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Лицензия на осуществление образовательной деятельности №038767 выдана 26 сентября 2017 г. Департаменотом образования города Москвы

Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыВнеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку о музыке в Великобритании.

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку о музыке в Великобритании.


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку:

«Музыкальное рандеву – “British music

Выполнила: учитель английского языка

МБОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная

школа с углубленным изучением

отдельных предметов №52»

Сазонкина В.В.

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку:

«Музыкальное рандеву – «British music»

Цель: систематизация знаний учащихся о культуре стран изучаемого языка (английский ); знакомство с творчеством музыкальной группы «Битлз» и современных групп.

Задачи: 1) развитие языковых, интеллектуальных, творческих способностей учащихся;

2) развитие речевой культуры учащихся и культуры общения;

3) формирование положительной мотивации учения, готовности воспринимать культуру другого народа;

4) развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся посредством английского языка;

5) формирование у учащихся уважения и интереса к культуре и народу стран изучаемых языков.

Оборудование: музыкальное оформление, презентация, шары, музыкальный ключ, ноты, сувениры.

Ход мероприятия

Звучит песня «What a Wonderful World» в исполнении Луи Армстронга

T: Hello, dear friends! We are glad to see you at the annual meeting of our English club. Can you live without music? Oh, that’s not possible: you may say “Yes, you are right”

Life without music would be a mistake”, said Friedrich Nitzsche

Do you agree with this wonderful quotation?

Possible answers

S1: It goes without saying I do, because we can’t imagine our life without music.

S2: I think life without music would be boring!

S3: In my opinion, life without music isn’t interesting at all.

S4: Really, the life would be a mistake if we didn’t hear music, because

music helps us in everything we do.

T: Yes, there is music everywhere: at home, in a concert hall, in parks, at the seaside and even in forest. People cannot live without music. They listen to music, they dance to music, and they learn to play musical instruments. Music is the greatest thing which connects people over the world. It doesnt have nationality and citizenship.

T: By the way, what music styles do you know?

Ss: Classical/ Pop/ Rock/ Rap/Chamber/ Jazz/ Folk/ Country/ Punk

S: I think that all of us like different styles of music. With the help of music we can express our thoughts and feelings, we can relax and have fun. Music helps us to understand the inner world of a person. Some people enjoy classic music, others prefer pop and rock. So many people so many opinions.

S: Recently I’ve read an article that music has lost has lost its importance nowadays. The author tries to convince us that only 10 or 20 years ago there were real masters writing real songs. And the only things we can get now synthesizers and dance music.

S: I do not share this opinion because among young people there are many fans who think that pop and rock music is better today than ever before. There are a lot of music stars in the whole world who represent different stiles and images. And it’s splendid.

S: On the other hand, it is. Many young people today are fond of listening to music, but on the other hand, there are a lot of complains about effect of rock on the young people. Psychologists are worried with the fact that rock music results in escaping from social problems and responsibilities, it affects young people drugs. There are well- known cases of antisocial and immoral behaviour on the part of some young people during the concerts.

S: But the great popularity of rock music speaks for itself. It prevails in youth culture. Young people are united by it and communicate through it, express their thoughts, hopes, dreams, sorrow and joys. Rock attracts many young people all over the world.

S: And now it’s time for dancing. While doing it try to guess whose music you are dancing to.

(Дети танцуют под музыку «Битлз» And I love her

T: I think you enjoyed this wonderful song, didn’t you?

S1: It goes without saying, I enjoyed it greatly.
S2: It impressed me greatly.
S3: It enchanted me.
S4: Its sweet melody impresses us deeply.

S: It’s “the Beatles”, the most popular group in rock history. Many people ask “What are the Beatles?” So, we’ll tell you.

They are 4 boys from Liverpool, who decided to play and sing together. None of them got any special musical education. Each and every has got his own strong and sometimes strange individuality. 15 years of joint life and work, several concerts at the greatest TV – studios, concert halls and stadiums of the world, some more than 200 songs – and the super – popularity which doesn’t fade away after so many years of their break – up.

