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Внeклассноe мeроприятиe 'Тeacher's Day" (5-6 класс)

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Teacher’s Day


Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you!

Good morning, dear teacher!

We are glad to see you!

Группа детей читает стихи.

Where do all the teachers go? (Group of 6 pupils)

1. Where do all the teachers go
When it’s four o’clock?
Do they live in houses
And do they wash their socks?

2. Do they wear pajamas?
And do they watch TV?
And do they pick their noses
The same as you and me?

3. Do they live with other people
Have they mums and dads?
And were they ever children
And were they ever bad?

4. Did they ever, never spell right
Did they ever make mistakes?
Were they punished in the corner
If they pinched the chocolate flakes?

5. Did they ever lose their note books?
Did they ever leave their greens?
Did they ever scribble on the desktop?
Did they wear old dirty jeans?

6. I’ll follow one back home today
I’ll find out what they do
Then I’ll put it in a poem
That they can read to you.


Teacher I Need You

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

I was sitting in the classroom
Trying to look intelligent
In case the teacher looked at me
She was long and she was lean
She's a middle-aged dream
And that lady means the whole world to me

It's a natural achievement
Conquering my homework
With her image pounding in my brain
She's an inspiration
For my graduation
And she helps to keep the classroom sane

Oh teacher I need you like a little child
You got something in you to drive a schoolboy wild
You give me education in the lovesick blues
Help me get straight come out and say
Teacher I, teacher I, teacher I, Teacher I need you

I have to write a letter
Tell about my feelings
Just to let her know the scene
Focus my attention
On some further education
In connection with the birdies and the bees

So I'm sitting in the classroom
I'm looking like a zombie
I'm waiting for the bell to ring
I've got John Wayne stances
I've got Erroll Flynn advances
And it doesn't mean a doggone thing

Дети по очереди демонстрируют буквы и говорят каждый по строчке:

Teacher Appreciation Poem

T is for talented that you surely are
E is for explaining so patiently
A is for the ability to make the class fun
C is for correcting us when we were wrong
H is for helping us in every way
E is for encouraging us to do our best
R is for rare, there is only one of you!

Together: So thank you special teacher; we think you're great too!



For teaching children lessons,
To help them as they grow,
Let this gift remind you,
You're the best teacher we know!

Дарят учителям цветы, открытки с поздравлениями на английском языке, шары.


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