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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку по теме "Великобритания"


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку по теме «Великобритания» (5 класс)

Good afternoon, children! Today you’ll know some new facts about Great Britain. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. They lie to the north-west of Europe. The British Isles are separated from the continent by the narrow strait of water which is called the English Channel. The United Kingdom consists of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each part has its capital. The capital of England is London, Wales has Cardiff, Scotland has Edinburgh and the main city of Northern Ireland is Belfast. Great Britain is a country of forests and plains. There are no high mountains in this country. Scotland is the most mountainous region with the highest peak, Ben Nevis. The rivers of Great Britain are not long. The longest rivers are the Thames and the Severn. The capital of the United Kingdom, London, stands on the banks of the Thames. The most famous lake in GB is Loch Ness.

The UK’s national flag is Union Jack. Union Jack presents the combination of colours and crosses of national flags of England, Scotland and Ireland of that time. The name, the colours and crosses symbolize the union of the united parts of the country.

The UK is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The monarch of the UK represents the royal power. It is a well-known fact that the monarch of the country reigns but doesn’t rule. The Parliament is the legislative body of the UK. It is located in the Palace of Westminster. The Prime minister represents executive branch of power. The judicial power in the UK is partially represented by the monarch, the constitution and the High Court. Unlike many other nations, the UK doesn’t possess a single document for its constitution. It has several different elements.

Let’s read the dialogue


A reporter, 3 tourists.

R: Good morning. Excuse me. I’m a reporter. My name is Jane Smith. We are making a program ”Familiar and unfamiliar Britain”. Could you answer some questions for it, please?

T1: Yes, of course.

T2: OK.

T3: I’m sorry, I am in a hurry.

R: Oh, it will take you for 5-6 minutes. Will you introduce yourselves?

T1: My name is Polly.

T2: I am Mr. Brown.

T3: Mr. Whimper.

R: Where have you been? 

T1: Oh, we’ve been in Great Britain.

T2: Yes, we’ve visited England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

R: Can you tell me, please, what are your impressions of these countries ?
T1: Oh, it’s a great country. It’s rather interesting. There are many beautiful landscapes (пейзаж), old castles (замки) especially (особенно) in Scotland. Oh, I’ve made so many photos. I liked everything.

T2: I’m of the same opinion. I totally (полностью) agree that Great Britain is a great country. As for me I was greatly impressed by the sights (достопримечательности): Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park.

R: And what’s your opinion, Mr. Whimper?

T3: I don’t agree at all. I didn’t like this country. These uncomfortable double-decker buses, queuing (очередь) is everywhere, even at the bus stops. And the weather? It’s terrific (ужасный)! It rains every day! I had to buy a large umbrella and take it everywhere!

R: I see. Thank you. And the last question. What can you say about British character and the lifestyle? Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish - are they different or alike (похожий)?

T1: I think they are rather (довольно) different. English are polite and well-mannered. Besides they have a good sense of humor. And they are rather charming (обаятельный).
T2: I think you are right. I’d like to add (добавить) that English people like countryside (сельская местность). Besides they are very prudent (осторожный) and careful. The Irish are very friendly. As for the Scots they are very serious, I think, rather inventive (находчивый). The Welsh are very emotional people. But all British have the common point - they are very polite!
T3: I don’t agree at all! For centuries the British have been known as snobbish (высокомерный), aloof (равнодушный), hypocritical (лицемерный) and unsociable (необщительный). Besides you can hear “Thank you!”, “Please!”, “You’re welcome!”, “Not at all!” everywhere. Everything irritated me.
R: Thank you very much! Good bye!

Ts: Not at all. Bye!

The Irish are friendly and polite. The English are prudent, careful, well-mannered , polite. The Welsh are emotional and polite. The Scots are serious, inventive, polite. All people are different. As you noticed they have one common trait - politeness.

Now we’ll listen to the poem about personal traits of Englishmen.


Один англичанин толкнул англичанина

И тут же сказал:

Извините, нечаянно”.

Второй англичанин любезно ответил:

Простите, но я ничего не заметил”-

Нет-нет, это вы, ради Бога, простите”-

Простите, но что мне прощать, объясните”-

Как – “что мне прощать”? Неужели не ясно?”-

Сэр, вы беспокоитесь, право, напрасно:

Я рад бы простить вас, но мне не понять,

Что именно должен я вам извинять”.

Тогда англичанин толкнул англичанина

И сразу сказал: “Извините-нечаянно

На что собеседник любезно ответил:

Простите, но я ничего не заметил”-

Нет-нет, это вы, ради Бога, простите”-

Простите, но что мне прощать, объясните- 

Как – “что мне прощать”? Неужели не ясно?”-

Сэр, вы беспокоитесь, право, напрасно:

Я рад бы простить вас, но мне не понять,

Что именно должен я вам извинять”.

Тогда англичанин толкнул англичанина

И сразу сказал Извините!... Нечаянно.

На что собеседник любезно ответил:

Простите, но я ничего не заметил”-

Нет-нет!! это вы, ради Бога, простите”-

Простите, но что мне прощать?! Объясните!”-

Как – “что мне прощать”? Неужели не ясно?!! “ 

Сэр, вы беспокоитесь, право, напрасно:

Я рад бы простить вас, но мне не понять,

Что именно должен я вам извинять!”.


И сразу сказал: “ИЗВИНИТЕНЕЧАЯННО!”

Но тут собеседник ответил иначе:

Простите, но я вам, пожалуй, дам сдачи”.

И вежливо-вежливо два англичанина

Друг друга до ночи тузили отчаянно.

По вкусу стоит досолить

И завтрак, и обед

Немножко можно

Пошалить - плохого в этом нет.

Подраться нужно иногда

За слабого к примеру.

НО даже вежливость-

Беда, когда забудешь меру.


  1. What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)

  2. What is the most famous river in Great Britain? (the Thames)

  3. What is the most famous lake in Great Britain? (Loch Ness)

  4. What is the full name of Great Britain (The United Kingdome of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

  5. What Channel separates Great Britain and Europe?( The British Channel)

  6. In what state do men wear skirts?

  7. What are the colours of the British flag? ( red, white, blue )

  8. Does the Queen rule the country?

  9. What is the main feature of all British people?

I hope this lesson was interesting and useful for you. The lesson is over. Goodbye.

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