S: The Beatles, the first really important British pop group was formed by John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. So, one of the Beatles was J. Lennon. He was born in Liverpool in 1940, October 9. He liked music very much and while studying at school he formed his first pop group. After graduating from Liverpool college of art he organized “The Beatles”.

  S: The group was at its height in 1965. They gathered huge audiences.

They gave concerts in Germany and America where they had even greater success. After 1965 the Beatles worked mostly on films and albums. Beatlemania was the word used to describe the reaction of fans all over the world.

John Lennon was “The Beatles’” heart and soul. He was a real magician in music. And he is forever 40! The whole world knows and remembers his “Imagine” and “Woman”. We dedicate our next song to his memory.

Звучит песня “Yesterday”.

S: Beatlemania is once again sweeping the country.

And now I propose you to have a quiz about the band and its music.


  1. When and where was the group born? (In 1962, in Liverpool.)

  2. Whom did the group consist of? (John Lennon, George Harrison, Pal McCartney, Rengo Starr).

  3. Who wrote most of the Beatles’ songs? (J. Lennon and P. McCartney.)

  4. What musical instruments did the Beatles play& (J. Lennon- rhythm guitar, G Harrison- lead guitar, P. McCartney- bass guitar, R. Starr- drums)

  5. When did the Beatles gain worldwide fame? (In 1964)

  6. What was the theme of their first composition? (Love)

  7. What are there most famous songs? (“Love me do”, “ Come together”, “Please, please me” “Something”, “Michelle”, “Yellow Submarine” “Yesterday”, “ A hard day night”)

  8. When did the group begin to drift apart? (In the late 1960s.)

  9. Who was awarded the title of Lord? (P. McCartney)

  10. Which one of “The Beatles” was murdered by a fan? (J.Lennon in1980.)

Победитель викторины награждается диском с композициями группы «Битлз»

Исполняется песняRock n Roll music

S: In the history of British music there are many well-known groups which enjoy great popularity among young people. You are sure to know “Depeche Mode”, aren’t you? The group was formed in 1980. Their debut album “Just Can’t Get Enough” became a major dance hit. They released several hit albums. Among them “A Broken Frame”, “Personal Jesus” and “Ultra”. But their trademark song is “Enjoy the Silence”. Now you can listen to the song and dance.

Дети танцуют под одну из песен Depeche Mode

S: And now let’s go down to the music of the 90’s. One of the most popular groups of that time was “Prodigy”. Their debut “The Prodigy Experience” appeared in 1992. The next album “Music0 The Jilted Generation “which became hit  № 1 soon got  the Mercury Prize. For the most advanced dancing melodies and for the best dancing show the group got the MTV Prize. Now we invite you to dance to their music.

Звучит одна из песен группы “Prodigy

S: The groups we’ve mentioned above were male ones. But do you know any female British groups? Of course. You are right. Those were “The Spice girls” who became media icons in British in the 90s. Their proud image and sense of humour contributed a lot of success. Their debut single “Wannabe”, “Say You’ll Be There”, were on the top of chart.

S: “The Spice Girls” were among the first female groups but not the only ones.

Звучит одна из песен группы “The Spice girls”, дети танцуют.

S: I’d like to add some words about rap.

I think rap music is cool. It’s a rhythmic style of speaking. I like it because first of all it’s the music of young people. It’s not easy to sing rap as it may seem. Not everyone can read the words so fast. The best rap singers are Afro-Americans, but there are some good European rap singers, too. For example, my favourite one is Eminem. That’s why my friends and I are fond of rap.

T: So, today we’ve made an attempt to tell you about British music, about the most popular groups. We gave you the opportunity to listen to their best songs, to dance to their music, to enjoy yourself. And now we wish you all the best!

Звучит музыка «Битлз» “Let it be”.

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