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Вопросы к викторине "Великобритания"

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Вопросы к викторине

1 раунд

1. What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) English; b) French; c) Russian; d) Chinese

2. Big Ben is …

a) a clock; b) a horse; c) an animal in the zoo; d) a famous name.

3. Piccadilly Circus is the meeting point of …

a) four streets; b) six streets; c) five streets; d) seven streets.

4. The oldest part of London is …

  1. The City;b) Westminster; c)East End; d)West End.

2 раунд

1. Great Britain is divided into …

a) three parts; b) five parts; c) four parts; d) two parts

2. What is a Piccadilly Circus?

a) a circus; b) a square; c) a street; d) a house.

3. what is the Tower of London now?

a) a prison; b) a museum; c) a house; d) a fortress.

4. The name of the Palace where the Queen lives is …

a) the Tower of London; b) the White House; c) the Windsor palace; d) the Buckingham Palace.

3 раунд

1. The capital of Great Britain is …

a) Paris; b) Oxford; c) London; d) Cardiff.

2. What can you see in Trafalgar square?

a) Nelson statue; b) King memorial; c) Queen memorial; d) Michael Gorbachev memorial.

3. What is Queen’s name of UK? (

  1. Margaret Thatcher;

  2. Elisabeth II;

  3. Ekaterina II;

  4. Maria.

4. Who built the abbey church in the 11th century?

  1. Charles Dickens;

  2. Sir Christopher Wren;

  3. King Edward the Confessor;

  4. Admiral Nelson.

4 раунд

1. England is in …

a) Europe; b) Africa; c) America; d) Asia.

2. Where is London’s zoo?

a) Regent’s park; b) Hyde Park; c) St. James’ park; d) Central park.

3. 3. Government type is …

  1. a democracy;

  2. constitutional monarchy;

  3. capitalism;

  4. republic.

4. Sir Christopher Wren built …

a) St. Paul’s cathedral; b) the Tower of London; c) Westminster Abbey; d) The Parliament.

5 раунд

1. The name of the river in London is … (

a) The Volga; b) The Thames; c) The Nile; d) The Medvediza.

2. How many people live in London?

  1. More than 8 million;

  2. More than 9 million;

  3. More than 10 million;

  4. More than 11 million

3. Westminster Abbey is …

a) the chapel; b) the monastery; c) the inn; d) the famous Royal Church.

4. London is more than …

a) one thousand years old; b) two thousand years old; c) three thousand years old; d) four thousand years old.

6 раунд

1. Who is the head of England?

a) the Queen; b) the tzar; c) the Princess; d) the Prince.

2. Where can you see pelicans and ducks?

a) Hyde park; b) St. James’ park; c) Central park; d) Regent’s park.

3. Where are the tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people?

a) In the Tower of London; b) On the Cemetry; c) On the river bank; d) In Westminster Abbey.

4. In what country do men wear skirts?

a) France; b) England; c) Scotland; d) Norway.

7 раунд

1. You can get from Russia to England by …

a) bicycle; b) airplane; c) car; d) foot.

2. The British Parliament is in …

a) the Buckingham Palace; b) The Houses of Parliament; c) Backer Street; d) Westminster Abbey.

3. Covent Garden is now …

a) a cinema; b) a fruit and vegetable garden; c) a theatre; d) a tourist shopping centre.

4. The Princess Diana was the wife of …

a) Prince John; b) Prince Robert; c) Prince Wilhelm; d) Prince Charles.

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