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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку к 70 летию Победы в Великой Отечественной войне

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«Thank you for our lives! »

1 ведущий

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Hello our dear guests! We are glad to see you. Soon we’ll celebrate a great holiday – Victory Day. ”. On May 9, there will be the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. It’s a special day. It’s a wonderful holiday different from all other holidays. It is a national holiday and at the same time it’s a very personal one.

2 ведущий

Young generation know about the Great Patriotic War only from books and films. But it is difficult to believe that our hearts are not excited on Victory day.

Time takes that historic day farther away from us, but we always must remember it because it is closely related with our grandparents or great grandparents which did all their best to bring this Victory closer.


Our country lost more than 27 mln. of people in that war and saved the world from fascism. We should never forget those who gave their lives for our Motherland.

And our holiday will be devoted to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.

На сцене группа детей изображают мирную довоенную жизнь. Затем звуки надвигающихся самолетов.

(Мелодия «Священная война)

22d of June. The German fascists attacked the SU –  our country. The Great Patriotic War began. 

1 чтец.

Fierce 41th has

Launched a big assault

Under village Kryukovo

A platoon won't hold.

No grenades, no bullets

And no means to fight,

And of all those living from the element

Seven have survived.

 2 чтец.

Mothers will be shedding

Tears all night long.

Under village Kryukovo

A platoon’s forlorn.

It will not surrender. No.

It will not retreat…

Though of all those living from the element

Seven still proceed.

 3 чтец.

The lieutenant shouts:

Forward, boys! Come on!”

Under village Kryukovo

A platoon’s forlorn.

But the red-hot bayonets

Strike for sure straight

And of all those living from the element

Seven have remained.

 4 чтец.

Distant 41th now

All aflame is gone…

Under village Kryukovo

A platoon goes on.

Paying their tribute

They are standing still

Seven fellows are on guard of honour

At the mournful hill

 5 чтец.

I has been so destined

And it’s not in vain

Under village Kryukovo

They should meet again

The memorial place where

That platoon made best

The memorial where a pine-tree rustles

And a bird makes nests.

2 ведущий

What is the war? It’s death, pain, losts and tears.  Broken lives, which will never see the sun, will never hug the children, will never feel the mother’s care, will never support their wives and husbands. This is the end, for them, for those who died.

1 ведущий

All people, young and old, stood proudly and fought  together for motherland and her sons. Villages burned, and cities blazed, leaving behind the ruins and ashes of lost fates. Fell soldiers, but rose, bleeding, and went on, went on to the Victory!

1 ведущий

During the war the Soviet people mobilized all the forces for the struggle against the enemy. The country lived in accordance with the appeal: ‘Everything for the front, everything for the Victory’.

2 ведущий

Operations at the front were supported by the partisan movement. More than one million people took part in the partisan movement.

The song «In dugout»

1 ведущий

During the war there were a lot of great battles and great victories:

Famous Battle for Moscow.


Violent battles raged30 km from Moscow. On one of the sectors 50 nazi tanks attacked a trench held by 28 Soviet soldiers. The 28 guardsmen of General Panfilov’s division accepted battle. Moscow lay at the back of them, retreat was impossible; they decided to defend their positions to the death. The unequal battle lasted for four hours. By the end of the battle 14 enemy tanks had been destroyed. Most of the heroes died, but the Nazis had been held up.


Hundreds of nazi planes were sent to bomb Moscow every night. However, dense anti-aircraft fire met them at the approaches to the capital and only few enemy planes succeeded in reaching Moscow. Soviet fliers selflessly defended their capital, shooting down hundreds of enemy planes.

The fascists suffered heavy losses. Between October 12 and 30 alone, the Germans lost 70000 men near Moscow. Every day new Soviet units from Siberia, the Urals, Kazakhstan and other areas in the rear, were arriving to help the defenders of the capital.


On November 7, 1941, the traditional parade of the Soviet troops, dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the October revolution, was held in Moscow’s Red Square. The troops marched from Red Square directly to the front.

2 ведущий

Than the Battle for Stalingrad, where in winter of 1942-1943 an enemy grouping was surrounded and destroyed. That was a crucial turning point in the war.


