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Внеклассное мероприятие (сценарий пьесы)














11. THE NARRATOR (1, 2) + +

12. FAIRY-

13. FISH-




17. (VOICE)-

SCENE – 1.

NARRATOR-1: Once upon a time there was a piece of wood… it was in Master Antonio’s room and Master Antonio wanted to make a new leg for his table. He took a knife and began to cut the piece of wood, but suddenly he heard a voice:

VOICE: Do not hit me so hard!

NARRATOR-2: Master Antonio looked around the room. There was nobody there. He looked under the table - nobody. He opened the window and looked into the street – nobody. Again he took his knife and began to cut the piece of wood.

VOICE: Oh, no, don’t hit me! Stop hitting me!

NARRATOR-1: Master Antonio opened his mouth. He didn’t know what to say or do.

NARRATOR -2: At this moment his friend Gepetto came in.

GEPETTO: Good morning, Mater Antonio. What are you doing?

MASTER ANTONIO: A new leg for my table.

GEPETTO : Oh, please, give me this piece of wood! I want to make a wooden puppet. I’ll teach it to dance and jump like an acrobat. I’ll go from town to town and show my puppet to people. They’ll give me money to buy bread and milk. What do you think of my plan?

MASTER ANTONIO: The plan is good. Take this piece of wood and make a puppet. -2-

GEPETTO: Thank you very much. I’ll call him Pinocchio, I think it’s a good name for the puppet.

NARRATOR – 1: And Gepetto went home with the piece of wood in his hands.

SCENE – 2.

NARRATOR – 2: At home he took a knife and first made the puppet’s hair, then his head and his eyes. Then he began to make his nose.

NARRATOR -1 : Suddenly his nose began to grow. It became a very long nose. He cut it off but the nose grew again.

NARRATOR – 2: When Gepetto cut Pinocchio’s mouth it laughed at him and showed him his tongue.

NARRATOR – 1: Gepetto had no money and he made the puppet nice clothes out of paper. He sold his coat and Pinocchio a textbook.

PINOCCHIO : Now I look like a gentleman and I can go to school! Hooray!

Today I’ll learn to read, tomorrow I’ll learn to write and count. When I’ll learn how to read, write and count I’ll go to work, earn lots of money and buy you a new coat, Papa!

GEPETTO : Pinocchio! You are a very good boy.


NARRATOR -1: Next morning Pinocchio went to school. At the end of the street he heard music.


PINOCCHIO : Today I’ll listen to the music and tomorrow I’ll go to school. Oh, here is a poster and nice puppets.

(comes closer)

HARLEQUIN: Boys and girls! Welcome to the Great Puppet Theatre! Buy a ticket and watch the performance!

PUNCHINELLO: Look! Isn’t it our brother Pinocchio? Sell your textbook and buy a ticket for the performance!

(they exchange things)

( Master of the theatre appears)

MASTER OF THE THEATRE: What is all that noise? Stop talking! Bring that puppet to the kitchen!

I’ll put him on the fire and make a good dinner!

PINOCCHIO : Oh, Papa, help me! I don’t want to burn on fire! -3-

(Harlequin and Punchinello take Pinocchio away)


PINOCCHIO : Oh, Master of the Theatre! I don’t want to burn on fire! Think of my Papa! He is very poor! He sold his coat to buy me a textbook for school!

MASTER OF THE THEATRE: Is that true? I’m sorry for him. Take these 5 gold pieces and give them to him.

PINOCCHIO: Oh, thank you very much! You are a very kind man! Goodbye!

SCENE – 5.

NARRATOR-2: But Pinocchio didn’t notice two shadows behind the door. And when he was going home along the road two black figures followed him. They were wearing masks.

CAT (FIGURE ONE) : Give us your money!

FOX (FIGURE TWO) : Give us your money or we’ll kill you!

CAT : Kill you! And then we’ll kill your father!

PINOCCHIO: I don’t have any money! Don’t kill me and my papa! We are poor, very poor!

(One of the gold pieces falls out of his mouth)

CAT: Look! The money is in his mouth! Give us the money!

(But Pinocchio runs away, the figures catch him and tie to a bench)

FOX: Stay here and we’ll come in the morning.

CAT: You’ll be dead and your mouth will be open.


NARRATOR: The tree (bench) was in the forest, not far from a beautiful little house, as green as grass, where a GIRL WITH THE BLUE HAIR lived.

GIRL: What a lovely morning! Medoro, let’s go for a walk! Come on!

Oh, look , who’s over there, tired to a bench? Go there and bring that thing to me!

(Medoro runs and brings Pinocchio)

MEDORO: Look, dear Girl, this is a puppet. But he is ill and his eyes are closed. Shall I run for -4 the doctor?

GIRL: Yes, dear Medoro. Run and ask the doctor to come to our hose as soon as possible.

(Medoro runs away and very quickly comes back with a doctor)

(DOCTOR: Hello, a Girl with the blur hair. What’s the matter?

GIRL: Hi, dear doctor. Come here, to the bed. Have a look at this poor puppet. Is he alive?

DOCTOR: I think that the puppet is dead, but if he is not dead, he is alive.

GIRL: So, is he dead?

