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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Вопросы для собеседования по экзаменационным ситуациям за период обучения на уровне общего среднего образования
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Вопросы для собеседования по экзаменационным ситуациям за период обучения на уровне общего среднего образования



Вопросы для собеседования по экзаменационным ситуациям за период обучения на уровне общего среднего образования

1.People say that everything begins in the family and every person dreams of having good family relations. But each family is not free from problems. What are the most actual problems any family can face today?

1. What does an ideal family mean to you?

2. What do you look for in your future husband/wife?

3. Which is better: being an only child in the family or having a lot of brothers and sisters?

4. What do you think of early marriages?

2. Choosing a profession for a school leaver is always the main topic for discussions in the family. Do your parents support you in your choice? What factors in your opinion should be taken into consideration while choosing a job?

  1. People say that it is important to do extremely well at school to enter a university. Do you agree with the statement?

  2. Say whether you know all the advantages and disadvantages of your profession.

  3. You can often hear that this or that man is a very good specialist. What qualities should one possess to be successful in a job?

  4. Say if there are any differences in career aspirations of boys and girls.

3. He who knows how to work, knows how to rest. There are many things in the world that help us to enjoy our life. What are the most interesting ways to spend leisure time?

  1. What is the most popular pastime with the people of Belarus?

  2. Do you think that TV has more appeal for most people than cinema or theatre?

  3. Young people of your age complain that they are short of free time. Can you think of ways to economize some time for rest?

  4. Is it necessary for every person to have a hobby?

4. They say “Life is short, art is long”. Different kinds of art have always fascinated people. What is your attitude to painting?

1. What painting do you prefer: old or modern?

2. What great Belarusian painters do you know?

3. What genres are your favourite? What great painters of these genres do you know?

4. Have you ever been to any picture galleries? What were your impressions?

5. Do you think mass media play an important part in the life of the society?

  1. What newspapers or magazines have the largest circulation in our country? Why? Does your family subscribe to them?

  2. Can we say that browsing the Internet for news has replaced reading newspapers?

  3. What is your favourite mass medium?

  4. Are your tastes concerning television viewing the same or different from those of other family members?

6. They say that cities and towns are like people. They live their own lives, have their own biographies and even celebrate their birthdays. Speak about your native town.

1. .Are there many places in your town/village for young people to spend their free time ? What is your favourite corner in your town/village?

2. What, in your opinion, lacks in your town/village? What would you do or build if you were an architect?

3. What, do you think , can be called the heart of your town/village? Why?

4. What’s your idea of the saying “It’s not the walls that make the city, but the people who live within these walls.”

7. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford”. Do you agree with Samuel Johnson’s words?

1. What attractions does London offer to lovers of art?

2. What is the name “Fleet Street” associated with?

3. What three places will you see in London if you have a chance to visit the capital of the UK?

4. What are the symbols of London?

8.The attitude of people to reading nowadays is different and sometimes even opposite. Some consider books the greatest wonder in the world, others are sure that books will soon die out. What’s your attitude to reading?

1. Do you remember how you learnt to read? What was your first book?

2. What do you think about literature lessons at school? Are they important for pupils?

3. Richard Steele, the famous English writer, once said: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Do you agree?

4. What famous writers or poets of your native place can you name?

9. Any nation is unique in its way of life, traditions, culture. Every nation has its own peculiarities that make it different from others. What is typical of the Belarusians?

  1. What holidays have become traditional in your family?

  2. What is your favourite Belarusian national dish?

  3. What do you like most of all and least of all about the Belarusian nation?

  4. What books will you advise foreigners to read if they want to learn more about Belarus and its people?

10. The most popular place for life and study with all young people in our country is the capital. What is there in Minsk that attracts so many young people?

  1. Why do the majority of school-leavers prefer to get higher education in Minsk to any other cities of Belarus?

  2. How do small sculptures of Minsk add to the peculiar atmosphere of the city?

  3. What do you feel when you speak about Minsk?

  4. What places of interest will you include into a guided tour for a foreigner visiting Minsk for the first time?

11.Each country takes pride in its own achievements and success. What makes you feel proud of your country? What can you say about its places of interest and people?

