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Внеклассное мероприятие "My future profession"


Мероприятие по теме «My future profession»


- Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Профессии»;

-    познакомить учащихся с ВУЗами Татарстана;

-  Ориентировать учащихся в выборе той или иной профессии;

- Дать представление о многообразии профессий и их важности для людей

- Развивать кругозор.

Ход мероприятия:

Once upon a time there lived a princess not far from the Republic of Tatarstan. The whole life she lived a quiet and careless life, because her father , the king, did everything instead of her. She had a lot of servants, who could fulfill any of her dreams. Moreover, she studied at home and didn’t have to attend any school to get education.

But one day she felt sick and tired of such life and began to think about her future. She wanted to get a profession. Well, let’s get acquainted with her.

KING: Why are you so sad today, daughter? Is something wrong with you?

DAUGHTER: You know, dad, I’m already sixteen, but I don’t know what profession to choose as my future career.

KING: What? What are you saying? You mustn’t work. We have a lot of servants in our kingdom that can do any work for us.

DAUGHTER: I see, dad, but I think it’s not right when other people do something instead of you.

KING: I don’t agree with you, because you are a royal girl and king’s daughter mustn’t work at all. What will I tell to my neighbor kings? They will make fun of me.

DAUGHTER: FATHER, I don’t care about it. You know, I spent all my life within walls of this kingdom, but now I understood that my life was so meaningless that I want to enter some university to get a profession. But for it I want my teacher to come here. (Кыз басым белэн эйтэ. Ата уфтанып стражаны чакыра)

KING: Oh, my God! One day you will drive me mad! Guards! (Стражакерэ) Call my daughter’s teacher here!

GUARDS: Yes, your Majesty!


TEACHER: Did you call me, your Majesty?

KING: Yes, my daughter wants to choose some profession as her future career and I want you to introduce some of them to her.

TEACHER: Oh, I will do it with pleasure.

KING: Now I will leave you!

TEACHER:Well, dear princess, what profession would you like to choose?

DAUGHTER: I really don’t know, because I know none of them.

TEACHER: First of all, I can say that there are over 2000 professions in the world and all of them are important and interesting in their own way. For example, teachers, tailors, vets, builders, lawyers, policemen…… Of course, it’s impossible to get acquainted with all of them within a short time, but I will try to give the most interesting ones to you. Now I would like to show you this book of professions where you can see the variety of professions. Look please. (Китаптан видео карыйлар янэсе, видео беткэч, китап укытучы кулында кала)

(ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИЯ «Профессии» 2 мин.)

DAUGHTER: Wow, there are really a lot of kinds of professions in the world. I think it’ll be very difficult to choose, but I must find suitable one for me.

TEACHER: Dear princess, in order to make acquaintance with professions, I don’t want to go so far. If you look around, you will notice that there are many people of different professions in our kingdom. Well, could you tell me please, who prepares you breakfast every day?

Daughter: M-m-m, of course, cookers

Teacher: You’re right. And can you imagine your life without cookers?

DAUGHTER: No-o-o-o-. I like to eat very much.

TEACHER: I must say, that a cooker profession is one of the most important professions in the world, because cookers feed us every day. As you know, cookers are responsible for preparing us not only breakfasts, but also lunches, dinners, suppers and they must be careful with all ingredients they use while cooking. Moreover, they always have to verify their food.

DAUGHTER: I think it would be so nice if I saw him with my own eyes.

TEACHER: Of course, no problem. Guards! Bring here our cooker!


COOKER: Good morning, dear princess.

DAUGHTER: They say, that your profession is one of the most necessary ones in the world? Is it true?

COOKER: Well, I think it’s true. But, moreover, I find my profession the sweetest too , because every day I make different tasty things. I must say I like my job very much. Perhaps I enjoy not cooking itself, but making improvisations every day. When I make something extraordinary, I feel so proud of myself.

Daughter: M-m-m-m-m, I would like to cook like you too…. But where did you study to be a cooker?

COOKER: Well, I must say, that I studied in Kazan cooperative technical school for two years, where I learned to cook different dishes like soups, salads, first - second courses, cakes….

TEACHER: By the way, you can see it in this picture, your Majesty.

DAUGHER: M-m-m-, how interesting! But how did you manage to learn to cook so well within such a short time?