DOCTOR: No, he is alive, but if he is not alive, he is dead. Give him some medicine to drink and we’ll see if he is dead or not. take it. Bye.

(gives the bottle of medicine to Medoro and he passes it to the Girl)

GIRL: Thank you, doctor, bye.)

GIRL to Pinocchio: Drink this medicine. I’ll give you a piece of sugar with it.

PINOCCHIO: Where is the piece of sugar?

GIRL: Here it is.

PINOCCHIO : First give me the piece of sugar and then I’ll drink the medicine.

(Medoro gives him the sugar, then the medicine and P. is well again)

GIRL: Now tell me and Medoro your story.

PINOCCHIO : The Master of the theatre gave me 5 gold pieces and I was running to my father when suddenly I met 2 robbers, who caught me and tied to a tree (bench).

GIRL: And where is the money?

PINOCCHIO: Here it is. I want to give it to my dad, so I must go.

GIRL: Go, You will meet him in the wood. Bye.


NARRATOR -1: On his way home Pinocchio met a Fox, who was lame, and a Cat, who was blind.

FOX: Good afternoon, Pinocchio! -5-

PINOCCHIO: Good afternoon! You know me, but I don’t know you! Who are you?

FOX: I’m the Fox and he is the Cat. And I know your Papa. I saw him yesterday, he was very cold without his coat.

PINOCCHIO: He won’t be cold any longer. Look! I have money and I want to buy him a new coat!

CAT: One-two-three-four-five! Five gold pieces!

FOX: What do you want to do with all this money?

PINOCCHIO: First I want to buy a coat for my Papa and then I’ll buy a textbook for school.

CAT: Do you really want to go to school? Look at me! I’m blind because I learnt at school!

FOX: Look at me! I’m lame because I learnt at school.

Do you want to have one hundred gold pieces? Come with us to the Magic Field!

In the field you must make a hole, put your 5 gold pieces in it, pour some water and make a hill. At night they’ll grow into a tree with many gold pieces on it.

PINOCCHIO: OK, I’ll go with you!

NARRATOR: So, three of them go together to the magic Field.

FOX: Here we are. Make a little hole in the ground with your hands and put your gold pieces into it. Bring some water, and say the magic words: “Craks-fax-packs”.

(Pinocchio brings some water in his shoe and says the magic words three times)

CAT: Now let’s go. In the morning the tree will grow and its fruit will be gold coins. But the tree doesn’t like when somebody watches how it grows. So, let’s go and have a nap.

(P. goes to take a nap and Fox and Cat take his money and run away, laughing)


NAR. When Pinocchio came to the field in the morning he saw no tree, only a hole.

PIN. Where is my money? And where is the tree with gold?

NAR. He saw a little bird. The bird laughed: ‘Only little boys think that money grows on trees’ -6-

PIN. I don’t understand you.

NAR. The bird said: ‘When you were asleep the Fox and the Cat came back to the field. They took your money and ran away.’

NAR. So Pinochio decided to go to the Girl with the Blue Hair but he didn’t see her house. He was hungry, but he hadno money. He could ask for a little work or he could beg. But his father always said:

(Gepetto: It is very bad to beg, everybody must work.)

He saw Harlequin, who was pulling a heavy cart.

PIN. Will you give me some money, I’m very hungry.

HAR. Help me pull this cart and I’ll give you money.

PIN. No, I don’t want to work like a donkey!

( to Punchinello) Will you giveme some money?

PUNCH. How can you beg? Go and work!

NAR. At last he saw a beautiful girl with a jug (bucket) of water.

PIN. Hello, can you give me to drink some water? I’m thirsty.

GIRL: Drink, if you want.

PIN. Thank you. Now I’m not thiraty, I’m hungry. Will you give me something to eat?

GIRL: Help me carry this jug (bucket) of water home and I’ll give you a piece of bread.

(P. doesn’t answer)

GIRL: I’ll also give you some soup.

GIRL: And after the soup I’ll give you some sweets.

PIN. OK! I’ll carry the jug (bucket) to your house!

NAR. They go to the house and the Girl gave him some bread, some soup and some sweets.

PIN. Thank you, a kind girl. OOOh, what do I see…. ? It can’t be! I didn’t recognise you at first!

GIRL: Yes, it’s me. And I’m a fairy. I can do everything.

PIN. Oh, I’m so happy to see you. Please, Fairy, be my mama! All the boys and girls have mama and papa!

GIRL: OK, Pinocchio! I will be your mama, but you must be a good boy and never tell a lie!

Good boys never tell lies! -7-

PIN. I promise! I won’t!

GIRL: And you must go to school. Good boys go to school!

PIN. Yes! I will go to school! I’ll start to go to school tomorrow. I will learn many things and then work and earn money for my papa.

GIRL: And you must apologise to your poor papa.

PIN. Yes, I will do this. But I don’t know where he is and how to find him.

GIRL: I’ll help you. One-two-three. Medoro, bring him here!

(Medoro and Gepetto come into the room)

PIN. This is my dear papa! Sorry< I’ve brought you so much trouble! Now. I promise, I’ll be good, very good!

GEPETTO: That’s good, my dear son! I believe you’ll be a good boy!

GIRL: And I have a present for you two. One-two-three. Now Pinocchio, you are not a puppet any longer, you’ve become a boy.

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