My Father» by O.Moisseyenko. 
“Who is your father, 
My little lad?” 
“My father is a hero 
Of Stalingrad. 
He fought for our country 
With-fearless heart, 
Was brave in the battle 
When taking part.” 
“My laddie, be worthy 
To have his name!” 
“My father serves Russia, 
And I’ll do the same! 
I’ll finish my school 
And, later, become 
A soldier, like Father, 
And march to the drum! 
Like him I’ll be brave and 
On duty I’ll stand 
Proud of my people, 
My Motherland!

2 ведущий

The other not less important and bloody fight took place at the Arc of Kursk - The Tank Battle on Kursk Arc.

Then the Defense of Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. Victorious battles on the Dnieper. A number of cities such as Leningrad, Odessa, Kerch, was liberated from Nazi troops. Many other great battles had brought the glory to our officers and soldiers. In 1944 the Red Army reached the Soviet border in the west.

Отрывок из поэмы «Василий Теркин»

When our soldier took the accordion,

It was clear he knew his stuff,
As he ran his nimble fingers
Down the studs to start things off

Eyes half closed, he played a haunting
Melody, sad and forlorn,
From somewhere around the country

Eyes half closed, he played a haunting
Melody, sad and forlorn,

From somewhere around the country
Near Smolensk, where he was born

And the ancient squeeze-box, lonely
For its master dead and gone,

Warmed things up along the highway
Somewhere near the front-line zone

From their lorries, white with hoarfrost,
Soldiers poured, as to a fire.
Who was playing whose accordion
They could neither know nor care

Yes, forget - It's not the moment
To remember anyway -
Who's been killed and where he's buried,
Or whose turn will come next day

Who will live to tread the grasses
On this Earth in time to come,
Go home to his wife and family -
Where's his wife, and where's his home?
2 ведущий.

In 4 long years came the Great Victory. Why did our army, our people win it? It was possible because it was the war for our independence and liberation. Because all people of our multinational country fought together on the fronts and everybody from children to old men worked in the rear. It was a great effort of all our country.

1 ведущий.

There was a lot of heroes, about 12000 become the titles the Hero of SU.


We are proud of the heros of the Soviet Union from our region. They were awarded the high rank for exemplary performance of the command’s combat mission, for courageous and brave fight against the enemy. Here are their names: Актуганов Махмут Сафиевич, a native of the village Safarovo , Ишкинин Ишмай Иштубаевич, a native of the village Ishimovo, Казаков Степан Александрович, a native of the village Malonovotroyitskoe, Орсаев Егор Орсаевич, a native of the village Kameevo, Загитов Гзи Загитович, a native of the village Yanagushevo.


This war has left its sign in almost every family. The price of victory was very high, almost every Soviet family lost at least one of its member. Many returned to their native land , dressed in bronze and stone. 10866 people carried Mishkinskiy region, but 4843 were killed, 6027 returned home.

392 people went to war against Nazi Germany from Irsaevskiy territory, 143 people came back with a great victory, 226 people were killed defending our happiness.


Only one veteran from our village is alive. It’s Алей Семенович Семенов. He was born in 1926 in the village Irsaevo in a peasant family. In 1934 he began his study in Irsaevskiy primary school. Then from 1934 to 1937 he got knowledge in Mishkino. He was called to defend the native land in 1943. He fought under the command of marshal Konevi. He took part in the liberation of Estonia, Czechoslovakia. He met the Victory Day in Breslou. After he was sent to the Far Eastern Front to the war with Japan. He served in the Primorsky Territory in the airborne troops.

In January 1950 he returned home , was admitted to the Department of Communications, where he worked until 1986. He was retired in 1986.

We are proud of him. Thanks him and other ordinary soldiers daily feat of arms fascism was defeated!

2 ведущий.

Why our Victory was possible? It was possible because people fought for their native country, for every town, for every house, for every piece of their native land. They fought for their mothers, wives, children. They fought for their future, for our future. The believе into their families helped our defenders very much, gave them strength to fight, to be brave, to do heroic actions.

The song «Katusha»

Apple trees and pear trees were a flower,
River mist was rising all around.
Young Katusha went strolling by the hour
On the steep banks,
O'er the rocky ground.

By the river's bank she sang a love song
Of her hero in a distant land.
Of the one she'd dearly loved for so long,
Holding tight his letters in her hand.

Oh, my song, song of a maiden's true love,
To my dear one travel with the sun.
To the one with whom Katusha knew love,
Bring my greetings to him, one by one.

Let him know that I am true and faithful,
Let him hear the love song that I send.
Tell him as he defends our home that grateful,
True Katusha our love will defend.

