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Внеклассное мероприятие во 2-5 классах по теме "Мамин праздник"

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Внеклассное мероприятие (2-5 классы)

Mothers Day

Цели: развитие навыков устной речи,

развитие навыков аудирования,

развитие познавательной активности учащихся,

воспитание группового взаимодействия,

воспитание уважения к старшим.

Оборудование: мультимедиа, презентация, рисунки и фотографии мам

Ход мероприятия.

Песня Hello

На экране числа: 13,15,20, 8,5,18,19,4,1,25

Ведущий 1        Good afternoon, dear boys, girls, teachers and our guests!

Ведущий 2         We are glad to see you!

Ведущий 1 Boys and girls look at the screen. Can you tell us what these numbers mean?

(ученики называют буквы алфавита под определенными номерами)

На экране появляется надпись Mothers Day

Ведущий 2 Good of you. This time we are going to talk about American  and Russian holidays in honor of women and mothers.

Ведущий 1 Beauty, woman, girl, flowers, mother, spring. There are not so many days in the year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today, we have an excellent chance to feel the atmosphere of love and spring. This party is dedicated to our mothers.

Ведущий 2 Do you know the history of this holiday? Listen carefully, please!

 Ведущий 1   International  Women’s Day, March 8 is a day of international solidarity of women. This holiday has a long history.

The first Women’s Day celebration in Russia was organized in1913.

 Ведущий 2  In America the idea of honoring mothers on a special day started with Ann Jarvis. She chose the second Sunday in May. On this day children give thanks for the support, love, care their mothers and grandmothers. Families have a special dinner. Giving cards, flowers and gifts is also the tradition.

Ведущий 1   What do Russian children do to please their mothers.?

Ведущий 2    Schoolchildren prepare for their mothers presents made with their own hands. They send beautiful greeting cards to mothers and teachers.  

Look at these cards! (Слайды с изображением поздравительных открыток на русском и английском языках)          

Ведущий 1   The most common gifts are flowers and sweets.

Ведущий 2 The symbol of Mother’s Day in America are  red and white carnations.    (Слайды с  изображением цветов)  

Ведущий 1    In Russia - mimosa and tulips.  (Слайды с изображением цветов)

 Ведущий 2     Are your mothers  happy to get flowers on the 8th of March?  


 Ведущий 1     All children  congratulate their mothers, grandmothers, sisters,  teachers on the Mother’s Day.

Ведущий 2 Who wakes you up and kisses you? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 1Who says it’s time to wash your face? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 2 Who cooks you breakfast, dinner and supper? (Mummy!)

Ведущий 1Who likes your smile, asks not to cry? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 2 Who helps you, plays with you and sings? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 1 Who gives you presents and tasty things? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 2Who loves you and your Daddy deeply? (Mummy!)
Ведущий 1 Who is the best for you and me? (Mummy!)


Песня My dear Mummy!      

My dear, dear Mummy!
Let me kiss your face.
I want you to be happy
Today and always.

Be happy, be happy
Today and always
Be happy, be happy
Today and always.

 Pupil 1

One one one, I love the sun

Two two two, I love my mummy too

Three three three my mummy loves me

Four four four I love her more and more!

Pupil 2

Mother is the dearest

of all the friends I know,

She helps me work and helps me play

That’s why I love her so.

Pupil 3

I love the way you look

I love the way you cook

Now what I really want to say

It’s Happy Mother’s Day

Pupil 4

I know a face, a lovely face

As full of beauty as of grace

A face of pleasure and of smile

In darkness it gives light

A face that is itself like joy

To see it – I’m a happy boy.

And I have a joy like no other

This lovely woman is my mother!

Pupil 5

Mother is busy from morning till night,
Keeping her family
Happy and bright!

Pupil 6

Help your mother to lay the table,
With a knife and fork and spoon.
Help your mother to lay the table
Every afternoon!

Pupil 7

Help your mother to lay the table,
Take the knife and fork and spoon.
Help your mother to clear the table
Morning, night and afternoon!

