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Внеклассное мероприятие "The Beatles" 9 класс


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ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Қарлыға Аманжолқызы Мукей

«Битлз» тобына арналған

сабақтын тыс кештің жоспары

Тақырыпты меңгертудің мақсаты: Англия елінің дүние жүзіне әйгілі «Битлз» тобының құрылуы мен дамуы, топ құрамындағы әнші-музыканттар мен сазгерлер туралы ақпарат беру. Оқушылардың рухани байлығын кеңейтіп, әнге, өнерге деген қызығушылығын арттыру. Сөйлеу дағдыларын шыңдау, сөздік қорларын байыту.

(Сыныпты қара көлеңке қылып, майшамдар жағылып қойылады. 5-6 оқушы «Let it be» әні жүріп тұрады).

Мұғалім: Music is the greatest thing which connects people all over the world. It hasn`t nationality or citizenship. It`s a common human property.

Good afternoon, our dear guests! Of course, we are happy to see you here. Today we have gathered together because we love The Beatles. Our mothers and fathers grew up with their songs. We hope our love of this group will help us to understand each other better.

(Белсенді тақтада «Битлз» тобына арналған деректі фильмнен үзінді көрсетіледі).

1 оқушы: (Джон Ленон, Пол Макартни, Джордж Харрисон және Ринго Старр төртеуінің бірге түскен суреті көрсетіледі).

Тhe Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960 and one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music. From 1962 the group consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Rooted in skiffle and 1950 s rock and roll, the group later worked in many genres ranging from pop ballads to psychedelic rock, often incorporating classical and other elements in innovative ways.

2 оқушы: (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда битлз тобының жанкүйерлерінің суреті көрсетіледі).-Аnd I want to add that the nature of their enormous popularity, which first emerged as the “Beatlemania” fad, transformed as their songwriting grew in sophistication. The group came to be perceived as the embodiment of progressive ideals, seeing their influence extend into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.

(Белсенді тақтада “Rock-n-roll music” әнінің бейнежазбасы көрсетіледі).

3 оқушы: (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда “Love me do” әні айтылып жатады). - With an early five – piece line – up of Lennon, McCartney , Harrison, Stuart Sutcliff (bass) and Pete Best(drums), The Beatles built their reputation in Liverpool and Hamburg clubs over a three year period from 1960. Sutcliffe left the group in 1961, and Best was replaced by Starr the following year. Moulded into a professional outfit by music store owner Brian Epstein after he offered to act as the group`s manager, and with their musical potential enhanced by the hands-on creativity of producer George Martin. The Beatles achieved mainstream success in the United Kingdom in late 1962 with their first single, “Love me do”. Gaining international popularity over the course of the next year, they toured extensively until 1966, then retreated to the recording studio until their break – up in 1970.Each then found success in an independent musical career. Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City in 1980, and Harrison died of cancer in 2001. McCartney and Starr remain active.

4 оқушы: - During their studio years, The Beatles produced what critics consider some of their finest material including the album Sgt.Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band(1967), widely regarded as a masterpiece. Four decades after their break up, The Beatles music continues to be popular. The Beatles have had more number one albums on the UK charts, and held down the top spot longer, than any other musical act. According to RIAA certifications, they have sold more albums in the United States Than any other artist. In 2008, Billboard magazine released a list of the all –time top-selling Hot 100 artists to celebrate the US singles chart`s fiftieth anniversary, with The Beatles at number one. They have been honoured with 7 Gremmy Awards, and they have received15 Ivor Novello Awards from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. The Beatles were collectively included in Time magazine`s compilation of the 20th century`s 100 most influential people.

(“Please Please Me” бейнебаяны көрсетіледі).

5 оқушы: UK popularity, Please Please Me and With The Beatles in the wake of the moderate success of “Love Me Do”, “Please Please Me” met with a more emphatic reception, reaching number two in the UK singles chart after its January 1963 release. Martin originally intended to record the band`s debut LP live at The Cavern Club. Finding it had “the acoustic ambience of an oil tank”, he elected to create a “live” album in one session at Abbey Road Studios. Ten sons were recorded for Please Please Me, accompanied on the album by the four tracks already released on the two singles. Recalling how the band “rushed to deliver a debut album, bashing out Please Please Me in a day”, an All music reviewer comments, “Decades after it release, the album, the album still sounds fresh, precisely because of its intense origins ”. Lennon said little thought went into composition at the time; he and McCartney were “just writing Everly Brothers, a la Buddy Holly, pop songs with no more thought of them than that – to create a sound. And the words were almost irrelevant. ”

6 оқушы: (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда Джон Ленонға арналған бейне фильм көрсетіліп жатады).

-There were 4 people in this group. John Lennon is considered to be the organizer and the leader of the ensemble. He was born on the 9th of October 1940 in Liverpool. John`s father Alfred worked as a waiter on merchant ships. John`s mother`s name was Julia Stanley; she was kind and cheerful. John lived with his mother only for 18 months. His father was thought to have died at sea, so Julia re-married. This is why John was brought up by his aunt Mary, Stanly`s elder sister. John called her Mimi. Mimi was kind and clever, but very strict and sometimes sharp. She loved little John very much. Her greatest wish was to give John good education. He entered an elementary school at the age of five. John enjoyed painting. His favorite book was Alice in Wonderland.

