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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку по теме "Halloween Party" (3-4 классы)

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Halloween Party


для детей начальной школы


Фаронова Т.М.

Teacher: Good evening, dear children and guests! Welcome to our Halloween party! The 31st of October is Halloween, ghosts and witches are free and you can expect to meet them. A long time ago people were afraid and stayed at home on Halloween. But now in Britain it is a day for fun. There are always a lot of parties this night. Some people wear masks, others dress as ghosts and witches. Everybody is happy. At the parties both adults and children have fun, play different merry games. Don’t be afraid if you see ghosts, goblins and black cats today at our party. Perhaps you don’t know much about Halloween. What is it like? Today we’ll learn a lot of information about this holiday, we’ll visit a typical English family, we’ll play games and recite poems. We hope that we’ll enjoy this holiday and have a good time. Let’s start our party from the poems about Halloween.

Pupil 1 Ghosts and witches, ghosts and witches!

Gather here! Gather here!

Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming!

Can’t you hear? Can’t you hear?

Pupil 2 Bats and rats and witches’ cats,

Skeletons in bowler hats.

Don’t be scared! It’s Halloween-

Spooks and spirits can be seen!

Pupil 3 The sky is blue, the sky is green,

Have you got a penny for Halloween?

Halloween, Halloween.

Pupil 4 Ghosts and witches can be seen.

Trick or treat, Trick or treat!

Give us something good to eat.

Teacher: Thank you, children and now we shall see the play, which tells us about this funny and at the same time horror holiday.

Rodrigo from Brazil”

Mrs Brown. Where are you going tonight, Nick?

Nick. To the party. My friend Sam will come to me at 7 o’clock.(стук в дверь)

Mr Brown. Somebody is knocking at the door.

Mrs Brown. Come in. Oh, it’s your friend Rodrigo.

Mr Brown. My friend from Brazil! How are you?

Rodrigo. Just fine. I went to London two hours ago.

Jane. Have you ever been to England?

Rodrigo. No, I haven’t.

Mrs Brown. I can see you are wearing the light clothes.

Rodrigo. You are right. The weather was warm and dry.

Jane. But in England the weather is not very good today. It’s rainy and windy.

Nick. It’s all the same. It’s a nice day today.

Rodrigo. Why do you think so?

Nick. On the 31st of October the English people celebrate a nice holiday-Halloween.

Rodrigo. It can be a stupid question, but I’m afraid I don’t know much about this holiday.

Mr Brown. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. People dress up in strange costumes and pretend they are ghosts or witches.

Rodrigo. Oh…are you sure I’m going to like it? It sounds very unusual.

Mrs Brown. It’s a holiday for children. They dress up in funny clothes and go from house to house and say “Trick or treat”.

Rodrigo. Trick or treat? What do you mean?

Nick. Nothing dangerous. If people give us a treat –some sweets, nuts, or cakes- we’ll say “thank you” and go away. But if they don’t we’ll play a trick on them.

Jane. People put pumpkins on the window sill. They draw eyes, noses and mouths on the pumpkins and put candles into them. So the pumpkin looks like a face.

(Стук в дверь. Заходят 4-5 детей в костюмах.)

Children. Trick or treat! (Мистер Браун даёт детям яблоки.)

Children. Trick or treat! (Миссис Браун даёт детям конфеты.)

Children. Trick or treat! (3 раза. Детям на третий раз ничего не дают, они достают воздушный шар и неожиданно хлопают его. Хозяева дают детям орехи, и они уходят.)

Jane. It’s a nice, funny and tasty holiday, isn’t it?

Children sing a song “We like going trick or treating”

We like going trick or treating,

Trick or treating, trick or treating,

We’ll have treats for eating, eating

After trick or treating.

Teacher: Thank you very much, children. And now it’s high time to play games!

Game 1. “Pumpkin bean bag”

Here is the pumpkin with eyes, nose and mouth. You must take the bean bag and hit the pumpkin in the eyes-20 points, in the nose-10 points or in the mouth-5 points.

Game 2Whoooo am I?”

There are 9 slips of paper with Halloween words on them: black cat, ghost, witch, Batman, goblin, monster, vampire, pirate, skeleton. Let’s choose a player to be “it”. “It” stands in the middle of the classroom. Pin one of the words on his or her back. “It” wants to know “Whoooo am I?” and asks you:» Am I a skeleton? Am I a ghost?” Cry out: ”No! No! or Yes! Yes!” if “it” has the right guess. Choose the next player.

Game 3 “Who stole my Broomstick?”

One person holds the broomstick behind his back, the other person takes the broomstick and hides it behind his back, all pupils hide their hands. The person asks: ”Who stole my broomstick?” All pupils answer: “We stole your broomstick!”

The person must guess who has got his broomstick, he has two tries.

Game 4. “Skeleton fun”

The players must make up the skeletons from bones.

Game 5 “What was I?”

The players must guess the profession of the ghost, asking a question: “Are you a doctor,……?” The players have got only 3 tries.

Game 6. “Catch the apple”

Here are the apples and water. You must catch the apples without using hands in a bowl of water.

Game 7.”Pin the tail on the Donkey”

Here is the Donkey, but it has no tail. Everybody has a chance to pin the tail on the Donkey. It’s not so easy, because you can not see- you have a scarf over your eyes. The person who puts the tail on the right place is the winner.

Teacher: There are a lot of witches, kikimoras, vampires, pirates at our party. Let’s choose the Best Costume of our Halloween Party. The winner gets the present.

So it’s time to finish our party. I want to thank our guests, all pupils, Merry Halloween! I wish you good health and good luck! Here are the small presents for everybody! Thank you!

Every participant gets sweets.

All children sing a song “Who is afraid of a big black cat?”

Who is afraid of a big black cat, a big black cat, a big black cat,

Who is afraid of a big black cat?

Me, me, me, me, me.

Who is afraid of a big grey mouse, a big grey mouse, a big grey mouse,

Who is afraid of a big grey mouse?

Me, me, me, me, me.

Who is afraid of a big black dragon, a big black dragon, a big black dragon,

Who is afraid of a big black dragon?

Me, me, me, me, me.

Who is afraid of a big spooky monster, a big spooky monster, a big spooky monster,

Who is afraid of a big spooky monster?

Me, me, me, me, me.

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