  1. Why do young people nowadays leave Belarus for foreign countries?

  2. Can you name any tragic pages of Belarusian history?

  3. What kind of future do you see for your native land?

  4. What places of interest have you visited in Belarus? Which of them do you find really fascinating?

12. So many people, so many opinions on sport. What do you think about the role of sport in people’s life? Why is it losing its popularity now?

1. Are the Belarusians a sportive nation?

2. Why do people take up risky sports?

3. What is your keep-fit program?

4. There is a saying that goes: “If you want to live you must walk. If you want to live long you must run” how do you understand it? Do you live according to it?

13. It’s a dream of any person to be fit, active and healthy. What does healthy life-style include?

  1. What products will you include into the list of most harmful ones?

  2. What will you advise to people who have such a serious problem as insomnia?

  3. Do you agree with the Englishmen who say that a person should eat not for pleasure, but because of necessity?

  4. Where would you choose to eat: at a fast-food restaurant or at an expensive one?

14. Great Britain is a country of a long and rich history, of wonderful sightseeing, customs and traditions that won’t leave anybody indifferent. Can you prove it?

  1. How do the British react when they are called “English”?

  2. Would you like to taste British food?

  3. What outstanding people of Great Britain do you know?

  4. Is the UK a pleasant country for traveling? Can anything spoil your trip?

15. Learning foreign languages has become a vital necessity nowadays as it opens big prospects to people. Do you feel that the knowledge of English will be useful in your life?

1. What do you think about the extinction of languages? Is it an ordinary thing or a serious problem?

2. Nowadays the Russian ( Belarusian) language is full of English words so that sometimes it is difficult to understand newspaper articles or TV discussions if you don’t know English. Do you approve of the situation?

3. How do you understand the words of Ralph Emerson “The English language is the sea which receives tributaries from every region under heaven.”

4. Which aspect of the English language – grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation – is the easiest or the most difficult for you?

16. Can you make a list of the most important inventions mankind has made? In what way have they changed the life on the planet?

1. How will science and technology change our life in a 100 year’s time?

2. Think of any problem you face today. How can it be solved with the help of science?

3. If you were a scientist, what field of research would you find interesting?

4. What branches of science are fast developing nowadays?

17. The world knows the names of many outstanding scientists. What made them famous? What are they remembered for?

1. Do you know the names of any Nobel prize winners? In what spheres were these awards given?

2. What qualities of character should a true scientist possess?

3. Do you know any Belarusian scientists who contributed a lot to the development of science?

4. What do you think are the problems that modern contemporary scientists should be concerned about in the coming years?

18. It is practically impossible to find a person who hates music. Different people prefer different styles and what about you? Are you a great lover of music? Do you have any particular preferences?

1. Can music substitute friends? If yes, then what and when?

2. Are there any music festivals in our country? What are they? Have you ever been to any?

3. What’s your favourite musical instrument?

4. Do you get used to listening music while doing your homework?

19. Youth is the best time of life, it’s full of hopes, expectations, love and dreams. But why do many people say that it’s difficult to be young?

1. What’s your attitude to smoking?

2. Is it popular in our country to belong to any organization?

3. What is in fashion with the youth of today?

4. Do you know any destructive or extreme groups of young people? Why do they appear? What unites its members?

20. What associations come to you when you hear the word school? What is school for you?

1.What is “modern school” in your opinion?

2. How active have you been during your school years? What activities did you like best?

3. Is it important to get along well with your classmates while you are at school or is it only lessons that really matter?

4. What kind of teacher would you like to have for your children in future?

Краткое описание документа:

Вопросы для собеседования по экзаменационным ситуациям за период обучения на уровне общего среднего образования 

Предназначена для проверки уровня владения устной речью учащимися 11 класса на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку.

Состоит из 20 тем охватывающих разные сферы:

People say that everything begins in the family and every person dreams of having good family relations.

Choosing a profession for a school leaver is always the main topic for discussions in the family.

He who knows how to work, knows how to rest. There are many things in the world that help us to enjoy our life.

They say “Life is short, art is long”. Different kinds of art have always fascinated people. и др.


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