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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Том Сойер"

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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку «Том Сойер»

27.02.2016, 3Б класс

/На сцене сидит скучающая Алиса/

Alice: Oh, God. What an awful day! It’s so hot. I feel like 100 degrees. It’s unbearable. I want to swim, to play with my friends near the river. But I have to stay here and read. Oh, my lovely sister, thank you for giving me this dull book. It’s terrible!

/пробегает книжный червь/

Book warm: Hi! How are you doing?

Alice: Hi! Who are you?

Book warm: I’m a book warm.

Alice: A book warm?

Book warm: You look so sad and unhappy. Can I help you?

Alice: I don’t think so. I guess nobody can help me. Just look at that – «Classical stories». The collection of boredom. Who reads that anyway? Those tales are just for little kids. They don’t bring any more magic to my life then a science textbook. Oh, and it’s so hot. /швыряет книгу/

Book warm: Don’t worry. I think I can help you.

Alice: But how can you do it?

Book warm: Be patient! Just follow me.

/входят в книгу/

Alice: Oh! Where are we?

Book warm: We are in the Book Land.

Alice: The Book Land? I have never heard about it.

Book warm: This is a wonderful place where you can meet with your favourite book characters. They are waiting for you, Alice.

Alice: Oh, no! I don’t want to hear about any books. And I repeat again and again: Reading classics is B-O-R-I-N-G.

Book warm: Wait, wait. Trust me and believe you’ll find yourself in the Wonderland. Look here!

Ведущий открывает большую книгу Welcome them!

Boys and girls! We`d like to invite you to the «Wonderful World of literature» Have a look at this book! Do you know it? Of course, you do! This is «Tom Sawyer». It was written by Mark Twain, the most outstanding American writer of the 19th century.

This book was written a century ago, but it is still one of the most popular children’s book all over the world. Always naughty, full of incredible ideas and never quiet, Tom Sawyer, and his beloved Aunt Polly whose heart is nearly broken by her easy- going nephew.

Scene 1. Tom doesn’t want to go to school

Sid: Tom, wake up! It’s high time go to school!

Tom: Not yet! Leave me alone!

Sid: I’m waiting for you, Tom….

Tom: If you again…. (гонится за Сидом) What can I do to stay at home? Oh… my tooth is loose! It’s wonderful! Aunt Polly will pull it out… Oh, what a wonderful idea came to me!

Том лежит в кровати

Mary: Tom! What’s the matter? It’s high time to go to school!

Sid: What has happened, Tom?

Tom: Oh…Sid…Mary…I’m dying… I’m not angry with you….
Mary: Oh,no, Tom, don’t die! Don’t!

Sid: Tom, open your eyes, please…

Tom: Call Aunt Polly….

Сид и Мэри зовут тётю Полли

Sid and Mary: Oh, Aunt Polly, Tom is dying!!!
Aunt Polly: What??? Dying???

Mary: Yes, come quickly!!

Aunt Polly: What has happened with you, my boy???

Tom: Oh, Auntie, look at my hand! It’s red and hot..

Aunt Polly: Stop talking and go to school!

Tom: But, Auntie, it’s so hot that I forgot about my tooth!

Sid and Mary: Tooth???
Aunt Polly:
What's the matter with your tooth?

Tom: It’s loose

Aunt Polly: Open your mouth. Well, you are right, your tooth is loose, but you're not going to die about that. Mary, give me a silk thread.

Mary: Yes, Aunt Polly

Tom: Oh, please, auntie, don't pull it out. It is all right now!

Mary: Here it is, Auntie!

Aunt Polly: Can you help me, Mary?

Mary: With great pleasure

Тетя удаляет зуб. Том вопит.
Tom: Oh, dear, oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (пауза) But it was all right, but I didn’t want to go to school!

Aunt Polly: WHAT???

Sid: He wanted to go fishing…

Tom: I’ll kill you, Sid!!!
Mary: Shame on you, Tom!

Aunt Polly: Now, boys, let’s go! Come on!

Все хором: Good bye, Aunt Polly.

Scene 2. The fence

Aunt Polly: TOooooom!!!! Where is this naughty boy???? TOOOOM!!!!

Tom: Here I am, Auntie

Aunt Polly: What are you doing there?

Tom: Nothing

Aunt Polly: Nothing? Look at your hands and look at your mouth! What is this?

Tom: I don’t know, Aunty

Aunt Polly: Well…. I know! This is jam! Give me that switch

Tom: Oh, Auntie, look behind you!


Aunt Polly: What a naughty and kind boy! But I love him very much! Tom, come here/ You are a very naughty boy, Tom! So, today you will whitewash the fence!

Tom: But, Auntie, today is Sunday! I will do it tomorrow! Please!!!

Aunt Polly: No, Tom! Toy will whitewash the fence now, I say!

Тетя уходит.

Tom: What shall I do? It’s terrible to work on Sunday! All boys will laugh at me! Oh… I’ve got an idea!

Красит забор. Подходит Билли.

Billy: Hello, Tom! What are you doing? Are you working??? Poor boy….
Tom: Stop it! I whitewash the fence!

Billy: Do you want to say you like it???

Tom: Of course, I do! Do you whitewash the fence every day??

Billy: Let me whitewash the fence a little, too!

Tom: I’m sorry, Billy.. But I can’t… Sid wanted to do, but Aunt Polly didn’t let him.

Billy: Let me, Tom! I’ve got an interesting thing for you!

Tom: What is it? Show me, Billy!!

Billy: A dead rat! It’s a very useful thing! You can fly it! You can wear it like this!

Tom: Wow, I’d like to have it very much!

Billy: Ok, but….

Tom: Ok, you may whitewash a little!

Билли красит забор. Подходит Бен.

Ben: Hello, guys! What are you doing here?

Billy: We whitewash the fence!

Ben: Are you crazy? To work on Sunday???? Nooooo!!!!

Billy: But we like it!

Ben: Let me whitewash the fence a little, too!

Tom: I’m sorry, Ben.. But I can’t… Sid wanted to do, but Aunt Polly didn’t let him. But… Have you got anything to give me for it?

Ben: No… Nothing… But… I have a piece of this apple!

Tom: Ok! Now it’s Ben’s turn to whitewash the fence!

Приходят еще два друга.

Friend 1: Hello, boys! We are going to the river!

Friend 2: Hello! Would you like to go with us?

Ben: No, we are busy!

Friends: What are you doing?

Billy: We whitewash the fence.

Friends: Wow! Let us, too…

Ben: No, we paid for it!

Friends: Paid??? HOW???

Billy: I gave a dead rat… It was so nice…

Ben: I gave a piece of my apple.. It was so tasty…

Друзья отворачиваются.

Friend 1: Have you got anything with you?

Friend 2: Oh… no… nothing… but… (вытаскивает из карманов) these small stones, orange peels, a nail and a lollypop. What about you?

Friend 1: Let me see! Some very important things! A string, a piece of wood, a pencil and a nut.

Tom: I’ll take everything! I’m the richest boy in the world!

Все: It’s all done, Tom! Fantastic!

Tom: I’ll come in a minute! Aunt Polly!!!!

Приходит тетя.

Aunt Polly: What is it…?

Tom: I finished my work! Look!

Aunt Polly: Well done, Tom! You can work when you want to! Now you may go and play!

Tom: Thank you, Auntie! Bye!

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