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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие по теме "Литературная викторина"
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Внеклассное мероприятие по теме "Литературная викторина"


Литературная викторина (5-7 классы)

Цели: развивать речевые навыки,

развивать навыки восприятия на слух,

расширять знания о литературных произведениях,

развивать интерес учащихся к английскому языку.

Оборудование: мультимедиа, презентация, жетоны, призы для награждения.

Ход игры:

  1. Здравствуйте, уважаемые участники литературной викторины. Здравствуйте, уважаемые гости. Сегодня мы встретились, чтобы поговорить о литературных произведениях разных стран и их героях. И выясним, кто больше читает и лучше помнит то, что читает. Наша игра будет состоять из 4 туров, в каждом туре 10 вопросов. Участники должны давать свои ответы на английском языке, за правильный ответ игрок получает жетон. Кто наберет больше жетонов к концу игры, станет победителем.

  2. Начало игры.

1.The country of literary characters.

  1. This boy asked a pilot to draw a little sheep. (A little prince)

  2. The girl who lost her shoe. (Cinderella)

  3. This young man said that a door could be either a noun or an adjective. (Mitrophan from “Ignoramus”)

  4. Who slept in the matches box. (Max Pikhelsteiner from “A boy from matches box”)

  5. This girl got into the magic country while sleeping. (Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”)

  6. This man spent 28 years on an inhabitant island. (Robinson Crusoe from “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”)

  7. Who got into different adventures in the Blue, Violet, Pink and Yellow countries. (Elly from “The magician of an emerald town”)

  8. This character was made from a dough. (A round bun)

  9. He turned into the mouse and died. (Ogre from “The cat in the boots”)

  10. This character liked to drive the oven. (Emelya)

2.Guess the story.

1. It was difficult to harness a cart with so many mice: it was necessary to tie thousands of threads to the front axle. While the Woodman and the Scarecrow were in a hurry, fearing that Leo would die in the poppy field, and threads mixed in their hands.

(A.Volkov “A magician of the emerald town”)

2. He knelt beside the steam engine, and his eyes sparkled, "Now it will start to work." In less than a second the steam engine started working. Ft ft ft ... - it puffed. Oh, it was the most beautiful of all steam engines, which you can only imagine, and a little plump man looked so proud and happy, as if he invented it. "On the roof I have one hundred thousand steam engines ... I have to check the safety valve - he said suddenly and began to twist something with his little hand. - When safety valves are not checked different accidents happen. "

(A.Lindgren “A kidboy and Karlson, who lives on the roof”)

3. Meanwhile, the king, passing by, noticed on the way the beautiful castle and wished to enter it. The cat heard a thunder of the royal carriage wheels on the drawbridge and ran out to meet them, then said to the king, "Welcome to the castle, your majesty!"

(Ch. Perrot “The cat in the boots”)

4. They went out to the Gorky street, the blinding light of car headlights hit into their eyes. It seemed a large ambulance raced right to them, filling the night air with a shrill siren. An old man changed: "Oh, woe to me, an old and unfortunate genie! .." With these words, he rapidly separated from the sidewalk...

(L.Lagin “An old man Khottabych”)

5. He lit the lamp, took a pair of scissors, glue and scraps of colored paper. He cut and glued a jacket from brown paper and bright green pants, made shoes from an old shaft and a cap from an old sock.

(A. Tolstoi “The adventures of Buratino”)

6. In the middle of the cloud there was a carriage pulled by four horses. Actually, they were not exactly horses, but looked like cucumbers, because in this country all people and animals were alike some vegetable or fruit. Out of the carriage huffing and puffing got fat dressed in all green. His red, puffy, puffed cheeks seemed to burst like an overripe tomato.

(G. Rodari “The adventures of Chipollino”)

7. This car runs on soda pop. The driver's seat was arranged in the middle, and a tank with carbonated water was placed before it. Gas from the tank passed through the tube into a copper cylinder and piston pushing iron ... These cars were common among the shorties.

(N. Nosov “The adventures of Neznaika and his friends”)

8. Gromov smiled: he could not get used to these helicopters and drove in a normal taxi. From the train station they drove past the flower beds ... "Oaks grew up”, the professor said, looking out the window. - Here we are, Electronic. How are you feeling?”

(E.Veltistov “The adventures of Electronic”)

9. There were many children on the square. Those who were bravier, tied their sledge to peasant sledge and went so far. It was Fun and everything boiled. In the midst there appeared the big sleigh painted white. A person, wrapped in a white fur coat sat there. The sleigh made two circles round the Square; the boy attached his sledge to them and disappeared within a minute.

(H. Anderssen “The Snow Queen”)

10. They rode the horseback, and rode behind the carriage. The palace official sat there. He was holding a doll on his laps. It clung with wonderful head with clipped curls to his shoulder. Heir Tutti stopped crying. He believed that a healthy doll will be brought tomorrow.

(Yu. Olesha “Three fat-guts”)

3.Choose the right variant.

1. Name the work of Jack London.

a)The White Fang

b)The Grey Neck

c)The White Bim –Black Ear

2.Who wrote “Mumu”?




3.Where was A.S. Pushkin born?

a)in Moscow

b)in St.Peterburg

c)in Kiev

4. Whose name does the Doll’s Theatre in Moscow bear?




5. Which of these is not the work of K.I. Chukovski?

a) Moidodyr

b) Aibolit

c) Neznaika

6. Who are the heroes of I.A.Krylov’s fables?




7. In what fairy tale a wolf serves to the princess?

a)Ruslan and Ludmila

b)A fairytale about died princess

c) Ivan the prince and a grey wolf

8. Who was at the same time a poet, a physicist, an educator, an astronomer, a state person.

a)Alexander S. Pushkin

b)Mikhail Yu. Lermontov

c)Mikhail V. Lomonosov

9. Who is the author of the famous fairy-tale “The adventures of Chipollino”?

a) Charles Perro

b)Tuve Yansson

c)Gianni Rodari

10. What university was opened by M.V.Lomonosov?

a)Naval Academy in St.Petersburg

b)Moscow University

c)University in Arkhangelsk

4.Guess the character. (игроки по фотографии должны назвать героя)




4.Princess Swan

5.Taras Bulba






3. Подведение итогов.

Все конкурсы закончились, посчитаем сколько жетонов набрал каждый участник.

Награждение победителей.

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