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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Звездный час"
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  • Иностранные языки

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Звездный час"






Цели: обобщение изученного материала по темам «Спорт», «Хобби», «Дом. Квартира»; развитие аудитивных, грамматических и лексических навыков; интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка.

Оборудование: 11 букв, жетоны для игр «Аукцион», карточки с табличками от 1 до 7 по количеству учащихся, 4 ватмана с надписями, звездочки.

Ход мероприятия:

  • Ghello_html_3388d59c.jpgood day, boys and girls! I am glad to see you! I hope you are fine! Today we will play the game “Star Hour”. And now it’s time to introduce our participants.

  • Number one: Her name is Kristina.

  • She is 14 years old. She is fond of dance

  • she likes singing

  • Number two: His name is Vladislav.

  • He is 15 years old. He is fond of sport

  • he likes helping his parents.

  • Number three: Her name is Evgeniya.

  • She is 14 years old. She is fond of

  • English and Photoshop she likes listen to music

  • Number four: Her name is Ayaylim. She is 15 years old. She is fond of silence she likes reading books

  • Number five: Her name is Karina. She is 15 years old. She is fond of sport

  • Number six: His name is Oleg. He is 15 years old. He likes to write his friends

  • Number seven: His name is Ivan. He is 15 years old. He is fond of sport he likes playing football

  • So we have got acquainted with our participants. Now we can present our jury:





1 task: And now we can play. The first task is. I want you to listen to my stories. I shall describe different rooms. You can see the numbers of the rooms on the blackboard and you will use the card with the numbers on your desk.

At the blackboard:

  1. a kitchen

  2. a bedroom

  3. a dining-room

  4. a living room

  5. a hall

  6. a study

  1. People can prepare breakfast, dinner or supper in this room. Women usually spend much time there. We have a fridge, a sink, a table, a cooker and a cupboard in this room. (a kitchen)

  2. There are beds or a sofa in this room. You can see a little table and a wardrobe there. People have a rest in this room. (a bedroom)

  3. Families get together for the meal in this room. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper there. There are some chairs and a table in this room. (a dining-room)

  4. There is a TV set, a wall-unit, some chairs and a sofa in this room. Some people have a fireplace there. We can see some flowers on the walls. There is often a carpet on the floor. It is usually the largest room in the house. People watch TV, listen to music or sit around and speak there. (a living room)

  5. You can see a table, a chair, a bookcase and some shelves on the wall in this room. There are books and magazines on the shelves. You can read books, do your homework or write a letter in this room. Your parents can write a report, read important letters and work there. (a study)

  6. This room is not very large. People take off their overcoat, hats, boots and shoes there. There is usually a mirror or a little table there.

  • Ok, good! And now the word is given to jury.

(Words jury)

2 task: Now the second task. Will you look at the blackboard, please! You will have to put the letters in the words on the topic “Sport” in a logical order. We shall check up the task in two minutes.

At the blackboard: Answer

1hello_html_bd345fc.jpg. erccso soccer

2. keract racket

3. bongxi boxing

4. feeerer referee

5. ngsurfi surfing

6. rocsaebi aerobic

7. labtofol football

8. nisten tennis

9. lableyllev volleyball

10. shecs chess

11. thloabin biathlon

12. baketslabl basketball

- Ok, good, the time is up! We hand over leaflets of jury. They will check up and will tell result.

3 task: Now I’ll read the definitions. You can see the numbers of the hobbies on the blackboard and you will use the card with the numbers on your desk.

At the blackboard:

  1. cooking

  2. gardening

  3. sport

  4. reading

  5. collecting

  1. This hobby is popular among the people of all ages. People like to go the stadium or to the sports ground. They are strong and cheerful. This hobby helps them to develop their mind and body and teaches them to plan their time. (sport)

  2. This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to find or buy different things thing such as stumps, badges, coins, pictures, dolls. Their collections can be thematic. This hobby helps people to make new friends and to learn some new thing about countries and lands, animals and birds, famous people and historical events. ( collecting)

  3. People like to work in the garden and to spend some time in the fresh air. They are fond of flowers, bushes, trees and different kinds of plants. They like nature and admire the beauty of nature. Their hobby is the best way to relax. (gardening)

  4. People like to make new dishes. They often cook for the family and for their friends. They can present the food nicely and lay the table beautiful. They use spices. They can boil or fry meal, fish, and chicken and make souses and desert. (cooking)

  5. People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. And they are really proud of it. They can have different books: fiction, historical novels, books about animals and birds, books about different countries. Their hobby helps them to relax, to learn the world and understand other people better. (reading)

  • Ok, good! And now the word is given to jury.

4 task: Now play “Auction”. The following task for you is to recollect as much as possible words on a theme “sports” and to name them one by one.

- Ok, good! And now the word is given to jury.

5 task: The next task. I want you to listen to some definition and guess what it is. You can see the pairs of words on the blackboard. Listen to me and decide what thing I shall describe first and what the second thing.

At the blackboard:

  1. 1hello_html_8f6acef.jpg. a wardrobe

2. a lamp

  1. 1. curtains

2. a cooker

  1. 1. a sink

2. a mirror

  1. 1. a armchair

2. a car

  1. 1. a flat

2. a garden

A) – It is a thing that helps us to read when it is dark in the room

- It is a thing where we keep our clothes

B) – They are thing which are usually on the windows and make the room lovely.

- It is a thing in the kitchen to cook our food

C) – It is a thing in the kitchen when we can see wash up.

- It is a thing that we can see our face in.

D) – It is a thing we usually travel by.

- It is a thing where we can sit and read before fire.

6 task: So last for today competition which help us to definite the winner. You see a word on the blackboard and for a minute you should make as much as possible words. Time has gone.



  • So time for meditation is finished also I ask you to name your words one by one.

  • Ok, good! And now the words is given to jury.

  • So you can see that the winner of our game is Kristina. Now it is her “STAR HOUR”. Let’s listen to her. Thank you for the game.

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