COOKER: I think it’s impossible to be a real cooker if you don’t have any capacities. Well, I liked сooking from my childhood. To crown it all, when I studied in technical school, I had practice meanwhile. I think this practice helped me to learn to cook quicker.

DAUGHTER: I see. But can you teach me to cook something delicious too?

COOKER: No problem, dear princess. I will do it with pleasure. For example, I can teach you how to make an apple pie.

DAUGHTER: M-m-m-, an apple pie. It sounds interesting.

COOKER: For it you will need apples, sugar, flour and eggs. Well, before making it the first thing you should do is to chop apples into pieces…..

DAUGHTER: Can I do it myself?

COOKER: Yes, please, but be careful with the knife.

DAUGHTER:. Оh, my God, I’m so absent-minded, I even don’t know how to chop apples. I feel so ashamed.

COOKER: Don’t worry, princess, don’t cry! It’s just the beginning. If you try to do your best, I think you’ll manage to learn how to cook.

DAUGHTER: Ok, thank you very much. You will teach me some other time. You may go.

TEACHER: Maybe, we should send for a doctor? Did you hurt your finger seriously?

DAUGHTER: I think we should.


DOCTOR: Did you call me, your majesty?

DAUGHTER: Yes, I hurt my finger while chopping an apple.

DOCTOR: Let me see. Oh, there seems to be nothing wrong with your finger. Fortunately, I have all my appliances at hand. Now we will tie a bandage on it and that’s all. Don’t be afraid.

DAUGHTER: Oh, doctor, thank you very much. You saved me.

DOCTOR: Oh, dear princess, your pain is not so serious in comparison with other serious damages.

DAUGHTER: Now I see clearly that without doctors our life would be more difficult.

DOCTOR: I agree with you. I must say that doctor profession is really one of the difficult ones in the world, but it’s one of the noblest professions too, because doctors deal with lives of people and their health.

DAUGHTER: Doctor, did you study anywhere to become a doctor?

DOCTOR: Certainly! I graduated from the Kazan State Medical University. But for it doctors should be good at Medicine. If you aren’t you’d better not to choose this profession, because doctors have no right for mistakes, because people’s lives depend on their practice and knowledge.

DAUGHTER: I see. And how long did you study there?

DOCTOR: I studied there for 6 years.

DAUGHTER: For 6 years??????? It’s very long…………

TEACHER: If you want, you can see it on this picture, dear princess.

DAUGHTER: I see…..

DOCTOR: I think you can understand the real essence of my job, only if you see it with your own eyes.


DAUGHTER: You were right, teacher, to be a doctor is not so easy, I think this job is not for me.

DOCTOR: I can say that if you are good at your studies and if you want to treat people you can choose this profession.

Daughter: Ok, I’ll think it over. Oh, I feel tired a little bit.

TEACHER:Maybe, you should have some rest.

Daughter: I would like to listen to some beautiful song now.

Teacher: Oh, wait a minute.


DAUGHTER: What a beautiful voice! I would like to be a singer too.

Teacher: But, unfortunately, not everybody can be a singer, dear princess, because for it a person should have a good voice. Moreover, singers have to train their voices every day, because sometimes they give several concerts a day.

Daughter: I see,but I can learn to sing too.

TEACHER: It’s not a bad idea, but without a teacher you can not do it.

DAUGHTER: Why? You can teach me. You are a teacher too.

TEACHER: But I can not teach to sing, because only music teachers can do it. And especially students must enter some university to be singers. For example, the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts. By the way, here is the picture of this university

DAUGHTER: I see. Maybe you’re right. Look teacher, maybe you will tell me about your profession? And where did you study?

TEACHER: Well, I studied in the Tatar State Pedagogical University of Humanities for 5 years, but now it’s renamed The Kazan Federal University. By the way, you can see it in this picture

DAUGHTER: Teacher, is it easy for you to be a teacher?

TEACHER: Well, my profession is really considered to be as one of the difficult ones in the world , because teachers have to work with children. That’s why a teacher should have a range of traits like patience, tolerance, politeness. But in spite of it I like my job, that’s why I don’t find any difficulty in my job. On the contrary, I get a lot of pleasure from it.

DAUGHTER: I think your profession is really the most necessary in the world, because without you I wouldn’t be able to learn new things in my live. You taught me how to read, how to write and how to treat different situations in my life. Thank you very much for all you’ve done for me teacher!

