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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Внеклассное мероприятие по анг.лийскому языку на тему"Who is the best"

Внеклассное мероприятие по анг.лийскому языку на тему"Who is the best"

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The theme: «Who is the best?»


  • To Check the Knowledge of pupils in the English language;

  • to develop the abilities to speak English, creative abilities of pupils;

  • to teach the pupils to be able to discuss any situation.

Visual aids: flowers, cards, balloons, slogan, active board.

Hello, boys and girls, and our guests! Today we are here to play and to see how well you know English. I think you will get much fun and pleasure to complete with each other.

At first choose the cards to name your teams. So we have two teams:

Rose”, “ Tulips”.

I . The first part of our competition is introduction of teams.

Teams introduce themselves.

II. The second of our competition is question and answer.

  1. Your task is to answer them quickly and correctly.

  2. Questions to the 1st team:

  3. When do people celebrate Christmas? ( 25 December)

  4. What is the symbol of England?( red rose)

  5. What is the name of the queen of England ? ( Elizabeth)

  6. When do we celebrate Constitution day? ( 30 August)

  7. Who is the Leonardo de Vincher? (painter)

  8. Who is the 1st president of the USA? ( Bush)

  9. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

  10. What is the national emblem of the Kazakhstan ? ( Snow bars)

  11. On what river is London situated? ( The Themes)

  12. How many parts consists of Great Britain?( four parts)

Questions to the 2nd team:

  1. What is the biggest clock in world? ( Big Ben)

  2. What is the oldest University ( Oxford)

  3. Who was the prince of rock-n-roll? ( Elvis Presley)

  4. What is national sport in America? ( Baseball)

  5. Which country gave the statue of Liberty as a present to America (France)

  6. What kind of holidays do you know in GB?

  7. What is the center of the American film industry? (Hollywood)

  8. What is the nicknames of British flag?( Union Jack)

  9. What is the colour London taxies? (black)

  10. World of animals ?( Fauna)

III. Here I’ll tell you proverb in English and the last word is missed and should say it in three languages correctly .

«Health is better than ……»

«Денсаулық -зор байлық»

«Здоровье дороже денег»

« The first wealth is …..»

« Ең бірінші байлық-денсаулық»

«Первое богатсво-здоровье»

«East or West home is …..»

«В гостях хорошо дома лучше»

«Өз үйім өлең төсегім»

«All is not gold that …..»

Не все золото что блестит

Жалтырағанның бәрі алтын емес

IV.Magic Box

Look at this Magic Box. Is it very beautiful? Yes , it is. In this box there are many tasks for you. You must fulfill them.

Can you…..

name six animals?

say the days of the week?

song in English?

count from 20-1?

name six fruits?

say month of the year?

say a poem in English?

V. Riddles

1. This colored chalk in a holder of wood

For drawing and writing is perfectly good ( a pencil)

2. A little old women with twelve children:

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot.

What is it? \ a year\

3. When it is driven, it goes,

When it stop, it falls down. \ a bicycle\

4. Two little boys without any sails

With ten passenger on board

They do not go on river or sea

But travel on dry land ( a boots)

VI. “Quickly”

In this competition each team have to translate Kazakh words into the English for.

Алма, сағат, күн, апа, өлең, балмұздақ, ақша, жануарлар, бақ, көктем, кәмпит, ағаш, сыйлық, мысық, үстел.

Ит, көлік, кітап, жаз, бақыт, гүл, құс, жеміс, дос, мейрам,жұлдыз, қыз, шырын,қалам,шай.

Conclusion: Now, it’s time to say result of our competition.

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