7 оқушы: - May I continue, later, he was fond of reading books by Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allan Poe, or books about artists. After finishing the school John attended the Quarry Bank Grammar School for boys. However the teachers didn`t like him because John wouldn`t follow the strict rules. John wasn`t a good student at his school. His mother Julia encouraged her son to pursue musical hobbies, teaching him to play the harmonica. Julia later bought a guitar for her son and John spent a lot of hours playing different melodies.

One day he had the idea to organize a band. The group was formed and called themselves The Quarry Men. The boys began playing at home and school parties, birthday parties and street holidays. John became acquainted with Paul McCartney at one of the holidays in 1956. John Lennon once said that the story of the Beatles had begun on that day when he had met Paul McCartney.

8 оқушы: (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда Пол Маккартнидің суреті экранда көрсетіледі).- James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942. His mother Mary was a nurse in one of the hospitals. She was a very reserved, patient and diplomatic woman. His father James McCartney was 9 years older than his mother. He was an employer. Paul had a young brother Michael. They were good friends. People called them twins. As a boy, Paul was patient and kind; everybody called him a diplomat.

Paul performed well at the Liverpool Institute, doing best at Latin, Greek and English spelling. He took an active part in extracurricular activities. At school Paul found out that he was left handed – he couldn`t write with his right hand.

9 оқушы: - The McCartney family loved music. His father often played the piano at home. Paul was 13 years old when his mother died. The boy and the father felt a terrible loss. Paul was keen on football, but music didn`t play an important part in his childhood. However, he learned to compose songs on his piano very quickly. Paul asked his father to buy him a guitar. He had to rearrange the strings on his guitar because he played with his left hand. Paul was fond of rock-n-roll and Elvis Presley. His brother Mike remembers “When Paul took up the guitar, he forgot everything. He didn`t want to waste time even for dinner. He played everywhere, even in the bathroom and in the toilet”.

10 оқушы : (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда Джордж Харрисонның суреті экранда көрсетіледі).

George Harrison was born on February 12 1943, in a big and friendly family. There were four children in the family, of which George was the youngest. His mother Louisa was merry and very kind. She worked as a shop assistant. His father, Gerald Harrison was a tall thin man. He was a bus driver.

George was a very obedient child. He helped old people and took care of animals. Unfortunately, he was often ill. During his childhood he wasn`t interested in music, but he was fond of various shows. He was a very good student in school. It took him little time to do his homework due to the fact that he had a good memory. Later on he learned to sew and altered his school trousers to fashionable tight ones. He went in for track and field athletics, played football, swam well and liked riding bikes. When George studied at the Institute he became interested in skiffle. His Idol was Lonny Donegan. Louisa bought a guitar for her son. George taught himself to play the guitar with a book. He couldn`t play well at first, and his fingers got bloody. With the help of his mother he was able to learn to play the guitar. On day on his way to the Institute George met Paul McCartney on the bus. They became friends and had the same interests. Harrison played the guitar better than Paul and was invited to the group, becoming the leading guitarist.

11 оқушы: (Оқушы сөйлеп жатқанда Ринго Старрдың суреті экранда көрсетіледі).

Ringo Starr was born on July 7, 1940. His father Richard Henry Parkin Starki, worked as a baker. His wife Elsie Gleeve was a waitress in a bar. Elsie worked hard, which is why little Richard had to stay alone or at their neighbours. Richard was very sociable as a result. He was a very weak boy and often missed classes at school. He couldn`t read even at the age of 8, though Elsie tried her best to help her son. He was invited to join the group in summer 1962. He was paid 25 pounds a week.

12 оқушы: Thus the group was formed. The Beatles changed pop music forever. From their first single “Love Me Do” 3n 1962, people heard something different from the usual pop of that time. Their songs seemed more musical than others and more exciting than the kind of thing most artists were recording then. The Beatles also looked nicer than anyone else. More and more people began to listen to pop music than before. A hysteria that the newspapers called “Beatlemania” swept through Britain and America. In 1964 the film “A Hard Day`s Night” was made. In this film we can see John, Paul, George and Ringo and listen to their songs.

13 оқушы: The “Yesterday” is the best song in the album “Help”, which was released in 1965. It is the most popular Beatles song. “Yesterday” is romantic ballad. What is the origin of this song? Every morning Paul sat at the piano and played his own music. The melody of “yesterday” appeared one morning while Paul was cooking breakfast. That`s why first he named the song “Scrambled eggs”. But he couldn`t think of words. Nice sad music didn`t agree with simple words. The words came after several days and they were charming. Let`s try sing it together. (Оқушылар “Yesterday” әнін орындайды).

14 оқушы: The bands break up was announced in April 1970, a month before Let it be was released. Documents filed on December 31, 1970 officially ended the legal entity known as The Beatles. After the Beatles broke up, each of the band members followed separate creative paths. Paul McCartney formed a band called Wings with his wife, Linda; they recorded numerous hit songs, including “Live and Let Die”. John Lennon achieved great success as a solo artist, with classic songs like “Imagine”. Tragically he was killed by an obsessive fan, Mark David Chapman, in 1980. George Harrison recorded many solo albums over the years, and died of cancer in 2001.

(Джон Леннонның “Imagine” әні жүріп тұрады).

Мұғалім: Our trip has finished. We hope you`ve had a wonderful time with legendary English group “The Beatles” and of course you`ve learned a lot of new information about them. Thank you for your coming.

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