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Внеклассное мероприятие "St. Valentine's Day"

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                                              “   St. Valentine’s Day”


       -      Ladies and gentlemen …we are glad to see you again at our new   reality   show  “ Who is your Valentine?”


-                 All of you know what the St. valentine’s day is. I think.


-                 But all the same we should revise in your memory what is the reason of this holiday.


-                 There are several legends about St. Valentine’s day. One of the legends says that Valentine was christian priest who lived in the 3 century AD. He was put in a prison by roman authorities for his teachings and was beheaded on february 14. according to the legend he performed a miracle- he cured his jailer’s daughter of her blidness.


-                 according to another legend, Valentine was an italian bishop who lived at about the same time. He was thrown into a prison because he secretly married couples, contrary to the laws of the roman empire. The legend says that he was burnt at the stake.


-                 Now St. Valentine’s Day is the day of sweethearts. On this day, people show their friends relatives and loved ones that they care. People send candy or flowers to those whom they love.


-                  do you belive in love?


-                 I don’t know …but i am sure that this time  has come to begin our show!!!


-                 Yes, and first of all we tell about rules of our competition. One boy and 6 girls will be trying to find their second hearts but the most inportant condition ..they can’t  see him.


-                 And the next situation which makes some difficulties. Our hero doesn’t understand english and we had to ask for help. we are to introduce our interpreter. She will be helping our hero to understand everyhtign what will be  happenning  here. So he is welcome!!! (песня)


-                 thank you. but now we ask you to go with your interpreter, she will be with you all the time and please don’t spy


-                 nice. Now it is high time to present our girls. welcome. (представление)


-                 Now let’s give the floor to our girls. they are to tell some words about themselves. (рассказывают)


-                 The first task will be to describe your ideal boyfriend . now you can go and be preparing for this task.


-                 We begin our lottery and the first quotation is : “Who has found his part?” (половинку своей валентинки)


-                 And now let’s listen to our girls. (рассказывают)


-                 and what’s the dissision of our hero?


-                 the girl № … must leave our show.


-                 But we can’t let you go without ahy present… And now we will continue our lottery


-                 the hometask was to prepare their most favourite DISHES.


-                 And now our girls are to give the demonstration of their culinary abilities. welcome!


-                 while our hero will be eating we have a chance to see a beatiful song. (номер)


-                 Now let’s listen to our hero and get to know his mind…we are sorry but the girl №…. must leave our show. (present)


-                 The next task is to manage with the given situation. And the situation is: What will you do if you see your boyfrined with another girl in the street?


-                 While our girls are preparing we have a chance to see one interesting story, which is taken from reality. (DIALOGUE)


-                 Now let’s listen to our girls….


-                 And what is the decision of our hero?


-                 And specially for you girl №… is the song.( песня)


-                 The next task is to answer the questions, which will be given by our boyfriend. (задает вопросы по - русски)


-                 we are sorry but the girl №…. must leave our show. (present)


-                 And the last task is to make a declaration of love. please…


-                 Now you can see  the most important minute of our reality show. Our hero will do his final choice. Please…


-                 Sorry but you must leave our show and there is a present.  We congratulate you and wish you all goods of life.


-                 And now it’s the time to meet your Valentine…(выходит и поет…)


-                 Let’s applaude our sweet couple. We congratulate you and here some presents for you.


-                 We want wish you all goods of life.


-                 Be happy, healthy and remember that love is everything!!!


-                 So, love and be loved!!!


-                 Our reality show is over…


-                 Thank you for your attention….


-                 Goodbye!!!




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Краткое описание документа:

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "St. Valentine's Day" предназначено для учащихся 9-10 классов. Мероприятие проводится в конкурсной форме, где участницы выполняют различные задания, соревнуясь между собой. Победительница конкурса встречается со своим "Валентином" и получает от него подарок.

Основными целями и задачами данного внеклассного мероприятия являются:

1. Развитие лексических навыков учащихся и языковой догадки.

2. Воспитание познавательного интереса к изучению иностранного языка.

3. Расширение кругозора учащихся.

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