Pupil 8

Make a basket
For your mother
And fill it
With flowers gay.
Then put in a card
Just to say:

Children (in chorus): Happy Mother’s Day!

Песня Mummy is the best in life

One, two, three, four, five,

Mummy is the best in life.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

Mummy’s kisses are so great.

What if you fall and cry?

Mummy hugs you and it’s all right.

Why Mummies are so nice?

Because they have a big sweet heart!

Ведущий 2 I think you love your mothers very much. It’s time to listen to your stories about your mothers. (Несколько учащихся рассказывают о своих мамах)

Ведущий 1 How often we see funny situations in our families. Please, watch two of them.

Сценка Sleepy Kate


Dear Kate! Don’t be late!
Wake up! It’s seven o’clock sharp!


Oh, Mummy, dear!
I can hardly hear what you say.
Please let me stay in my bed.
I’m a sleepy head.


Sleepy Kate! You are late!
Get up! It’s eight o’clock sharp!


Oh, Mummy, please, leave me in a peace.
My eyes are shut. I can’t get up.


Lazy Kate! I can’t wait!
Please get up! It’s nine o’clock sharp!


It’s Monday today. Such a difficult day!
I’m so stressed and a bit depressed,
And I need some rest to be at my best.


Shameless Kate! Listen what I say!
It’s nearly nine and a quarter!
I’ll bring a bucket of water and pour it out of pail
As all my words and actions fail.


Please, don’t, don’t, don’t! It’s time for me to go.

Сценка Three little kittens

Выходит девочка, выполняющая роль мамы-кошки: “I am Mother-cat. I have three kittens: a grey, a while and a black one. This is a pie for my nice kittens. Come to me, my dear”.


Three little kittens,

They lost their mittens,

And they began to cry…


Oh, Mother dear,

We greatly fear

Our mittens we have lost.


Lost your mittens

You naughty kittens

Miew, miew, miew

No, you will have no pie.


Three little kittens,

They found their mittens,

And they began to cry…


Oh, Mother dear,

See here, see here

Our mittens we have found.


Found your mittens

You clever kittens

Then you will have some pie.


Purr, purr, purr

Oh, let us have some pie.

 Ведущий 2 Now we would like to present a poem to our grandmothers.


Pupil 9

 Little girl, little girl. Where have you been ? I`ve been to see grandmother Over the green. What did she give you? Milk in a can. What did you say for it? Thank you, gran.


Ведущий1 It’s time for a game. Dear mothers, how well do you know your children?

(3 детей у доски пишут ответы на вопросы учителя по-английски, затем мамы отвечают по-русски.)

What’s your favourite colour?

What’s your favourite pastime?

What’s your favourite animal?

What’s your favourite food?

(побеждает пара «мама-ребенок», у которой будет наибольшее количество совпадений)


   Ведущий 2     Dear guests! That’s all.

   Ведущий 1      We are glad to see you! We hope you liked our performance.  

   Ведущий 2       Thank you very much for your attention.

   Ведущиe 1, 2       Good bye!


Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
Close at hand
Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
To hold their hand
I look in the eyes
Of a beautiful child
They tell me more than words
He reaches his hand
And cries for something
Oh I’ll give him all I have
Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
Close at hand
Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa
To hold their hand
Birdies on the window
See the birdies on my window
If I could fly oh babe
then I would fly, ooh ooh oh
Believe in me, yeah
I’m holding his hand
And giving my love
Through happiness and sorrow
And in no time
He’ll be a big boy
Oh what a wonder of love
Every baby needs a mama...
Close at hand
Oh little baby you’re not alone

Список используемой литературы

1. С.В. Фурсенко. Merry Grammar Rhymes. Москва, 2001.

2. К.А. Родкина, Т.А. Соловьёва. Poems and plays for children. 1989.

3. Н.Д. Синицкая. English for fun and like fun. Волгоград, 1998.

4. Н.Г. Брюсова. Учимся и играем на уроках английского языка. Москва, 2003.

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