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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Внеклассное мероприятия по английскому языку на тему "The star hours"
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Внеклассное мероприятия по английскому языку на тему "The star hours"


Terenkul secondary school


The Star Hours”

Spent :Idrissova G.A

2014-2015 years

Competition: “The Star Hour”

- to teach students to express their own points of view and work in competition;
- to develop skills of reading, listening, speaking and unprepared speech;
- to enlarge country studying knowledge and educate the feeling foreign languges.
- to learn the language of other country and to respect it.

Lesson type: an intellectual competition lesson.

Visual aids: The name of the game, the maps of GB and London, cards with the: numerals, words, letters.

The procedure

T: Dear teacher and spectators! Welcome to our competition that calls “The star hours”
The most popular language is English. It’s the language of progressive science and technology, trade and cultural relation, commerce and business. Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing. But nowadays every educated man is to learn any foreign language.

T: Let me introduce to you our team.
“ the star” and “the sun”
T: I wish you good luck! We want you to introduce themselves and you may tell us about yourselves

T: Our competition consists of 4 stages:
1. The first stage is
“Warm up”

2. The first second Time for the crews

3 The third stage. Who wants to be a milliner?
4. The fourth stage is
Who is clever?”





T: And we have dear jury staff that will mark our team. Let me introduce them to you.

1.Suinshcalitva A.A

2.Bectenova L.B
3.Bigaliev A.M

Players, are you ready for this competition? let’s begin.

  1. The first stage is “Warm up”


Name 5 colours

Name 5 days of the week

Name 5 school subjects

Name 5 professions


Name 5 animals

Name 5 things that people wear

Name 5 things we can eat

Name 5 weather

II. Now its time for the crews

In this stage you have to guess then the answer should draw

I’m big. I’m grey.
My nose is long.
My tail is short
I’m an …

\an elephant\

I’m little. I’m grey.
My nose is short.
My tail is long.
I’m a … .

\a mouse\

I’m small. I’m white.
My nose is black.
My ears are long.
I like carrots.
I’m a … .

\a rabbit\

I’m big. I’m red.
My tail is long.
I like cocks and hens.
I’m a … .

\a fox\

I’m big. I have a long tail and strong teeth. I live in Africa. I like to eat giraffes and goats. I’m green. \a crocodile\

I am very useful. I give you milk, cheese, cream, meat. \a cow\

III. Who wants to be a milliner?

1.This is a picture of:

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

The Tower of London

Big Ben

2Traditional English houses usually have?

3.Where do men wear skirts?

4. Guess what it is:

There you can see the Changing of the Guard. It has 600 rooms.

Buckingham Palace

Trafalgar square

The Tower of Bridge


IV. “Who is clever?”







I .Choose the word with a general meaning

1. square, museum, city, park, garden

2. librarian, musician, profession, actor, dancer

II.Find the names of animals

S n a k e l e p h a n t i g e r h i n o

III. Match the words and the descriptions

Aunt the son or daughter of an aunt

Niece the wife of an uncle

Cousin a head of family

Father the daughter of a brother or sister

IV.Form the names of profession:

music – musician

art -artist

swim- swimmer

teach –teacher

sport –sportsmen


I.Fill in the appropriate article (a, the, -)

1. London is the capital of … United Kingdom.

2. …Colin Evans is … best pupil in the class.

3. I live in … Green Street.

II. Correct the sentences:

Tomorrow I went to the disco.

Yesterday he will play football.

I has been to the museum this week.

III. Adjectives:

A dog is a man’s …(good) friend.

Horses are …(beautiful) than camels.

The whale is the …(big) sea animal.

IV. Write down the plural of:

Man –

Dress –

Wolf –

Lion -

Society –


I.Make up words:

m, s, u, m, e, u –

s, a, m, o, u, f –

p, t, a, i, l, c, a -

II.Write down the address on the envelope. Use:

England, Green Street, London, 15, Mary Brown

III.Put in the missing letters:

ndepend ... nt,

t … pical,

l … ving,

d … … ghty

VI.Write the verbs in ing-form:

Eat –

Take -

Sit -

Visit –

Cut -


I.Cross out the odd word (mind reading rules):

sweet, meat, head, cheese, tea

kind, like, type, five, British

cook, tooth, juice, spoon, food

II. Cross out the odd word (mind reading rules):

sweet, meat, head, cheese, tea

kind, like, type, five, British

cook, tooth, juice, spoon, food

III. Put in the missing words: hobby, computer, clever, teacher, intelligent

My mum is a History …

Her … draw a picture.

My dad is a … programmer.

He is …

My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes …

Dear pupils and guests! We want to thank you all for the participation in our competition. See you next time. Good bye!

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