1 ведущий.

The most severe and the most heroic battle took place in April – May, 1945 for Berlin. More than a million Soviet soldiers gave their lives for the sake of the freedom of many foreign countries. The victory in the Great Patriotic War was won by Soviet people in the name of peace and life on Earth.

Песня «The day of Victory»

I’ll be soon at home.

I’ll be soon at home. Such an excitement!

And the earth will circle outside once more

A restless fidget in the train compartment

Will begin to chat about the war.


Little girl will look in admiration

Wandering at rainbow of awards.

Outside, the poorly seen vibration

Of the dusk will flow along the roads.

 I will not break off the conversation,

Nor shall I support the friendly chat

I shall make a pertinent suggestion

That we drink to victory like that.


Drink because directly I will visit.

Home and little causeway to the mill,

Crumpled roof impaired by the blizzard

And my mother hurt by grievous thrill.


She is fragile, short and tumbledown,

Keeping count the days she has in store.

Nipped by bullets, I’ve been handed down

To my mother, by the bygone war.

With soldiers coming back from war

L.N. Martinov

With soldiers coming back from war,

All around clock the troop – trains roar,

The soldiers coming back from war,

As in a dream through Moscow pour.

Now back from war the old men come

And fathers, who are still quite young.

Back to Siberia they come,

The men who fish and trap and hunt.

Who drive machineries, who know

In peaceful valleys what to grow –

The giant – people now return…



The victor – people

Forward go!


1 ведущий

70 years have passed since the day of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war, but its echo till now doesn`t calm down in humans` souls. We haven`t the right to forget the horror of that war. We haven`t the right to forget those soldiers, who died for our bright future.

2 ведущий

We must remember everybody and everything. We must come down the memory about one of the most terrible war, which concerned every family, from father to son.


A lot of people met their death during this war. They brought the Victory for us and they are living in our hearts in the names of our streets, parks squares and we can say to those who fell for our country, who sleep at the grave carved on the gravestone “Your deed is immortal”.

Стихотворение «Photo»

I see a photo on the pages

Of paper I was looking through

With soldiers looking like teenagers,

The heroes of World War II.

 Four fellows standing by the mote

Were photographed before assault

The background was a lovely scene:

The sky was blue, the grass was green.

 In fact, nobody knew them, really,

There is no book on them, no song.

There’s here someone’s dearie,

a student or the only son.


Their lives had only just begun (Мухаматянова Ангелина)

They fell in battlefield as one.

The background was a lovely scene:

The sky was blue, the grass was green.

 That bitter year for all of us,

We’ll bear in mind for all we’re worth

All over Russia the memorials

Like human souls, rise from the earth.

 They covered life with their endeavour –

... their life was bout to begin

So that the sky were blue as ever,

And grass might be as ever green.


1 ведущий.

It has been more than 70 years ago, but we know and remember those who died for us, who gave us life and hope for the peace and love. Don’t forget those millions which are not with us, but in our hearts. We bow our thanks the simple soldier, but the real hero!

2 ведущий

Cordial congratulations on Victory Day – the most important and welcomed holiday!

1 ведущий

The 9th of May will stay in our memory as the day of national proud for our country and our people. We sincerely wish you all strong health, peaceful sky, happiness and prosperity!

The song «May there always be sunshine»

1. Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high,
That was the little boy’s picture,
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too,
Just to make clesr what he drew -
May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue sky,
May there always be Mummie,
May there always be me!

2. My little friend,
Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people,
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you hqve sung.
3. Soldier lad, stay!
Hear what we say -
War would make all of us losers.
Peace is our prize,
Millions of eyes
Anxiously gaze at the sky.

4. Down with all war, we want no more.

People stand up for you children

Sing everyone-peace must be one

Dark clouds must not hide the sun

Краткое описание документа:

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку  к 70 летию Победы в Великой Отечественной войне. Внеклассное мероприятие рассчитано на учащихся 5-11 классов. В разработку включены  стихи, рассказы о битвах Великой Отечественной войны, рассказы о героях Советского Союза нашего района и ветеране проживающем в нашей деревне,  военные песни. Мероприятие ведут 2 ведущих. Также перед мероприятием необходимо празднично оформить зал,где будет происходить праздник. Во время исполнения заключительной песни  ребята  держат цветы, шары. на последнем куплете все реята выходят на сцену  с шариками и цветами.  

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