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ВПР Комарова 9 класс Вариант 1

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Вариант I


Read the text and do the tasks.

Dear Boris,

Thanks for your nice letter.

You asked me how I was getting on with my English. Well, after I had spent a week with my English family, I slowly began to understand their English a little better. It’s very different from what I learned at school! Students in my group are from different cities of Britain and their dialects are different too! Some of their accents are quite strong and they also have their own words and expressions. I noticed that they love to talk about languages and especially about the different accents in different parts of Britain.

But it’s not only the language that’s different and surprising. Before I came to England I had thought that fish and chips were what most Englishmen ate every day. That’s quite wrong!

I had expected to see «London fog». Do you remember our texts about it? We had no idea that most of this «thick fog» disappeared many years ago when people stopped using coal in their homes. But the advice to speak about the weather was very helpful. The weather in London is changeable indeed. Besides, people like talking about it.

On the other hand there are habits which are different. People tell me that what is typically British here in London is not always typical in Wales or Scotland. Local habits and traditions vary a lot here – very different from what we know in Russia.

But what is common for all the countries of Britain is that they follow traditions. Probably, Britain has more living symbols of its past than many other countries. The royal family is something out of a fairy tale. The capitals, big cities and countryside boast many ancient buildings, castles and cathedrals. Every year there are historical ceremonies, for example, the State Opening of Parliament, the Lord Mayor’s Show or the meeting of the Knights of the Garter at Windsor each St. George’s Day. These events are a true representation of the past.

I will tell you more about Britain in my other letters.

Love from Britain,


1) Complete the sentences

1. Pete slowly began to understand English because …

a) it was very different from what he learned at school.

b) he disliked English.

c) he wanted to study German.

2. «Thick fog» disappeared because …

a) the weather was changeable in London.

b) people stopped using coal in their homes.

c) people in Britain like talking about it.

3. People in Britain like talking about …

a) food.

b) clothes.

c) the weather.


2) Write out three things from the text that Pete didn’t expect to know about Britain.

a) _____________________________________________________________________________

b) _____________________________________________________________________________

c) _____________________________________________________________________________


3) T (true) or F (false).

1.___ After Pete had spent a week with English family his English was better.

2. ___ English is the same in different parts in Britain.

3. ___ Englishmen eat fish and chips every day.

4. ___ The weather is changeable in London.

5. ___ Russian and English habits and traditions are very alike.

6. ___ The royal family is not a myth it is a reality.


Лексика, грамматика

Task 1: Translate the words and expressions from Russian into English.

-путешествовать на поезде


-посадочный талон


-уезжать из Лондона


-переезжать из Нью-Йорка в Москву




-побыть в одиночестве




- взлет





Task 2: Fill in "the" if necessary.

1.      The longest river of the world is ___ Nile River.

2.      The lowest lake of the world is ___ Dead Sea, the deepest lake is ___ Lake Baikal, the longest lake is ___ Tanganyika.

3.      ___ Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world.

4.      During our tour across ___ Europe we visited many countries.

5.      The capital city of ___ Italy is ___Rome.

6.      ___ Virgin Islands, also known as ___ British Virgin Islands, is a British territory to the east of Puerto Rico.

7.      ___ Himalayan range is home to the highest peaks, including ___ Mount Everest. 

8.      The longest river in ___United States is ___Mississippi.

9.      ___ Pennines is a chain of mountains which is known as the backbone of ___England.

10.  ___ Loch Ness is a lake in ___ Scotland.

Task 3: Use the verbs in the Past Simple or Present Perfect/Present Perfect Continuous.

1.      I (know) _______ her for six years.

2.      He (live) _______ in Paris from 1997 to 2000.

3.      Where's Pete? I (not see) _______ him for ages.

4.      I (look for) ______ this book for 2 hours.

5.      I (to watch) _____ this movie last week.

Task 4: Use must/mustn’t, may, can/can’t, should/shouldn’t, need/needn’t.

1.      You ___ talk aloud in the library.

2.      We ___ visit our grandparents more often.

3.      You ___ drive too fast in the city.

4.       She looks pretty sick. I think she ________ go to a doctor.

5.      Hey I'm lost. ________ you help me?

6.      You have such a beautiful voice. You ________ singforus!

7.      That looks very expensive. It ________ have cost a fortune!

8.       I ________ believe that you failed your test! 

9.      I ________ have seen that movie eight times. 

10.   I ________ understand what he's saying. 

Task 5: Fill in the gaps with the reflexive pronouns.

1.      He built a boat all by ______ .

2.      I hurt _____ quite badly falling down the stairs.

3.      The children did everything _____ without any help.

4.      Maria and Alison, you should look after _____ better.

5.      She blames _____ for what happened.

6.      Bob taught ______ to type last summer.


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