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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Великие изобретения мира"
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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Великие изобретения мира"


Тема: «Великие изобретения мира» (“The Greatest Inventions of the World”)

Цели мероприятия:

а) социокультурный аспект: расширить кругозор учащихся по теме

«Изобретения» средствами английского языка, учиться использовать английский язык для удовлетворения личных познавательных интересов через получение новых сведений и совершенствование изученного материала;

б) развивающий аспект: развивать навыки чтения с полны м пониманием текста и выделением нужной информации, развивать навыки аудирования, чтения, письма и говорения; развивать память, логическое мышление;

в) воспитательный аспект: способствовать развитию интереса к важным достижениям человечества, осознанию значимости труда отдельного человек для развития всего человечества, воспитывать самостоятельность, уважительное отношение собеседнику;

г) учебный аспект: совершенствовать лексические навыки по теме

«Изобретения», навыки аудирования, чтения, письма и говорения, контроль сформированности знаний, умений и навыков учащихся в игровой форме.

Оборудование: плакаты с заданиями, карточки с цифрами, бумажные звезды, ноутбук, видеоприложения: «Великие изобретения», «Как прекрасен этот мир!», аудиоприложение.

Ход мероприятия.

  1. Организационный момент.

  • Dear boys and girls! Glad to see you here. Today you’ll have a quiz. It’s a kind of a game when you have a lot of tasks and activities. You will compete with each other and try to win the quiz. On your desks you see sets of cards. There are numbers on them. They’ll help you during our game. For every correct answer you’ll receive a star. Who collects more stars will be a winner. And now let’s start the quiz.

2. Основная часть.

The 1st round

  • Who wants to get an extra star tell us about yourself and speak about one of these periods:

The Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Middle Ages, the period of Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

The 2nd round.

  • Let’s continue. You know some words on the topics: “Inventions” and “Science and technology”. Look at the poster. You can see some words. You are to show the table or tables with the number which is the answer to the question. I’ll read you the meanings of the words. Your task is to find what they are.

  1. A machine that does smth. to make one’s work easier ( a dishwasher, a microwave)

1) tool 2) skill 3) device 4) weapon

  1. A machine, tool or system that someone has made for the 1st time

1) tool 2) invention 3) crop 4) human

  1. Someone who designs and builds such things as roads, bridges, railways, machines

  1. human 2) device 3) engineer 4) engine

  1. To create smth new

    1. invent 2) discover 3) train 4) produce

  1. To find smth that already existed but was not known about before

    1. explore 2) create 3) discover 4) argue

  1. A grey-white metal and a chemical element

1) iron 2) mercury 3) quicksilver 4) silver

  1. It is one of the most important inventions that has been made

    1. computer 2) television 3) electricity 4) trainers

-That’s enough. Please, count your stars. Who has more stars will take part in the next round.

The 3rd round.

-As you know every invention has its own inventor. You see some pictures on the poster. And now let’s revise the names of people who invented and discovered the following items:

a) telephone; b) radio; c) television; d) table of chemical elements; e) X-Ray; f) electromagnetic induction; theory of relativity; h) conditional reflexes; i) radium

  1. D. Mendeleev

  2. I. Pavlov

  3. A. Popov

  4. A. Einstein

  5. A. Bell

  6. W. K. Roentgen

  7. M. Curie

  8. J. L. Baird

  9. M. Faraday

The 4th round.

  • These inventions and discoveries are very important for the mankind. Our health, comfort and even our pastime depend on them. And now listen to the tape about inventions that are useful for our homes/ match the names of the speakers(1-6) with the names of some important inventions(a-g) they are talking about. There is one name of an invention you don’t need to use.

The 5th round.

-Now I’ll give you the cards with the word combinations in Russia in it. In 5 minutes you have to translate and write down them on these sheets of paper. Who will be the fist and the right will get a star.

Важное изобретение-

Опасное оружие-

Производство энергии-

Средние Века-

Эпоха Ренессанса-

Судостроение и черная металлургия-

Благодаря науке и технике-

Готическая архитектура-

Оружие массового уничтожения-

Полезные инструменты-

-While our participants are working we’ll play with the audience. Make up a word out of the letters. The longest word will win.


The 6th round.

  • We live in a big world full of different inventions and discoveries as you know.everything around us was created by the Man. Now I want you to watch the video: “The greatest inventions of all time” very attentively because you’ll do some tasks after watching.

(Просмотр видеоролика)

-Look at these sentences. I think that all of them are right. Find a mistake. But remember that any task can have 1 mistake, 2 mistakes or no mistake. Show me the card with a mistake.

1) The first car was invented in 1769 by Nicolas Cugnot.

2) It was powered by steam.

3) It was Cottlieb Daimler who became car.

1) The television was invented by Alexander Popov in 1926.

2) It was in 1953 that only black and white TV were available.

3) By 1962, 90% of the USA had television.

1) In 1903, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright invented the first ever plane

2) It was named the “Kitty Hawk”.

3) In 1930 the jet engine was invented.

1) Penicillin was discovered by A. Fleming.

2) H. Florey and E. Chain found a way to make it into a powdery form of the medicine.

3) It was one of the earliest antibiotics to be found.

1) A. Einstein was named the father of Old Physics.

2) His theories solved centuries-old problems in physics.

3) He discovered electromagnetic induction.


-The winners, please, sit at the 1st desk. Take these sheets of paper and pens. Look at the word at the card. Write down asd many words as you can out of this word.


You can use only these letters, not the others. Who has more stars can use them in this round/ I give you 5 minutes.

While our finalists are working let’s watch a video/

(Видеоклип на песню Л. Армстронга «Как прекрасен этот мир!»)

-Your time is over. Let’s check up your words. Read only one word.

3. Итог мероприятия.

  • You have won the quiz. You are the winner. My congratulations to you. Take you prize. Thank you for your attention/ our competition is over. Good-bye.

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