for.

Well, of course”, replied the man. “I shall be very glad to let you read the book, but I must ask you to read it here. I never let anyone take my books away from my house”.

A fortnight later, the neighbour wanted to borrow my lawn – mower. He found me sitting in my garden and told me what he had come for.

Well, of course”, replied I. “I shall be very glad to let you use the lawn – mower, but I must ask you to use it here. I never let anyone take my lawn – mower away from my garden”.

Boy 3: Thank you, Mr. Twain.

Boy 4: Thanks. Good luck and good-bye.

Boys: We were glad to meet you!

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