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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку “Saint Valentine’s Day”

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Saint Valentine’s Day”

Narrator : There are a lot of traditions to celebrate St. Valentine’s day in different countries. Praise love, this is the main thing in the world.

( love song)

N 1. What is your attitude to lyrics?

N 2. Honestly, I’m not great lover of lyrics.

N 1. When did you listen to any poem last?

N 2. It was at Literature lesson when I got “4” for reciting the Pushkin’s poem.

N 1. Now you’ll have a chance to compare your reciting abilities with the talents of the pupils of the 4 form.

( poems).

N 2 . I’ve lost. Such little kids and so talented.

N 1 .Our youngest actors with their songs. Listen and enjoy.

( songs).

N 2. Our pupils aren’t only talented singers but brilliant actors. You can be convinced of this watching the acting of the pupils from the 7-A. They will show us the scene “ Little Red Ridinghood”.

( scene from the play).

Little Red Riding Hood

(An old fairy – tale in a new way)

Screen – version

Right in the woods – not very far –

Lives Red Riding Hood’s Grandma.

She lives alone; she’s old and weak,

Sometimes she coughs if she is sick;

From time to time she is in bed,

In low spirits, dull and sad.

Her little granddaughter – she is such –

Loves Granny very – very much.

To visit her she often takes:

Milk, butter, eggs and home – made cakes,

A bottle of Cola, Seven Up,hello_html_3f84526f.jpg

Some hamburgers and tea, a cup.

Her Mummy tells her every day,

Don’t talk to strangers on the way!”

She is so loving and so kind

And cares greatly for her child,

She kisses little daughter and

Stand on the porch and waves her hand,D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2828.JPG

Don’t lose, my dear, Grandma’s snack.

Be quick and swiftly come home back!”

So little girl Red Riding Hood

Starts off, in hands with drinks and food,

As she goes walking through the wood

Two squirrels watch Red Riding Hood.

They see a wolf and warn and shout,

There is a big bad wolf about,

Beware! Little Riding Hood,

He is so hungry, he’s not good!”D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2831.JPG

The wolf does try to show such charm –

One never dreams that he could harm,

When on the road he meets a girl,

He praises loudly her curl

Right in the middle of her forehead,

Through deep inside he’s cruel and horrid.

He’s very sly and he pretends,

Oh, honey, let us be good friends,

You are so nice, you are so sweet,

A better wolf you hardly meet!”D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2832.JPG

At hearing such lovely things

The little girl about him thinks,

He is so friendly and so good,

Like no one in my neighborhood.”

She tells him all he wants to know

And to the house the wolf does go,

He runs and leaps and wags his tail,

And is as quick as quick e-mail!

He rings the bell and warmly greets,

By changing voice grandma he cheats,

Old lady, though rather wise,D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2834.JPG

Cannot granddaughter recognize,

Why are you, dear, so small?

Like not my granddaughter at all.

Where are those shining eyes of yours?

Where is your familiar turned – up nose?

You don’t smile! You hide your teeth,

You are a wolf! Oh, help me, please!”

A kind woodcutter chopping sticks

Can stop the bad wolf’s wicked tricks,

So the woodcutter is the one,

Who aims at trembling wolf his gun.D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2837.JPG

But at this moment someone screams,

So nasty your behavior seems!

I also heard poor lady’s call,

I’ll tame the wolf and save you all!

I am Brigitte Bardot from France

I’ll give the wolf his one more chance,

I hate the people killing beasts,

God them created to exist,

I raise my voice in their defense,

And pray, “Don’t lose your common sense!”

May all the animals long live,

Aurevoir, it’s time to leave.

For my advice to Paris come,

In all the time “Cherchez la femme.”

Thank you, Brigitte!

You are so good!

Red Riding Hood: From me – for you – Red Riding Hood!

We all are so lucky and you’ve really made a happy end!

Information for you to know:

Brigitte Bardot was born in 1934, a French film star. She appeared in such films as “And God Created a Woman,” “A Parisian,” “The Truth,” “Babetta Goes to the War,” “Private Life,” etc. She struggles for environmental protection, against extermination of animals.

D:\Свинопас. Фотографии\IMG_2840.JPG

N 2. The next group of our talented actors from the 6A is ready to enjoy us with their show “ Jack and the bean stock’.

( scene from the play).

N 1. Today, there is a real theatre competition in our school.We couldn’t even emaginehow many talented actors has our school. The pupils from 7A will show you a very educated story about noble prince and capricious princess.

( scene “ Swineherd)



N1. Love is eternal theme

It’s love we dream about

It’s love we sing about.

Millions of poems are devoted to love. Read them, listen to them, enjoy them.

( poems about love)

N2. It’s a good tradition to finish any concert or party with a song that unites all hearts .

e.g. song by Robert Burns “Auld Lang Syne”

( chorus).


Our party is over. Thank you for attention.

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