TEACHER: Oh, you make me feel ashamed! Thank you. It’s really pleasant to hear such words from children you teach. Ok, let’s continue princess. Now I would like to ask you who sewed all these clothes for you?

DAUGHTER: I don’t know.

TEACHER: You should know, princess, that not everybody can sew dresses for you. Only tailors can do it! Look at this picture.

DAUGHTER: Really, I have never thought about it. My dresses are really beautiful. But how can they sew so well?

TEACHER: Because it’s their profession. They know every their sewing thread, every needle.

DAUGHTER: And where should I enter to become a tailor?

TEACHER: Well, if I’m not mistaken, there are several places, where students get this profession. But the most popular one of them them is The Kazan State Technological University. By the way, you can see it in this picture.

DAUGHTER: M-m-m, it should be very good university, if they teach to sew such beautiful clothes there. Teacher,I would like to see our tailor with my own eyes.

TEACHER: Certainly! No problem!


TAILOR: Did you invite me?

DAUGHTER: Yes, I have just known that this dress was sewed by you? How can you do it?

TAILOR: Oh, it’s the easiest job for me now, because I do it every day.

DAUGHTER: Can you teach me to sew too?

TAILOR: I’m afraid, it is not possible to teach you so fast, because I studied in special university to be a tailor. Moreover, our job is not so easy as it seems to be, because sometimes we sew till night to finish one dress and it influences our eyes badly. To crown it all, we work with sewing machines, needles and that’s why we must work very carefully.

DAUGHTER: Do you sew only dresses?

TAILOR: No, we sew different costumes, suits, shirts, trousers too. If you want I can show you some of them.

DAUGHTER: It would be nice.


TAILOR: Well, how do you find our works?

DAUGHTER: They are great! What surprises me more, it’s that you live in our kingdom and I even didn’t know you in reality. I can say you are a person with gold hands. Thank you very much for your dresses.

TAILOR:Thank you, princess, good bye.

TEACHER: Well, I think you like our today’s lesson. Would you like to know some other universities, where students get professions, your Majesty?

DAUGHTER: Yes, of course!

TEACHER: Then tell me please, how do you think who built our kingdom?

DAUGHTER: I never thought about it, because our kingdom was built before I was born. Maybe my father?

TEACHER: No, princess, this kingdom was built by builders. You can look them in this picture.

DAUGHTER: They look so interesting.

TEACHER: Yes, they have their own working costumes.

DAUGHTER: And where do the study, my teacher?

TEACHER: Well, there is one university called The Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. Look at this picture, please. (Универны курсэтэ) If I am not mistaken, students have to study for 5 years there. I think you can understand the essence of this profession if see the builder with your own eyes.


BUILDER: Did you call me your Majesty?

DAUGHTER: Yes, I called you. I have never seen builders before.And what can you tell me about your profession?

BUILDER: Well, I can say that my job is very interesting for me, because we build different buildings like schools, theatres, cinemas, bridges. And every time when I see new buildings, I feel so proud of myself, because all this buildings play a great role in people’s lives. Moreover, I think builder profession is a job for real men, because every man must be able to carry heavy building facilities, also to beat a hammer, nails and chop wood. But I think, dear princess, this job is not for girls. Because you are so fragile and this profession will not beautify you.

DAUGHTER: Why do you think so? Maybe I can work with tools. Give me your hammer and nails. Ah-h-h-h-, it’s so painful. I hurt my finger twice today. This job is really not for me.

BUILDER:I’m sorry, princess. As I said, this job is not for girls and especially for you.

DAUGHTER: Now I see. Teacher, it’s seems to me that today is not my day. Look, I hurt two of my hands today though I didn’t know anything.

TEACHER: Don’t worry, dear princess! Do you remember the proverb “No pains, no gains”?

DAUGHTER: Yes, you’re always telling me about it.

TEACHER: Then you’d better be patient and wait till you find a job close to your heart. I think now it’s the right time to make acquaintance with the profession of an economist.

DAUGHTER: Teacher, who is he?

TEACHER: Well, he is a person who calculates and counts all the money in our kingdom.

DAUGHTER: Calculates and counts? But I thought that it’s my father who does it.

TEACHER: No, of course your father is an owner of the money in the kingdom, but all the deals connected with money lie on the economists shoulders. Look, at the picture, please.

DAUGHTER: Ah, I recognized him. He is Mr. Walker. Yes, he is very smart. Teacher, and where did he study to be an economist?

