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Вопросы к итоговой аттестации в 6 классе по УМК Афанасьева.

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Промежуточная аттестация шестые классы

1 What is the weather like today\ temperature?

2 How do you usually come to know about the weather forecast?

3 Why is it important to know the weather forecast?

4 What activities can we do when it is rainy\ sunny?

5 Have you ever got into trouble because of the bad weather? ( If not, what is the bad weather for you? Why?)

6 What is the typical weather of the USA?

7 What is the climate of Russia?

8 What is “the greenhouse effect”?

9 How does it influence on the climate\ what are possible results?

10 Where does the carbon dioxide come from?

11 Why are rainforests so important to the life on the earth?

12 Do you agree that our planet is fragile? Why\Why not?

13 How can we protect our fragile planet?

14 What is Greenpeace?

15 What does it do?

16 What problems can it face?

17 Have you ever kept an animal at home? What was(is) it?

18 What problems do people face when they keep animals at home?

19 What animals do we call “extinct”?

20 Why do some species become extinct?

21 How can we help disappearing animals?

22 What is the role of plants on the planet?

23 What does the word “environment” mean?

24 What are the most serious environmental problems?

25 What endangers people on the Earth?

26 “Cars cause most of the pollution” do you agree with that?

27 What are positive and negative effects of the cars?

28 Where would you like to live: in a big city or in the countryside? Why?

30 Why is it important to keep the environment clean?

31 How can we refuse from having a car?

32 What does the word “ecology” mean?

33 What are the most important ecological problems?

34 What can people do to save our planet from ecological disaster?

35 How can you help to protect the nature?

36 Do you like traveling?

37 Do you love holidays? Why?\ Why not?

38 If it is frosty what clothes do you put on?

39 What holidays do you know?

40 What are the parts and their capitals of Great Britain?

41 Would you like to visit Australia? Why? Why not?

42 Would you like to go to England? Why? Why not?

43 What do you admire most in Great Britain?

44 What do you know about the discovery of the USA?\ Why is it a young country?

45 What parts does Great Britain consist of?

46 Where is GB situated?

47 What is the geographical position of Australia?

48 What is Wales?

49 What is Scotland?

50 What have you come to know about Royal London?

51 What can you say about the first president of the USA?

52 What theatre in London would you like to visit? Why?

53 What do you know about Shakespeare?

54 What did he do to earn his living?

55 What places of interest are connected with his name?

56 What is the Holy Trinity Church famous for?

57 Have you ever seen\read a Shakespeare’s play? What is it? If not- what do you know about his works?

58 Which city has a longer history in Scotland? What is it?

59 What things draw people’s attention in Wales?

60 What is the best known monument in Scotland?

61 What are customs and traditions of any holiday?

62 What kind of cards do people usually get\send?

63 How did you celebrate the New Year?

64 What does The US flag symbolize?

65 What are the most famous tourists’ attractions in the USA?

66 What is the political system of the USA?

67 What three things do we mean when we speak about Australia?

68 What is grown in Australia?

69 What are six states and two parts of Australia?

70 What can you say about parts of Australia?

71 What can you say about its population?

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