TEACHER: Well, he studied in The Kazan State Institute of Economics and Finance for 5 years. You can see the picture of it in this page. Maybe, we should invite him here?

DAUGHTER: I think, it is a good idea!


ECONOMIST: Did you invite me, your Majesty?

DAUGHTER: Yes, Mr. Walker, I have just known that all the money of our kingdom is in your hands.

ECONOMIST: No, it’s not in my hands, I’m just responsible for the financial sphere of our kingdom. My duty is to calculate money, to make different contracts, deals and mainly I have to be very attentive with money.

DAUGHTER: But how can you remember all the numerals in your head?

ECONOMIST: Well, dear princess, I’m very good at Mathematics and I have been working in this position for 20 years. I have enough practice and experience to have this job.

DAUGHTER: I think I would be able to become an economist too, as I have 5 in Mathematics.

ECONOMIST: Maybe, but I must say, to be an economist a person must also know many sciences, such as business economics, finance and credits, statistics, history of economic theory and philosophy, as well as economic management, trade business and, of course, marketing, which is a modern philosophy of business. Moreover It is very important for a specialist to be a skilful user of computers and to speak at least one foreign language. It should be better if it is English as it is the most popular language of international business communication. You'll be able to follow business developments in the world by listening to radio and TV news, by reading newspapers or magazines, or by getting in contact with your business partners abroad.



POSTMAN: May I come in?

DAUGHTER: Yes, you may.

POSTMAN: Teacher, I brought you a letter from neighbor kingdom and they want you to send them answer as quick as possible.

TEACHER: Princess, let me leave you.

DAUGHTER: Now I stayed alone…..

POSTMAN:Maybe I can help you, your majesty?

DAUGHTER: I think you can not.

POSTMAN: I have to insist and ask what bothers you?

Daughter: The problem is that I’m choosing the profession as my future career, but I haven’t made up my mind what profession to choose.

POSTMAN: Princess, let me advice you some. Of course every profession is interesting and useful in its own way, but I think that my profession is the best in the world

DAUGHTER: Why do you think so?

POSTMAN: Because every day I have to go to different places and deliver people magazines, newspapers, letters. It’s interesting for me. Moreover, you don’t have to study anywhere. There are no special institutes to get a profession of a postman. In order to work in this sphere you just must have healthy legs and energy to bring newspapers on time. That’s it.

Daughter:As I understood you, you have to deliver newspapers even if the weather is bad? How do you get to houses when the weather is bad?

POSTMAN;Of course, we have to work even if the weather is dull or rainy. But when I feel that I bring people joy and fun, I feel so proud of myself. Just imagine, there are a lot of lonely and disabled people, who have no close people. Who knows, maybe I ‘m the only person whom they are waiting for? And every time I come, they feel they are in need. That’s why I can say that even if people think that to be a postman is not popular and prestigious, my profession is important for our society.


TEACHER: Well, here is my answer.

POSTMAN: Ok, I must go now.

DAUGHTER: Teacher, I think it’s enough for today. Today you gave me such a useful lesson and I got acquainted with many universities, where students can get different professions. What surprised me more in today’s lesson is that I got acquainted with many people from my own kingdom. Now I understood that a person should know what he wants from his childhood, because the more you know, the quicker you’ll decide what road to go.

TEACHER: You are absolutely right, dear princess. If a person knows what he wants from his childhood, it’s much easier for him to understand his future life . For example, in our kingdom there are little children who are keen on dancing from their childhood. They like dancing so much, that they participate almost in all parties of our kingdom. And I’m sure that in future they will be great dancers. If you want I can invite them here to dance for you.

PRINCESS: Oh, teacher, I would be so thankful to you.


PRINCESS: You were right, teacher, these little children dance so well and I’m sure in future they will be great dancers. Teacher, thank you very much, that you gave me such an informative and useful lesson.

TEACHER: Not at all, dear princess. I’m very glad and I am very happy to hear that now it’ll be much easier for you to choose the right profession.

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка выполнена в форме театрализованной постановки и может быть нацелена на учащихся 5-11 классов. Главной целью разработки являются:                           -    Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Профессии»;

- познакомить учащихся с ВУЗами Татарстана;                              - Ориентировать учащихся в выборе той или иной профессии; 

- Дать представление о многообразии профессий и их важности для людей; 

- Развивать кругозор.

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